Friday, December 30, 2005

Yay! It’s the last working day of the year! I walked early this morning at Baywalk again. Have to start my weight reducing intervention again. I also had my haircut today, and it feels really light… that’s better now.

I was surprised when Jason called me this morning asking if I’m in the office. He went here just to give his Christmas gift for me. Awww, I was so touched. I thought he had removed my name on his “list” already. It has also been a while since we’ve seen each other… anyway he gave me a set of Naruto key chains.

Tomorrow I’ll be seeing Sherry and Sri, we’ll probably just eat and talk… I missed them a lot. The last time we’ve been together was more than a year. They both have “koibitos” already and I’m being left out *sigh*. But I’m getting excited to see them already, especially Sri, since I see her more rarely than Sherry.

I feel bad that I don’t have any Christmas gift for my friends, especially those who gave me something… as much as I want to give, I’m broke and it’s also almost impossible to see them at once. 2 days to go and it’s another year. I hope this coming year would be a charming one for me…

Last December 27 was our Christmas party, I was one of the Emcee together with Gel and Dr. Hogar. I wore my favorite costume, Soujiro, minus the white polo. Instead, I sported a black shirt. The party was supposed to be "costume themed" but my colleagues are so hard-headed that i was the only one in costume. Oh never mind, I was happy to wear my Souji costume anyway. The party was really a blast. We all had fun, and we laughed all through out the event hehehe. It turned out to be a comedy bar... I'll post pictures soon. For the meantime, enjoy the last glimpse of KiD for this year (",x)

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas Aftermath

Christmas DAY is over. In the end my wish didn’t come true… can’t deny the fact that I’m sad, though I’m really trying to “celebrate” this special day… it used to be my favorite day of the year… but things have changed since I became an adult. It seems that this day is like any ordinary day that I’d spend. Except for the food, children coming in and out of the house to ask for “pamasko”… specially now that my grandmother’s gone… it feels so different. My cousins usually go here in the house first thing in the morning… but this year, they came in late afternoon and stayed for a very short time only. When I was still a kid, this day is something to look forward that I’d have lot’s of money, but now, this is the day that I’m gonna lose money (for a good cause that is). When I was a kid, I’m happy for no reason at all… now, there are so many things that I should be happy, but I can’t… Anyway, I spent the whole day eating, sleeping, watching anime and surfing the net. I went to church with my parents at 6:30 in the evening. I ate a lot… can’t help it when there are so many food at your dining table… Hah, Oliver was pissing me just now. He wants to surf the net, but I’m using it. Don’t you just hate it when somebody spoils the only moment you could cry-out all your sighs. Going back, I watched “Spirited Away” again. Though I’ve seen it so many times, it still moves me the way it did when I first saw it. I also have to commend Joe Hisaishi’s music.. it’s so… powerful. By the way, Ghibli’s next film would be directed by Hayao Miyazaki's son, Goro Miyazaki, the story is based on an American book "A Wizard of Earthsea" by Ursula Le Guin. Geez, all this time, I thought Miyazaki is single hehehe… It’ll be shown in July 2006… so Ghibli fans out there have something to look forward to. And, I’m anticipating a different flavor but equally astonishing film from Miyazaki’s son huh. Back to my Christmas, nothing remarkable happened... I'm just glad that at least my family is complete... I'm broke ='(

Sunday, December 25, 2005


Okay, 23 minutes to go and it’s Christmas. Kurismasu Omedetou minna-san!!! I’m home and I’m glad that I made it safe here. Every night that I’d go home from work carrying this laptop, I’ve been very anxious and at the same time paranoid that I’d get hold-up. I was actually planning to come home earlier but my boss reminded me that Dec. 24 was not declared as holiday, Saturday is my regular duty, therefore I had to come to work. I didn’t stay till 5pm though, I went out at 2:00 and went to Ayala Center to fetch my brother so we’ll travel home together. Mike was with me again from morning. He accompanied me all the way from Quiapo (to buy DVDs) to Ayala Center until we finally went home. Hmmm, I promised that I’d stop spending for my hobbies and using credit card, but I just can’t help it whenever I’d browse a toy store, it’s so hard to resist my “id” when I see a toy I want, specially if I’ve been looking for it for a long time already *sigh* here I go I again, I just hate me… Anyways, I was surprised to see old RK figures at Toy Town, Glorietta. I’m talking about the very first RK figures. The first installment was the Kenshingumi minus Yahiko, Officer Fujita taking over his place instead. While the second installment were the relevant Tsuioku Hen characters (Battousai, Saito, Okita, and Tomoe) Though, I was hopeless to see a Kenshin figure, I can’t resist to include the two ladies in Kenshin’s life in my collection. So there… I rarely collect female chara figures, but they’re RK chara… Anyways, let’s go back to Christmas topics (gosh I just love talking about my toys hehehe)… if I’m not mistaken, for the past 3 Christmas, I’d always come home at night of 24th… Hmmm, I realized it’s better for me that way because I’d hate to help with all the house work hehehe, I’m bad. But I’m tired already, Minus the 3 hours stay at my office, I walked the whole day. Hmmm, what did I get for Christmas? Astroboy toy from Lynn, Peninsula Manila’s Pastries from Lyn’s Sister, MDC Planner from Ma’am Winnie, Thai Mask key chain from Ma’am Minda, Foot scrub and lotion from Ma’am She, Merlion Nail cutter from ma’am Glenda, and the P1000 gift Check from MDH top management… much lesser than last year, but not bad, and of course, Soujiro figure from Kid, Enishi figure from Kid, Kenji Figure from Kid, Kaoru and Tomoe figure from Kid, X manga from Kid, Starbucks tumbler from… guess who… Kid (“,x)… and the greatest gift so far… an ASUS laptop from no other than *drumroll* Kid!!! Yay… but honestly, I’m not that happy… all I want for Christmas for me… only this person can give… MERRY CHRISTMAS again everyone (“,x)

Monday, December 19, 2005

It’s 8:09 in the evening, I’m home and I just got back from the church. I was late again damn. Today is the Otaku Zine fest and our Alumni Homecoming at MDC. I didn’t attend any. Instead, I stayed here the whole day and watched Anime videos. Now I’m starting to get back my previous otaku life hahaha. It’s not good when I stay home the whole day, I’m a BIG couch potato hehehe. Anyways, I finally saw Gainax’ “Otaku No Video”. I thought it was a movie but it was actually a 2-shot OVA. The story revolves around Kubo, an average Highschooler, whose Otaku instinct instigated when he met a long time otaku Tanaka. Basically the video speaks the unusual life of an otaku. In between each chapter are live interviews with real life otaku. I really enjoyed this video though I felt that the story is a little exaggerated, it’s still a fiction after all. Hmmm, from what I’ve seen, "Real 0takus" aren’t so bad. I mean, they are often described as having no social functions. But I was stunned to find out that majority of the subjects interviewed are employed. I was a little struck when the first Otaku interviewed was asked whether he has real friends. It took him time to answer. He even sarcastically replied “how dare you ask me something like that” in the end, he wasn’t sure either… Instead he said, during his Highschool, in the club he joined (an SF Club), he had the time of his life. He barely have communication with his club buddies but he seems satisfied with his experience. Somehow it made me think do I really have “true friends”… somehow I felt like I’m being in the same shoes as he is. But No, I’m a lot different… I know, definitely, I have real friends, although I can’t feel them at this point in time. Everybody is busy to listen to my sighs, besides, I myself would hold back to open up… But I know, if the time comes that I’d need a hand, somebody would definitely extend his/hers… I am happy for all the excitement and enthusiasm my otakuness had given me, although sometimes, I feel like having no social function at all. Up to now, it still doesn't occur to me that I should be able to do something, in my own little way, for the society... Also, in the various interviews, it seems that most male otakus are still virgin hahaha… it’s rare nowadays for a 20+ male to be “pure”… but these otakus are contented with their “virtual” koibito… hmmm sounds familiar, really… anyways, it’s really a must for every otaku to watch that video.

Then, finally, I finished Tsubasa Chronicles series! As usual, it’s still half-baked. In relation to manga, their last quest was in the land of Outo (hmm, speaking of virtual huh) but the anime ended in a desert-like land, where there is a floating temple, and it was foretold that the first one to enter the temple will have his wish granted. Residents attempted to enter the temple which resulted to unexpected deaths. Well, of course our heroes were able to got in. Sakura was the privileged one to make a wish, the others gave way… geez, I thought she’ll ask for the full recovery of her memory since it’s been bothering her, but I was touched (again) that instead she wished for the resurrection of those who died unreasonably for trying to enter the floating temple. I was a bit disappointed, because, damn I’ve been rooting for a faster pace of the story, an alternative (definitel closure) ending would satisfy me, yet, I am happy things turn out that way, because there’ll be 2nd season scheduled anyway, to be aired April next year (whoa, same as XXX Holic?!) according to the fansubbers. Hmmm, I don’t know how reliable this source is, but I’m keeping my hopes up...

By the way, yesterday I watched Chicken Little at Shang Cinema with Mike. It was really cute and funny, I rarely get interested with Disney animation since I got hooked to anime, but Chicken Little’s character design is so cute, it’s so hard to resist hehehe. He reminds me of Momonja, and other Mojacko chara, now that explains it hehehe… Also, RK story figures (series 2 & 3) are on sale. I was able to buy Soujiro for only 225 at Toy Kingdom, while I got the Kenji and Enishi for 500! I suppose they’ll be gone by next year… I hope I could still get the other chara…

Friday, December 16, 2005

bad KiD!

Grrr… I’m such a hard-headed KiD! For the last 6 days, my horoscope has been telling not to spend extravagantly, but I’ve been behaving against it. I’m so bad, I swear I’m out of cash already. Just this morning, I bought a laptop backpack. Damn, I just couldn’t wait, but I firmly believe that there is no one who would give me such item on Christmas. Really, most things I procure are always through my own hardship, but really, there’s not justification for me to be a spendthrift! I promise starting today I’ll be very reasonable with my expenses, oh dear heavens pls. don’t punish me. I don’t want to get laden with debts… I don’t want to exhaust my credit card limit. Somebody pls. stop me from spending!!! But it’s so hard, you see it’s already Christmas break (school) and I’ll die out of boredom if I just stay in my room while waiting for my duty in office. I need to get out, I need to see living things and animated objects, but it only provokes me to spend lavishly… and I have to stay away from Starbucks! *sigh* but speaking of Starbucks, i finally got the 2006 Planner! Yep, I've completed the coupon hehehe!!! Also, i got a Starbucks tumbler again! *sigh* i charged it on my credit card... this is bad...

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

It’s part 9:00 in the evening and I’m alone in the office. Next week is the Christmas and break and I’m getting excited already. There are lots of videos lined up for me to watch. Tsubasa Chronicles is a top priority. I’m already at episode 19 and I’m really enjoying the series, but not as much as the I did with the manga. Well I’ll try not to critic, anime versions always have their own appeal and edge. I'm still yearning for their CCS character… the bratty Shaoran and Genki Sakura… well have to be reminded that it is not CCS! And the voice dear lord the voice… *sigh* anyways, I’m so happy I finally got a copy of Otaku No Video! Yay, I haven’t scanned the video but I’m already getting excited to watch it hehehe.

Con updates, I’m not sure anymore if I could still come to Otaku Zine Fest. Definitely I’m not cosplaying, I lost motivation because of my uncontrollable gaining of weight *sigh* I can’t afford to dress up as Subaru when my weight is 114 lbs! Shame on you kid! What excites me is my former school’s alumni homecoming on the same date as the Otaku Zine Fest (Dec. 18), I was looking forward to see my batchmates, I’m just worried that there’s a big chance that many are not coming… it’s so hard to motivate busy people to come to such events… I’m busy too, but I’m really eager to see them… I just want to relive those days when I’m still a college student. Hey, I’m still a college student! Hehehe, kidding aside, I miss my college friends, my classmates...

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

My father’s still having second thought if he’ll lend me money to buy a laptop. He’s really worried since it entails a big amount of money, of course I’d be carrying it every now and then outdoor, he’s thinking of the possibility that I might be held up or I might loose it… things like that, but I’m very positive about it. I know how the world works today but it’s time that I decide for myself and I feel I’ll never move on with my life if I’ll always be afraid to take risks. Besides, worst case scenario – I lost it *knocks on the wood* I will still pay for it (with grievance hehehe). I think I should be mature enough (on my discretion) to decide for myself… I need it badly, damn, I’m really outdated! If I wouldn’t come home in province, I wouldn’t be able to get in touch with my world (anime) Like last Saturday, I finally saw “Howl’s Moving castle”, again, I was moved by the film, no matter how I put it, Hayao Miyazaki is a god hehehe… The film took me from one dimension to another (again). It’s been a while that I giggle on a movie, but Howl and Sophie were really cute I couldn’t help feeling mushy hehehe. It’s very rare for a Miyazaki film to have a bishie character… Now Howl is included on my list of my babies hehehe. He’s sooo cool, the scene where he lifts Sophie off the ground while being chased by black spirits (?) elates me. It was as if I was lifted off the ground to hahaha… And he moves very swiftly, reminds me of Kenshin… He’s movement also reminds me of Haku (Spirited Away) I want to watch it again and again, if only I have the time and means (damn, that’s why I want a laptop), I would… I’m craving for Howl hahaha. Not to mention that Takuya Kimura voiced Howl *shrugs* How cool huh!

An alarming news, last Friday we had a body fat analysis here in the office. My body fat is already in the upper borderline of normal and my weight reached 52 kg!!! This is really bad. I have to start an intervention to keep this down =’(… I must cut down my food consumption! Darn!!! It’s something so hard to do when you’re stressed… and depressed =’( look at my pics… I really gained weight huhuhu!

News Flash! I just read from Omake Omake! that the anime TV series adaptation of XXX HOLiC will begin broadcasting on TBS in April, 2006. Staff includes: Director Tsutomu Mizushima, Series Composition/Screenplay by Michiko Yokote and Ookawa Ageha, Character Design by Kazuchika Kise, Animation Productionby Production I.G. Weee! Something to look forward again! Darn, I haven't finsihed TRC yet. I stopped at episode 12... next week, when i come home, i must alot my whole day for TRC! Going back to XXX Holic, i would expect it'd be available here by June 2006...

Monday, November 28, 2005

It’s Sunday alright, what am I doing here in the office? Well, unfortunate events happen you know. Yesterday, while at the “kAME Ulit Intercollegiate Anime Fair”, I had my stomach screaming in pain, okay that’s exaggerated, but the pain was really intolerable that I decided to go to MDH and have myself check. I was taken at the emergency room. It was unfortunate because I didn’t get to finish the event and hang out at Chris’ place, but I’d rather call it a blessing in disguise, for I got to now people who truly care for me. Mike, despite the several months that we haven’t seen each other and the rare communications, was still caring for me as ever. He accompanied me to the hospital until I’m okay. Dr. Dindee Hogar, went all the way from her house to the hospital, to watch over me. She slept here in the hospital, I know how busy she was (we call her Dr. Haggard hehehe) but she had the time to accompany me. I was really touched. And of course my boss Ma’am She and our NP Coordinator Ma’am Len, they were in a strat planning in Antipolo, but they were so concerned and helped me in anyway they can (they called Dr. Hogar). Well what do you know, the ER officer-on-duty said that it was just APD (hyperacidity) hehehe. I had CBC and urinalysis, all the results were normal. Whew! Anyway, for these people who were very concerned about me, thank you so much (“,x)…

Now, with my update on the recent UPAME Fair, it was really a blast. I got there without the hassle of falling in-line and registering because of my advance ticket, which I bought last HERO event. When I got in, I saw bunch of cosplayers already. Man, it was only then that I realized how big this event was because there were really vast nmber of cosplayers, the last number I could remember was 170+. The Naruto Cospalyers were still dominant, but had subsided compared to the HERO event. This time it’s raining Tifa Lockhart hahaha! The Aerith cosplayer I met at HERO event cosplayed Tifa this time. Chris and Aish went with their Loveless couple cosplay, they were really cute and I’m proud to announce that they won 3rd place! These two hot people have a long way to go hehehe. It was really notable that the anime characters from different anime varied greatly this time. The group cosplay was also great, there were the X, TRC, FMA, Naruto, and Robert Wong’s group (I don’t know what anime they are from, but they are in armors again) are some of the groups I could remember. I gave my salute to all the cosplayers! They all did a good job. There were also more number of booths and freebies compared to last year. The “kAME Ulit” was really a success. I’d give it a rating of 8 out of 10 (because I didn’t finish the event and I didn’t get to cosplay hehehe)

Now on some side-stories, I feel glad that I have established myself (even just a little) in the anime community. There were young girls who took pic of me even though I didn’t cosplay, they recognized me as Soujiro, yay! Way to go Seta-kun! I also saw Kara’s friends, I feel bad that I didn’t recognize them, if they didn’t tell me that they were friends of Kara, I wouldn’t know. I have a bad memory, shame on Kid! Anyway, I’ll try to be more retentive with people’s faces. But I knew that they were Jamie and Berna. Of course there was Maui-chan whom I haven’t seen for a log time. Anyways, all this young girls I have mentioned are all fans of Soujiro Seta. I really thank Seta-kun, I met a lot of nice people because of him hehehe. I miss wearing his costune, someday I’ll wear it again I promise…

Another cute story, when I got in, the very first person I saw was Mido Ban, and it was really timely because I have to give him the Initial D DVD which Nagi handed to me when we met the night before the event. We talked very shortly, then only a few seconds after we parted, Lee texted me that Mido Ban is not coming hahaha! Very funny, last year on the same event, these three people went in UP together. This time, I sense a gap between them. I might be wrong… but I miss their tandem. And besides, if there’s anyone in this community I’d want to talk to, it’s Mido Ban… because there are so many things I want to ask him. But maybe, it’s best not to…

Okay, that’d be all for now, I can’t think of anything to say now. Oh yeah, it’s a holiday tomorrow, but we have a field trip for our History of Arts 2 class so I’ll be out tomorrow. My cousin Jona will be coming back to the place were renting, it’ll be a congestive sleeping life for me again but nevertheless I’m very happy. (“,x)

Friday, November 18, 2005

I can breath now....

Haay, it’s been a while eh?! I’ve been very busy the last few days. I never got the chance to tell what happened last November 13 at the Hero TV day event. I went on with my cosplay plan as Uchiha Sasuke. Man it’s raining Sasuke (and other Naruto cosplayers) there. I think I spotted 6 or 7 Sasuke, including myslef *sigh* and it’s kinda intimidating because I didn’t get to furnish my costume… first I don’t have the bandage on my lower hind limbs. Then I don’t have the Uchiha clan logo at the back of my shirt. Lastly, I don’t have enough props, I was only able to buy the kunai at the Comic Alley booth… I don’t have shurikens… but one thing I could say, I am a bishie Sasuke hehehe. The Sasuke who won the “most accurate” award was also bishonen, and he's my favorite sasuke cosplayer hehehe (see pics). Another thing, it’s raining bishonen cosplayer hehehe… the female Naruto cosplayer, the black Sasuke (both female), my favorite Sasuke(his real name is miguel)… and of course my favorite cosplayer, Kadaj! His name is Michael Chua, he’s so cute, and he definitely has a lot of fans there hehehe. He was a finalist on the first day of the event. It’s kinda new for me to go on an event and join the cosplay without my friends with me, but I went on just fine and i'm thankful that i'm starting to overcome my stage fright. And contrary to what Chris had told me last Saturday, I enjoyed HERO TV day. My only regret was that I didn’t get to register as a member of HERO TV club or whatever that is. Attendees are required to register otherwise they can’t enter the event. But being a cosplayer gave me the privilege of passing the back entrance (exclusive for cosplayers and organizers) without going through the process for regular attendees. And being alone in this event left me no choice but to mingle with other cosplayers which I actually enjoyed. I roamed and roamed around, had pics with other cosplayers. I bought a personalized souvenir badge pin at Comic Alley booth, advance ticket for UPAME fair on Nov. 26, and of course the Kunai. I didn’t get to eat lunch, the food were expensive although they don’t look like they would pass my taste buds hehehe. I also got a Sasuke keychain (freebies for cosplayers)… the event finished at around 5:00 PM. Then I headed back to office…

*sigh* our ISO Certification audit was the next day (Monday) so I had to work. The last three days, were the longest days I’ve been awake, I’m working for STRAIGHT 24 hours! Then I’d sleep for 2-3 hours, then work again…. Man I was really really exhausted. And now the audit is over, I can have longer sleep again, whew… and I can go back to school, yay, I’ve been absent for one week already, damn I have to catch up! The good news, our Hospital will be certified!!!! Whooot!!!! After so many sleepless nights! I’m so happy that our efforts paid off. But it isn’t time to fully celebrate, we have 4 minor NCs to close, which I know my boss can take care of hehehe. What I’m looking forward now is the UPAME fair, because I intend to push through with my Subaru plans. I’ll just have to decide which of Subaru’s outfit would I wear hehehe. I heard that there’ll be group cosplayers of X and Tsubasa Chronicles, I hope it’s true, can’t wait to mingle with them, after all, Subaru appeared in both series hehehe. Yay, it’ll be raining CLAMP!

I'm posting some of my Sasuke pics now, enjoy! (",x)


Tuesday, November 08, 2005

What Your Sleeping Position Says

You are secretly sensitive, but you often put up a front.
Shy and private, you yearn for security.
You take relationships slowly.
You need lots of reassurances before you can trust.

2nd sem!

haay, it's the start of 2nd semester... back to cramming... expect that i'd get tanned again. I still got the same sched, except that my sundays would be free, because my NSTP's Prof remarked "dropped" in my class card hehehe... no big deal really... it's a good thing that i'd get 1 of my rest day back hehehe. The important thing is that i passed my major subjects. =)

I noticed that our class had reduced, then i learned from FA dept. head that around 40% of my classmates has not yet enrolled yet... if they have plans of enrolling, then that'd be just fine. If not, i feel sorry for them. I didn't see Emard. He's one of the outstanding FA students we got, I hope he won't stop this sem... it happens a lot, students dropping school due to financial reasons.

I have to say, I missed my classmates especially my 'yoyo' buddy, Mark. I'm happy to see them again and it feels good to be in school again hehehe... but this means more hectc days to come (damn, i didn't even feel i had a break!)

well, great news, 2 Anime events coming for this month! I already knew about the UPAME event on Nov. 26 but the Hero TV on Nov. 12-13 was such a short notice, or was i just too busy to read the notice hehehe... Damn! I wanted to cosplay Subaru Sumeragi so badly but i really have no time. I only have sasuke as my ace, good thing i bought his costume... but i still don't know if i'll make it. Most probably i could attend, but cosplay, my mind was set on Nov. 26 event... we'll see

Ah, good news, I asked for reservation for the Roy Mustang figure at SM Manila Toy department hehehe, i told the sales crew that i'd get it on Thurs! Can't wait to claim it! Also, I'm so happy to see another Laura Joh Rowland title at Book Mags! What a good start for the 2nd sem! Hope this goes on and on ^-^x

By the way, 12 hours to go and my cousin is getting married! Kanpai for Jona and Bong!!!!

take this test, here's what i got...

You Are 50% Boyish and 50% Girlish

You are pretty evenly split down the middle - a total eunuch.
Okay, kidding about the eunuch part. But you do get along with both sexes.
You reject traditional gender roles. However, you don't actively fight them.
You're just you. You don't try to be what people expect you to be.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Yay! Amazingly I passed all my major subjects! Thank God, really, I thought I’m going to fail for the first time of my entire life. Luckily, was able to pull it off! Never mind my NSTP, heck I’m not going to enroll it next semester anyway….now comes my major problem, I learned that most of my subjects for the next semester would be scheduled mid-afternoons. I don’t have to worry about Mondays since it’s my day-off but the remaining weekdays… geez, I have to talk to my boss, I hope she can give me a consideration...

Btw, I met up with the PJWFL people last, and that includes Aish and Chris. Also present were Marge, Ness, Vohnel, Winkei. The original plan was to proceed to Baywalk by late afternoon, which made me really excited because I really wanted to bring them there, unfortunately, we were all time-bounded that we didn’t get to follow the plan. Ness had to go before 6pm while Marge was suddenly called up by her family and had to go soon eventually. Winkei also had to go soonbecause she’s coming from Marikina. So Aish, Chris, Vohnel and I just went to Worlds of Fun and to sing in karaoke booths hehehe. Whew, it’s been so long, 2 years, since I sang with them hahaha,I had fun though it was too bad that I had to go soon too due to work demands. They're pretty much the same old rabid friends and it felt refreshing that I get to go hang out with them with all those stressors I encounter with my working student life hehehe…

Tuesday, October 25, 2005



It's been revealed that director Hayao Miyazaki will present three new animation projects at the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka city on January 23rd. Titles of 2 of the shorts have been revealed. The 1st work to debut is his long planned Kemushi No Boro (Boro the Caterpillar) which was announced at the Tokyo International Film Festival this weekend. The second confirmed animation is Mizugumo Monmon. Each has a running time of about 15 mintues. A wider theatrical release is currently not being planned. It's been known since the beginning of 2005 that Miyazaki was working on storyboards for these shorts. Information on a third and 4th unconfirmed short to possibly screen in the museum have been discussed. One of these is Hoshi wo Katta Hi which was reported to have been talked about by Naohisa Inoue whos says the short will be based on his "Iblard" story. Yet another is said to take place on a river, in a past time when ships were used to transport goods. Official details on the screening are to be announced by Studio Ghibli in November.


Friday, October 21, 2005

Haay, thank God that our pre-ass audit was through. We here at the office took our vacation leave yesterday. We’ve been rendering straight duty last weeks. I can’t believe that I stayed in the office working for straight 25 hours! Well, not really straight, I took a snooze for more than an hour. But it was really a major energy vacuum..

Anyways, I went home to my province (Tanay, Rizal) yesterday and now I feel a little refreshed… and I’ve been really longing for my bed there hehehe, I’ve always say this but I’ll say it again, there’s no place like home… ah...

I have good news, I just learned that Kodansha will animate XXX Holic! Again, I’m so friggin’ excited! But then again, I haven’t even finished watching TRC and here comes another CLAMP series that I’ve been following hehehe. There’s also a bad news though, my Typography is at stake… and I don’t want to tell the details, all I could do is pray *sigh* anyways… it’s been so long that I didn’t talk to Chris through phone, the last time was more than 2 months I think. Also, Aish let me organize the next PJWFL EB this coming Saturday… I’m excited to see them… I miss my friends… I miss hanging out… By the way, I finally had my hair cut, I’ll be posting some new pics soon. I’m bidding goodbye to my hair, so I’m posting one last haggard looking hair hehehe.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

It’s 12:25 am and I’m still here in the office. Just finished producing DRRF for QMS documents. I don’t want to bother explaining what are those, they’re not interesting anyway, I just feel good I’ve done my work haay. I’m so tired.

Yesterday, I slept past 1:00 in the morning doing my plates and I woke up before 6 to continue… and I’m so happy I’ve finally submitted my final plates for my 4 major subjects. 2 more to go *sigh* but it felt good being “unloaded”… and that damn boring Typography is a major dilemma for me! I thought I’m gonna die.

We did a face casting, imagine my face plastered! Hay, the first try was a disaster, I think some plaster of Paris entered my ears… gosh if something happens to me as a result of this face cast, I don’t know what I’ll do =’(.

By the way I bought a Sasuke costume, and it’s really cool. I bought it so I can have a “back-up” just in case I don’t get to push through with Subaru (due to lack of time to look for accessories) Damn it costed me P1850… guess I’ll just have to defer buying the Roy Mustang toy =’(…

Jona’s wedding is on November 8, and I heard that I’ll be her maid of honor *ahem* it’s just a rumor, I haven’t confirm it from her… gosh, I think I’m gonna cry on her wedding day… come to think of it, we’ve been together for so long. Starting from college, we took entrance exams together, made it to scholarship together, graduate together, and even work together (in both companies I’ve been!) and we live together in a room we’re renting right now. And it’s been almost 2 weeks that she’s not coming home, she’s staying at her boyfriend’s place… and this time, I really miss her, and I’m sure I’m gonna be missing her…

aww, my hair sucks! I badly need a haircut, next week, it’s a must! And I need to lessen eating!

Monday, October 03, 2005

It’s Sunday but I’m here in the office working, and I haven’t eaten my lunch *sigh* I miss my blonde hair =’( I need a haircut…

Right now I’m listening to the songs of Eraserheads, so many local bands are sprouting nowadays but there’s no one compares to the music of e-heads, AT LEAST FOR ME… it’s too bad they didn’t survive the industry, for whatever personal reasons… listening to their music reminds me of my highschool days, though I could barely count the most vivid ones…at least, their songs wouldn’t remind me of anything that’d make me sad, so I’m indulging myself on it…

Going back to my work, whenever I’d compare my whole day stay at the school versus my whole day stay at the office, I couldn’t help wishing I were a fulltime student. But what am I to do when I’m the one supporting my almost all of my expenses. *sigh* but I’m really tired. Anyway, this was my choice so I shouldn’t rant too much. Besides, sembreak is 2 weeks to go, yay! Speaking of sembreak, I just learned from a highschool friend, that even highschool students are also having a semestral break! Damn, that’s not fair, maybe it’s being practiced in selected schools only, but I never experienced a sembreak during highschool and elementary, only x-mas vacations… speaking of Christmas, 3 months to go and… yay! I’m posting my wishlist for Christmas!!!! Read this, read this!!!

Kid’s Christmas Wishlist:
DVD Copy of “Otaku No Video”
“Kodomo no Omocha: anime series
DVD Copy of “Kid’s Return”
DVD Copy of “CLAMP School Detectives”
CLAMP No Kiseki
Newtype USA magazine (latest issue)
PG 1/60 Wing Gundam 0-custom model kit
MG 1/100 Wing Gundam 0-custom model kit
Fullmetal Alchemist Action figures
Cloud Strife action figure
Rurouni Kenshin Story figures series 2 and 3
CLAMP Northside artbook
Any book on the life and works of Vincent van Gogh and Salvador Dali
Any book on the History of Arts
Novels by Laura Joh-Rowland

Friday, September 30, 2005

Yikes! One of my office mates brought a gown! And damn they insisted on me wearing the gown. They are just so freaking curious to see me in a “girly mode”. Geez, for Pete’s sake, give the old ladies what they want. Ma’am Len took a pic of me… damn, that is sooo not me! Well, just so they could see something different from me hehehe. I wanted my friends to see me in this kind of outfit sometime too. I’ve been actually planning to cosplay a cute female character in fuku after the Tohma cosplay, but I just couldn’t think of a female character that suits my personality. I’ll have to watch more anime hehehe. So for the moment that I haven’t come up with a shoujo character to cosplay, I’ll push thru with Subaru Sumeragi plans, anyway he’s a gay heheheh… I’m starting to look for accessories already, thru friends and classmates… Haay, i still prefer my bishounen mode hehehe... well, I’ve got less than 2 months to prepare, and sem-break is nearly coming, I should be able to find time to complete my costume (hope so)… Oh by the way, I have finally seen the FFVII Advent Children! Yay! I was really stunned and blown away by the events and fighting scenes! Damn! The best CG film I’ve ever seen! My god, Cloud makes me really drool hehehe… I really felt nostalgic when the characters (Cid, Barret, Yuffie, etc) finally made an appearance! Though the pacing of events were rather fast and some details that I’d want to dig were not really brought up. Like the origins of Kadaj and such… But I’m still satisfied on how things turned out. And it felt good to see Sepiroth again hehehe… okay, I really wouldn’t want to say much about it, I don’t want to end up being a spoiler. A colleague who haven’t played the game, and has no interest on Japanese stuffs, liked the film. Yay! Anyway, bottom line is, it’s a must see for all otakus!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

bad news...

hmmm, i just read from a newsgroup (Omake Omake!) that the Japan manga sales had decreased... i'm posting the details here:

The Japanese External Trade Organization (JETRO) has published their 2005 Japanese Publishing Industry Report , a follow-up to the 2004 report. Here are some excerpts from the 2005 report.Compared to 2003, manga sales (non-magazine format) in 2004 fell 2.0% to 254.9 billion yen, while sales of manga magazines such as Shounen Jump have fallen 2.3% to 254.9 billion yen. Manga sales have declined 20% since 1994. Shonen Jump, while still the number 1 selling manga anthology in Japan, has a circulation of approximately 3 million copies a week, down from 6 million in 1995.According to Jetro's 2004 numbers manga sales now account for 37% of publications sold (number of copies sold) and 23% of sales (value of copies sold in yen).One reason cited for the decline in manga sales is the increasing number of used manga stores, manga rental shops and manga cafes. Even used copies of manga anthology magazines are available for sale on the street, for a fraction of their original price, only a few days after they are first published.In reaction to the growing manga rental market, an amendment to Japan's copyright law recently was recently made, with the addition of a "lending right." The author's (or his agent/publisher) permission is now required before lending books or magazines (including manga) to the public for profit. Jetro's report, which focuses on 2004, does not state what kind of effect this amendment, which became law on January 1st 2005, has had.Jetro also reports on International sales. The United States accounts for 35.9% of all Japanese publication exports. The Jetro report also gives the first public look at Shonen Jump USA's sales figures. With a circulation of some 350,000 copies per month, the actual sales are around 150,000 copies. This is standard for the North American publishing industry where only one third of all magazines shipped to the newsstand are sold.Taiwan is the second largest consumer of Japanese published material, accounting for 8% of exports. Japanese publishers have licensed manga in 20 to 30 foreign countries.Overall the number of publications (books and magazines) sold in Japan in 2004 fell 1.9% compared to 2003, the 9th consecutive year of decline. Despite the decrease in sales, the number of books and magazines issue in Japan increased somewhat (2.7% and 2.0%), reflecting a market demand for diversification.The number 1 selling book in Japan in 2004 was Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, followed by Crying out for Love at the Heart of the World. The movie adaptation of Crying out for Love at the Heart of the World was the number 1 movie at the Japanese box office in 2004, earning $75 million yen. Densha Otoko (Trainman), which was based off an Internet story and spawned 4 manga, a movie and a TV drama, was 17th on the Japanese best seller list for 2004.

Sources cited by the JETRO report:
All Japan Magazine and Book Publisher's and Editor's Association
Dentsu Communication InstituteMinistry of Economy, Trade and Industry(METI)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsYano Research

Source: Japan External Trade Organization
haay... weekend has gone and i still havn't watched FFVII:Advent Children and Howl's Moving Castle. I didn't notice the passage of time... of course i was busy doing my assignments. I went home last Saturday but only stayed for a very short period of time. Of course was very happy to see my parents, sisters and of course my anime collection... my videos, toys, mangas, etc... and how it felt so good to sleep in MY bed... whew, there really is no place like home. It felt bad that i had to go back to Manila so soon ='( and on top of that, i rendered duty on Sunday afternoon at the office...

My next coming home would definitely be on the coming semestral break! Weeee!!!

anyways, let's move on to upcomng events, I just want to mention, the CLAMP Northside artbook was really worth buying. I have finally came up on which of Subaru's clothes i would be using for my next cosplay. I felt sad though that my friend Aish would not push through with her cosplay... her J-stuff enthusiasm had reached it's twilight stage and she already explained it to me... i was really looking cosplayng with her and Chris... well, i wouldn't want to insist her with something she's not into anymore... Also, Chris informed me that they'll be having a fahion show tomorrow at SM San Lazaro... Geez, I wanted to see him but i have work... tsk tsk... Haay, i miss my friends...

Saturday, September 24, 2005

CLAMPish me!

Yay! I finally got the CLAMP North Side Artbook! I’m so happy! The last time I bought a manga artbook was September 16, 2002—Kaori Yuuki’s “Angel Cage”. It Mainly features Angel Sanctuary, but it also showcased other works of Kaori Yuuki such as Neji, Kaine, etc. I remember that day was also the day sherry and I discovered Comic Central Headquarters. Originally, our destination was “Anima Anime”, but then, exploring the FB Arcade was really worth it. Haay, those were the days… wah! Bottom line is, it’s been 3 years since I bought myself an artbook! Now this CLAMP “North Side” is a compilation of various works of CLAMP from 1989-2002. The book featured Clover, Magic Knight Rayearth, The Legend of Dragon Kings, The Legend of Chun Yang, CLAMP in Wonderland, etc… By the way, I bought the Tokyopop release, therefore it’s in English. Though it has been my preference to buy the Japanese version of manga and artbooks, I didn’t think twice to get the US version because I trust the faithfulness of Tokyopop to the Japanese version. In fact, they were the first (I think) manga publisher in US to adapt the right-to-left book format of manga they publish. And I’ve seen the Jap version of Northside, and I saw almost no difference. And the good thing here is I’ll get to understand the comic inserts and the interview hehehe. I am so satisfied. The Jap version went out in year 2002, while this Tokyopop release went out last January 2005. Anyways, I really can’t get over my excitement… My next prospect is that Roy Mustang figure! Next pay day definitely hehehehe….

On a more serious matter, I really miss my folks at home, tomorrow I’ll go home. I haven’t told my boss that I plan not to come to work tomorrow… I know she’ll understand when I tell her, she’s kind hearted anyway. Actually, I really have no plan of coming home, but then my conscience is killing me. A relative died… The sister-in-law of my grandmother (who also passed away last April) *may their souls rest in peace* and I feel guilty if I can’t even pay a visit. But what really triggered me is that I really missed my folks. Just a while ago, when my mom was asking (thru text) me to come home, that she misses me so much, and she’s asking me if I didn’t want to come home, I just feel the longing to be with them. There’s no place like home after all.

By the way, I also bought a mini-artbook of Vincent Van Gogh. I’m not really a fan of his paintings, but I’m interested with his life, his personality… it’s a common knowledge that Van Gogh had a Psychological disorder and that he committed suicide and I’d like to know more about him and I want to try practicing what I learned as a Psychology graduate assessing an artist through his artworks. Anyhow, Psychology and art has a strong connection but somehow, I still find it hard to see through an artist’s mind by his artworks… anyways… I’m a future artist, comic artist hehehe

Friday, September 23, 2005

Oh my god! Oh my god! I just got my DVD copy of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children!!! And I have already took a peek…. Gosh, I’m having Goosebumps just hearing the opening music!!! Nostalgic mode on!!! My memories of playing the game is coming back and how it feel so good! Gosh, Cloud is sooo handsome! I first saw its trailer more than a year ago and Lord knows I waited real hard for its the completion and release. And how long have I waited, just scanning the video makes me feel it was worth the wait… the graphics were really far more stunning than any CG animation I’ve seen… I can’t wait to see it… this weekend, I will definitely watch it and the Howl’s Moving Castle! Anyway, like I said in my previous post, my anime hype’s real up at the moment! Yeah keep ‘em comin! Oh Cloud-sama *teary eyes*

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Damn! It’s been 5 days already and no update?! Well, I’m finally done with my Finals in Materials and Technique I. Damn, my painting sucks… but at least I finally got to produce one… everything starts from the bottom. I’m proud of it in anyway. By the way, my friend Mark helped me with it and my classmate Rhea… they are really cool you know… hmm, what else?

I can’t think anymore because I’m in a hurry, I’ll be taking my ride together with my nurse supervisor friend, Ma’am Len… ahhh it’s been a while since I went home with her and her husband. Last Sunday I dropped by at Comic Odyssey and I’m determined to buy the “CLAMP Northside” Artbook… I’ve seen what's inside and I really can’t get over it… on Friday or Saturday I’ll definitely get it! It’s been 3 years since I bought an artbook… it’s not really fair…

I also saw “Fullmetal Alchemist” action figures in Robinson’s toy department, and I really liked the Roy Mustang figure! Kawaii! It’s sooo him… I must get that also, but maybe on my next payday… Yay! My anime hype’s up again hehehe….

Saturday, September 17, 2005

It’s been raining for 3 straight days already… and I’m really feeling sick *coughs* hmm.. I’m at the office right now, my boss is playing in her WM player songs of Michael V, remember those “tagalized” songs that he did… I’m rolling on my stomach hearing the “tagalized” version of “ALWAYS” by Bon Jovi hahaha… anyways, it suddenly reminded me when me and my college (MDC) buddies used to make our “own version” of various songs, mostly nursery rhymes hehehe… oh how I missed those days. I don’t have any classmate right now that I can really hang out with but I’m really trying to mingle with them so I can enjoy my social life in school as I did during my 1st course. Just the other day we were having a chit chat… a lot of them smokes… tsk tsk, so young to start vices… arghh! I hate me, I just feel my pants are getting smaller for me, it’s so hard to control my appetite! Grrr! I only have 2 months till my next cosplay! Gotta work out! I have no further updates as of now but I’ll just share this unforgettable song that my college buddies and I did (pardon for people who are reading this while eating hehehe, most of the songs we edited hehehe…

Three Pork Butts (to the tune of “Three Blind Mice”)
Three pork butts, three pork butts
Smell their stinky fart, smell their stinky fart
It spreads so fast, it kills your nose
Giving you a deadly blow
Three pork butts, three pork butts

*I miss my college days…

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Thankfully, my report in History of Arts is over…. Surprisingly my professor appraised me for my report considering I did it on the last minute, I’m not really prepared… well, the advantage of having attended the Trainer’s Training last April hehehe… ah don’t remind me of April… it’s the loneliest month for me for this year… anyways, this past 4 days, I slept for less than 4 hours a day. Work/school/anime/gimmick eats my resting time *sigh* and on top of that, I miss my folks at home… and my anime collection…

Last friday The QM office finally had it’s first TBA (Team Building Activity)! We went to Music 21, Malate Branch. It was really fun. I got to sing some Japanese songs hehehe. I also sang non-Jap songs… how they hated how I sing hehehe I hear boos all over the room. Okay, I admit I’m a lousy singer! What surprised me was my sister came accompanied by a surgeon, former resident of MDH… arghhhh, they were invited by Dr. Gene Chan… I was so deprived of my vices! Of course I can’t show my sister hehehe… I drank 2 bottles of vodka though and I kinda regret it because when I woke up the next day, I’m scratching all over my back! Grrrr! It’s that damn allergy again! I should restrain myself from drinking alcohol… but these events happen once in a blue moon so I guess it’s just okay. Besides, vodka really suits my taste among any other alcohol. Hey, update update! I just got my DVD copy of “Howl’s Moving Castle”! Waaiii! Ureshii! Though I don’t have time to watch it for now. Well, I swear when I’m done submitting my urgent plates, I lent it to my, ahem, “sensei” in Freehand Drawing and he liked it! Weee, if a non-anime fan liked it, it must be really good! Can’t wait to watch it! Hey, I just learned that Hayao Miyazaki-sama received a Golden Lion awrd by Venice Film Fest… I haven’t read the details but I’m sooo proud of him! He really is a tensai! Way to go!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

hisashiburi desu ne...

Okay, it seems nobody reads my blog anymore… should I close it now? I had little time to update it anyway… it’s been very hectic in school and work, arghhhh… should I give up one now? Naahh! Too early… For the coming days, we’ll (QM Staff) be going out. Dr. Hogar will be treating us for a gimmick on Friday night and I’m suggesting that it’ll be on Eastwood! Yay! Also, Dr. Gene Chan will be treating us in Basilica (a stand-up comedy Bar in Malate) one of these days! Yeah! So many gimmicks in the line hehehe... still I shouldn’t be so happy, I still have many requirements (LATE!) to submit and I’m desperately hoping that I won’t fail any of my subjects *crosses fingers*

By the way, I had my left ankle tattoed (hena)… I’m posting it here hehehe…. My classmate Marky did it! Notice the FMA logo hehehe, yeah!!! Also, the recent pics of me made it look like I’m loosing weight. I am NOT! I don’t know what kind of trick I accidentally did to get that effect hehehe… but I love it nyahahaha…

Last Sunday I attended the Manila International Book Fair at the World Trade. I was surprised to see a booth of the Comic Central Headquarters (CCHQ) and they are selling manga, 50% off! *sigh* I didn’t have any money that time, it feels so depressing, I wanted to get a copy of “Blade of the Imortal” where Anotsu Kagehisa was the cover (I forgot what volume it is)..

Then I went off to Shangri-La and watch Eiga Sai 2005… I only watched Yotsuya Kaidan… It’s an old hooror film… I’m not in the mood to tell what is it all about because honestly, I didn’t like it. It doesn’t seem a horror film to me… well at least I get to experience the ambience of Shang Cineplex hehehe. I still prefer the Greenbelt 3 cinema. Now, I really regret not going to Cinemanila, cinemanga category during this weekend… I was supposed to go there after watching in Shangri-la but I ran out of spare time already hehehe… grrr.. so many things to do but so little time… anybody listening?

I miss Killua =( when will the next installment of HXH out (if there is) anyway? Arghhh… I’m outdated on anime waaahhhh!!!!

By the way, I’m already at episode 7 of Tsubasa Chronicles!!! Now, I can tell, the BGM reminds me of hack.sign! yep, that humming voice… come to think of it, this ‘traveling to different dimensions’ of TRC is very RPG (PS) in nature don’t ya think? Well, I’m just voicing out my opinion… I’m hoping the 3 CLAMP school detectives would make an appearance in TRC anime… oh please don’t disappoint me….

Till next FREE time ^-^x

Friday, August 26, 2005


I finally got a Naruto headgear! I redeemed it from Quantum SM Manila, for 300 tickets! Yeah, I am now a… uhm… genin hehehe… honestly, I know so little of Naruto. I’ve only seen the first 7 episodes and read the pilot manga *sigh* I know this series is really hot among anime fans and I liked it but I just don’t have the time to watch it. Anyways, the headgear is really cool. I wear it in the office every night ever since I got it and my boss and colleagues here really find me weird… well they should get used with me doing weird stuff like this hehehe.
I feel sad, I miss Killua-chan sooooo much! All this time it’s still you... if you only knew what i'm going through...
Anyways, on a happier side, I’m gong to the L`arc~en~ciel Phis. Fans club launching this Sunday and I’m excited to see my friends--Aish and Chris again. I miss them so much! It's been a while that we haven't hang out together.Well I shouldn’t get too excited, I have to constantly remind myself that I have too many requirements in school to complete! Anyway, I’ll make sure I’ll complete them all! Gambarimasu!

Okay, okay i know i GAINED weight... don't remind me... it gets more depressing =`(... but that won't be for long because I had finally decided a character to cosplay... so now i'm motivated to control my apetite! Yay! This cosplay plan should push through or I'll be force to treat Yoji to Teriyaki Boi and order that "limited edition" Kobe beef >.<

Today is my eldest brother's birthday -- Richard! Happy birthday bro! *muah*

till next time, ja ne! (",x)

Sunday, August 14, 2005

in the rain

It’s has been rainy for almost a week now… I’m inspired or rather sentimental during these moments. Rain reminds me of so many things. I had a lot of good memories with the rain that I’d rather not tell for I might get too emotional. But during these rainy days… I miss Soujiro! Yes! My Archetype in the anime/mangalandia hehehe. Anyway, it’s a common knowledge that Kenshin is my ultimate favorite character, but Soujiro was actually my first love in RK. I got hooked to RK because of Soujiro. And his persona reflects so much of me! Anyway, I’m at work and I’m really feeling tired. I got home 3:30 am already and I woke up at 8am, so I came late (again) in the office. We finished the band performances, I drank 1½ bottle of Vodka… (*-*)

I ran out of basic supplies so I had to go to supermarket after my work *sigh* I want to go home and sleep sleep sleep!

Anyways, just want to share something i wrote for Soujiro (and me).... the first line is owned by Nobuhiro Watsuki ^-^x

Fake Smile

In the rain I smiled, but I was really crying
In the crowd I laughed, but I was really hurting
In the night I’m warm, but I was really chilling
In the light I see, but I was really seeking
In the deal I gained, but I was really loosing
In the game I won, but I was only cheating
In the sky I fly, but I’m actually falling
In the work I’m at ease, but I’m always cramming
In my world you are real, but I’m only dreaming
In the battle I survived, but how I wish I’d be dying

Saturday, August 13, 2005

hitori desu...

it's friday night... i'm all alone in the office, my colleagues have all left. I'm still here because i'm waiting for my nurse supervisor friend. We're going to Bed Rock, a live band bar. In a few minutes we're goin... I'm quite bored so i decided to download some yaoi doujinshi manga scans hehehe. Bad kid! most of the scanlations i got are Tenipuri... it's really hard to get the story since i've never seen the series. Heck, i'm after the **** stuff anyway hehehe....

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Events update

Woah, it’s been a while eh? Ah got some good news! Tons of events coming! Yay!On August 28 will be the Launching of L`arc~en~ciel Philippines Fans Club at Crisanta Towers! Then August 31 to September 4 will be the International Book Fair at the World Trade Center. I’ve never attended a single book fair in my whole damn life! And this time I oblige myself to attend, there are so many titles that I’m looking so… September 4-September 21 will be the Eiga Sai 2005! Now this I must not miss! And for comics fans out there, Komikon will be on October 22 at UP Bahay Ng Alumni. Of course do not forget the UPAME ‘kAME Ulit” Anime Fair at UP Bahay Ng Alumni (again) on November 26. But, uhm, I still couldn’t think of any character to cosplay *sigh* I might pass on this year… besides, I can’t control my appetite, my skin is tanning and I must admit that my bishie-ness is deteriorating (refer to my pic) *sob*….
Anyway, it’s been a really busy week for me. Random events happened, good and bad. In the office, I feel happy that I get to talk for a longer period of time to my former boss, it’s been really a while since we talked… I really like her, she’s like a second mother to me now. And we’re having an Internal Quality Audit till Friday, so very department is really busy. In school, somehow, I could feel that I’m starting to improve my drawing skills, I just hope I’m right… Tomorrow, we’ll be skipping our Typography class for Materials and Technique. Geez, imagine my professor admitted that Typography is not very important, tsk tsk… teachers aren’t suppose to be like that… i'd lik to tell more but i'm on a hurry...

Friday, August 05, 2005

Geez, it’s been a while… well I still find it amazing that I still manage to update my journal. Last August 1 was the last day of sale at Feata Bookstore. I had to benefit from that sale! After all, I pledge to complete the whole set of Ruroken Manga. I bought volume 11, 12, & 13. Yay! 9 tankoubons to go! Ueshii ne! Speaking of manga, I really felt lucky to find English versions of Revolutionary Girl Utena and Ranma ½ at Book Sale! My tip for hungry otakus (and book lovers) out there, search the Book Sale store meticulously, you’ll never know what you’re gonna get. It’s worth a try. Ah, and I was able to buy a book on Tangram, a Chinese Puzzle game. I have a tangram that glows in the dark! And I’m so happy I could play it again. I ad already solved all the shapes in handbook that accompanies the Tangram itself a looooonggg time ago hehehe. Uh, trivia about me, aside from anime videos, manga and toys, I also collected “glow in the dark” stuffs… but I stopped ever since I got hooked to anime hehehe. Anyway, going back, Tangram is fun (at least for me). Waahhh… so many plates to pass…

Friday, July 29, 2005

Belgian Art Lecture Aftermath

Okay, i'm back from the Belgian Art Lecture... Now I remember the Lecturer was Mr. Mariano Akerman. He is an Argentinian Art Historian, Artist and Architect! Cool! Anyway, Maybe I'll post my insights about Belgian Art when I'm done with my reaction paper... What I want to share, I saw some acquaintances there --Palo, Ness, and Marge-- Members of PJWFL, FA students from UST, and I'm really greatful for Palo... She won 3rd Prize for the Belgian Arts Appreciation Essay Writing Contest! Way to go! J-fanatics, or otakus, are the coolest, most talented, and brainiest people on earth! Nyahahaha! After the lecture and awarding of winners was the cocktails! Yay! Out of sheer "show-off-ness" I drank 1 glass of red wine... because i wanted to show my classmates the prvilleges of an adult! Students were not allowed to drink wine, but since i'm 22 already... hehehe. It was bad really, and I don't really understand why got dizzy, it's only wine... and that wasn't the end of it, when i got back here in office i felt the irritating itch all over my back! Ah! good thing i always bring my anti-histamine or i'll be scratching my back all the way home, and goodluck on me if i'd be able to sleep! I also went to Robinson's Place and had the office keys duplicated. Now my colleagues can leave me alone in the office. I bought illustration board and a book entitled "The Sign of the Chrysanthemum" By katherine Patterson, yes it is a Japanese story that's why i bought it... and well, it's on sale hehehe. While browsing the Young adult fiction section (heck, i've been looking for a book to give to a certain kid who celebrated her b-day more than a month ago!) I was surprised to see that National Bookstore now sells English-translated manga. I saw an opened manga of XXXholic vol.4! As i can remember, I stopped reading the manga scans at vol.2, where characters of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles first interfaced XXXholic... but anyway, i read the opened manga (this is an opportunity!) and i was surprised to see a new Character --Domeki-- and I'm happy to report that i see a yaoi angle on him and Watanuki hehehe... Generally this is a great day, minus the fact that i failed to pass a plate in Typography... and I didn't see Mr. Fajardo... and... shame on Kid! Standing on NBS reading a manga--and laughing all by yourself-- for more than an hour and only buying items not more than P40! Hey! At least I bought something hehehe *Kid hop--craving for more XXXholic--* ^-^x

on a hurry!

Waah!!! It's been so long!!! i'm on leave! Yeah! I realy needed that. This'll be very fast, i will be attending a lecture in the National Museum about Belgian Art today. I forgot the name of the lecturer but he is an Argentinian Historian... Tomorrow will be my prelims in Freehand Drawing! Toxic! But it's Freehand Drawing and that means I'm going to see Mr. Fajardo again! Yay! Okay got to go now... My boss is reprimanding me already hehehe...

Monday, July 25, 2005

Hmmm, my stay at my friend's place last night gave me an idea what to draw for my Midterm in Materials and Technique *grin*... Today i'm in another friend's place (i'm a nomad hehehe). We watched Tsubasa Chronicles episode 5-6 *yawn* it turned out that I am not in the mood to watch... i feel so sleepy... I slept past 1:00 in the morning and i had to wake up at 6am for my NSTP. Still i got in late *sigh*. Anyway, now that i remember, another thing that made me disappointed with Tsubasa Chronicles was the dubbing. I was really expecting the characters will have the same set of seiyuu in their previous series... Sakura doesn't sound genki anymore...

Tomorrow i'll be going in "Parallel Stories" gallery in Megamall and Avellaneda Gallery in Manila. Just when i thought i could get a rest....

Sunday, July 24, 2005

So July 25 (Monday) was declared as a special non-working holiday. Honestly, I am partly happy, because finally I’ll have a whole day break. However, I still can’t help feeling a little irritated. For one thing, I really hate to miss “History of Arts” and “Anatomy”. Besides, this declaration of special holiday, to avoid any street demonstration because the President will address the state of the nation (SONA), is very illogical! Heck, if people can conduct rally on busy days, what more on holidays?! There must be a hidden agenda behind this declaration. Hah, I hate bothering myself with such issues but I’m affected because I’m an eager student. Anyway, as I’ve said, I’m partially happy so I should partially thank MalacaƱang because I’ll have a time for myself. I’m planning of going to Sherry’s place to watch my videos…

Waaii! It’s been so loooongg!!!! I finally got to play “House of the Dead II”… I didn’t eat lunch just so I could play hehehe. Anyway, tomorrow after my NSTP class, I’ll go to my friend’s place to watch my videos. Yay! I’m so excited, I’ll finally see the succeeding episodes of Tsubasa Chronicles! Yay! ^-^x

Friday, July 22, 2005

mixed emotions

This morning i was really pissed! I didn't get to finish my palte in Typography last night because i left my ruler in the office. So i had to buy a new one. But it was really late already so i decided to finish it this morning. I wake up so early to finish it. I went to a store with five stupid saleslady! Pardon for the word but i was really pissed because they are so slow and couldn't get what i was asking. I wasted 20 mins. in that damn store! I swear i'll never buy there again. Anyway i finished my plate in Starbucks, and there's this annoying foreigner who shared my seat (i was on the couch). Damn, i just couldn't tell her that she's braeking my concentration. I arrived 2 HOURS late in the school! Good thing that it wasn't my turn yet to present my plate. Whew! saved by the bell hehehe.

My good day started in school. My professor in Freehand drawing talked to me after my class, hehehe. He's Mr. Romer Fajardo, a cute and multi-awarded artist... he inquired if i could get his nurse cousin "in"MDH. I told him just give me the CV and i'll forward it to HR hehehe... We talked random things, our activities in our class, about his student who stopped because of financial problems... for only 30 mins! heck i didn't care if i'd be late in the office... Anyway, he's one of the reasons why i should stay in that university! Tomorrow is my Freehand Drawing class, I can't wait! Yay!

but right now, i'm sick. I had a cold since this morning... and it developed to slight fever this afternoon. I already took medicine and i'm feeling a little fine but i'm still having a headache and this cold is really pissing me off! Hahaha, and i still manage to update my blog! Oops, my boss is coming, i gotta go now...

Thursday, July 21, 2005

It’s a cloudy day! I wish it’s always like this so I don’t have to ride PUVs on my way to office from school. I love walking. When I walk, I tend to be more observant on the things around me. I get to see the scenes on the streets, longer than I would if I’m on a moving vehicle. I get to burn those unnecessary calories (yay!). And most important of all, I get to save money!
Anyway, I’m really loaded with assignments. Tonight I’ll have to finish 2 plates for Typography. Last night I did a portrait of myself using watercolor. I suck… but wash technique is fun! I have decided! I want to specialize in watercolor!
Change topic, waaah, I’m full. I just ate some chips and my tummy is screaming out of my pants! This is bad, I’m not inspired to cosplay any character as of the moment, thus, keeping me demotivated to control my appetite. The latest anime I’ve seen so far is Tsubasa Chronicles.. I’ve only seen episode 1-4… honestly, I feel a little frustrated. It didn’t justify the manga as I expected. Maybe in the later episodes… it’s still a good thing that it was animated… seeing various characters of CLAMP from various series, pooled together with different character in a whole new different environment being animated. Their trademark characters are still prevalent. Sorata and Arashi for example, though the setting is different, the way their bonding was portrayed is exactly the same as how it was portrayed in X. Touya’s feelings toward Sahaoran ididn’t change either. I’m hoping that the Nokoru, Akira and Suoh would appear in anime too. In X, they appeared from time to time in the manga but not in anime. How frustrating… Anyway, I’m going too far, going back to my appetite, I’m really having a hard time to control it… Especially when I see a Nacho King stand in a mall, I just can’t resist it. Waahhhh!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


waah! the pics i took yesterday in Baywalk Manila didn't turn out good... actually, there were some good images, the problem was the quality... it's my fault, because when i took the pics, i forgot to set the ASA to 100... anyway, all the pics i took, i'll just put in my "memoirs of Kid" collection hahaha! Anyway, i had a graet time yesterday... Photography is fun! I'll set another photo shoot on my next freetime. Yay!

Another frustration, i was not able to do my assignment in History of Arts.... 5 examples of Origami! Considering that it is a Japanese Art! Shame on me! Unforgivable! I got carried away with photography...

One more frustration, July 11-17, "Cinemalaya" was held at CCP... It's a Philippine indie films fest... But i only knew yesterday also, and the tickets for films I wnated to see were sold out!
Great.... I find indie films more interesting than those being commercially released...

and on top of it all, i am laden of plates to pass... waah... got to work, got to work!

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Just this afternoon I almost lost P50. Whew, good thing I found it on the floor. It probably dropped from my pocket accidentally...

I’m feeling groggy… I rarely have enough sleep nowadays. Earliest would be 11pm and get up at 6am… but I always arrive late in school because I’m very slow fixing myself. Just to give you an idea, my cellphone alarms at 6am, after waking due to annoying sound, I snooze for no more than 20 minutes. 6:20, I start stretching, smelling my pillow and rubbing my security blanket against my nose, yes I still have that security blanket… it’s not actually blanket, but shorts. I love its texture and I got used sleeping with it. Then I start pondering about a lot of things, like what are my pending jobs in the office, what we would be doing in school, how are my family, friends, etc.. I daydream a little… then I start preparing my uniform, my undergarments, toiletries stuffs, etc. then off to bathroom where I spend almost an hour! And before I knew it, it’s almost 8am and I start cramming wearing my clothes… I don’t eat breakfast anymore but I cannot understand why I’m still gaining weight. It’s not fair! My biggest worry, as far as my physical feature is concerned, is my weight.

By the way, this morning, in my Freehand Drawing I class, we were asked to illustrate a set of kitchen stuffs (takure, steel glass, canned goods, etc.) the model was about 1.5 meters away from me, but couldn’t see it clearly, I had to borrow my classmate’s eyeglasses. *sigh* it can’t be helped… my eyes started getting nearsighted when I worked, because I stayed at the front of my PC most of the time. Now I can never get it back, my perfect vision =’(. Anyway, I’ll try to get my own eyeglasses on the next payday *sigh* I’ll have to set aside my “anime wish list” again… anyway, ever wonder how I look like with megane on? check my previous post ^-^x

My thought for the day --- I spend 3 things in life –money, time and effort, out of this three, it is TIME that I can never get back, so I’ll make the most of it!

Friday, July 15, 2005


Tibs! Does anyone from my generation remember this expression? This afternoon, a colleague suddenly blurted "TIBS" when a 25 cents accidentally dropped from the table. Yes, it was an expression that was popular when I was a kid, it was used to declare when you accidentally found money on the ground. At least as far as my understanding goes, that’s it. At the moment I heard it, I was feeling nostalgic again... Ah, remembering the good 'ol times! Unfortunately, I do not know the etymology of the word hehehe.

I already got the professional camera from ma’am Ruth. I decided that I won’t attend the NSTP this Sunday to go to Luneta and Eatwood to take pictures. Though my Photography subject will be on my 3rd year, I'm inspired to practice! I just wish it’s feasible for me to take pictures of my favorite subject –me! Hehehe! Narcissistic mode on!

Anyway, change topic. I just want to share... Every time I would drop by at the HR office either to time-in, ask for some food, or simply just to crap with, I couldn’t help feeling sad. I miss being part of their family. Well, they still consider me as part of them, but, it’s different when I get to go home with them, eat with them, work with them… How I miss the stories of Ma’am Glenda… I miss all of them, were just a few rooms away, but it feels like we’re worlds apart. Eeew corny! But that’s how I really feel right now...

By the way, last night, my colleagues and I went to a KTV bar last night, the name of the place is Providence, it's near DLSU-Taft. It was really late, but i can tell that majority of the customers were students! Ah bad kids! Waah! I miss Music21! It's the only KTV bar i know that has a large selection of Japanese songs... and i still miss playing 'house of the dead 2' ='(

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


it's been weeks already since i've been to arcade. I miss "house of the dead 2" and percussion freaks! I feel deprived! Schooling and work at the same time deprived me from my other activities I also feel outdated. I can't join in the discussions of my classmates talking about Naruto, One Piece, Shaman King etc... You see i don't get to watch these new anime being aired in local and cable TV anymore! *sigh* the price i had to pay... But i heard that Fullmetal Alchemist will be aired in GMA7. Geez, It's a good thing that i won't be able to watch it, because if I do, I might explode complaining with the dubbing and editing. I assume they'd be cutting some major issues in the stories, like issues involving religion, considering how conservative Filipinos are.

ah, I was late (again) in school this morning, since i started tudying again i never had enough sleep. Plus, we had a quiz in Graphic Arts I! I got zero! When I arrived, they were already at item no. 8. The quiz is 1-15, about contemporary Filipino Printmakers. What a good start for the day ne!

i read an article in "Business World" newspaper, that a Japanese publication will hold a national exam for Japanese geeks (otaku) on August 5! It was also posted in one of the ML that i membered in. Cool! I hope there's also something like this here. I want to take that test!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Haay. I just bid goodbye to my blonde hair! I'm depressed! It's not fair! I'm forced to dye it back to black just because of those stupid policies! Anyway, as I promised, I’m posting my blonde pics here including Seguchi Tohma Cosplay. Comments are welcome.

Anyway moving on to more interesting topics… I have an announcement to make… Friends, I hope you’ll understand why I’ve been quiet about this… I have personal reasons. It’s been 1 month already… I enrolled this semester for this school year. Bachelor of Fine Arts major in Advertising at the Technological University of the Phils. A few streets away from my workplace. It’s the reason why I have to dye my hair back to black, yep, even FA students are not exempted from school policies! It’s also the reason why I got transferred from HR Division to QM Office. My class schedule-- Monday 8am-3pm, Tuesday-Friday 8am-11am. While 12nn-8pm Tuesday-Friday, Saturday 8am-5pm is my work! Ah not to mention my Sunday 8am-12nn for the F*cking NSTP! So, you now have an idea how busy I am (and will be)… Now I don’t get to go home in our province every weekend… oh how I miss my parents and my siblings… my bed… my anime collection T_T…. But I have to say, I’m enjoying this busy (and stressful) life. How I truly missed the cramming days when I was in college, oh yeah, I’m a college student again hahaha. But let me remind that I graduated already; this is my second course. My classmates find me cool for this! But they are much cooler because they are damn good in drawing! And they’re only 16 yrs. old! My professor in History of Arts even commented that our batch is the finest she ever handled.

Why Fine Arts? Because I love manga, anime, and I’m really interested in sculpture. I want to be a comic artist and animator. Our department head mentioned that most alumni of TUP have specialized in animation. And another 4 years of formal education is another step to my dream of going to Japan…

Anyway, I actually have a lot of stories to tell everyday, both from school and office. It’s just that I don’t have enough time to surf the net and post updates… I will really try to maximize this blogger as much as I could… I’m reading your comments and I really appreciate them, it may take time before I reply though. Pls. bear with me.

So for now, enjoy my blonde pics! *sigh--back to my depression*.

seguchi tohma pics

random blonde pics part 2

random blonde pics

Thursday, July 07, 2005

an open letter

A few days ago, I finally got to patch some misunderstanding and uneasiness with a dear friend of mine. We talked, opened up our points of views and eventually we’re slowly restoring our bond. How happy I was that time. There are more problems that are burdening me but getting someone important back is a very big relief. It also made me realize of my frailties as a friend. I admit that I’m not a very good friend. At most I would appear very insensitive with other’s feelings. A couple of weeks ago, I had another friend who had a slight resentment on me because it appeared that I didn’t give importance on her, that I made her feel left out… We’re ok now too. My dear friends, for all the rudeness I have shown, for all my insensitivities, I offer my most profound apology. I want to keep you all for the longest time possible that I would be living. Pls. help me be a good friend to all of you without making me “not me”. We all have our differences, but with true friends around, those differences don’t bear a thing.

Monday, July 04, 2005

My Toycon update

Ok as promised, what happened to me during the Toycon... Nothing much actually. I didn’t even get to ramp on the stage. But I don’t really feel bad about it. You see, I was informed by one of the Con marshals that the catwalk would start at 6pm. So I anticipated that it would start at the said time. By 4pm, the cosplayers were already instructed to gather and get ready for the catwalk. I was separated from my friends because I was in the individual category. During the formation, I got really bored and I realized that I haven’t roam around the venue to check the stuffs. And so I went away from the formation to look around and bought some stuffs. So after shopping, I went down to the Department store to leave my stuffs there since I’m faraway from my friends to ask them to hold my things. Heck! I can't come up in the stage carrying something! That was 5:30 pm. When I got back to the venue, the cosplayers were gone from the formation area. When I saw the marshal, she asked me what no. am I, so I said no.10, and she gave me an sarcastic answer that they were looking for me for so long, she told me to catch up in the first batch of cosplayers, but it was too late. So there, I wasn’t able to ramp. But it’s really no big deal. Besides, I wasn’t prepared on what to do in the stage either, so it wasn’t really a big thing. The important thing is, that time, Seguchi Tohma was made flesh! And dwelt among us... hehehehe.... okay i feel the breeze is getting stronger hahaha.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

here's something for all of you, this was taken ages ago though... I like effect of the blue Pepsi in it's bottle.


Yay! I finally get to post here! I had my blogspot account ages ago, but because i'm soooo busy and still "innocent" on how to manipulate this thing, blah blah blah... Anyway, this is supposed an online journal, so i'll get on with what happened to me this day, rather recently, this past few days.

You see I had my hair dyed (blonde) last week for my Seguchi Tohma cosplay... Ah.. I'm not in the mood to talk about it, i'm sooo tired. Maybe sometime...

Pls. take your time in browsing my blog, comments are welcome, positive or negative. I'll try to post and update it as much as I could.

I'll post my blonde pics soon hehehe...