Friday, December 30, 2005

Yay! It’s the last working day of the year! I walked early this morning at Baywalk again. Have to start my weight reducing intervention again. I also had my haircut today, and it feels really light… that’s better now.

I was surprised when Jason called me this morning asking if I’m in the office. He went here just to give his Christmas gift for me. Awww, I was so touched. I thought he had removed my name on his “list” already. It has also been a while since we’ve seen each other… anyway he gave me a set of Naruto key chains.

Tomorrow I’ll be seeing Sherry and Sri, we’ll probably just eat and talk… I missed them a lot. The last time we’ve been together was more than a year. They both have “koibitos” already and I’m being left out *sigh*. But I’m getting excited to see them already, especially Sri, since I see her more rarely than Sherry.

I feel bad that I don’t have any Christmas gift for my friends, especially those who gave me something… as much as I want to give, I’m broke and it’s also almost impossible to see them at once. 2 days to go and it’s another year. I hope this coming year would be a charming one for me…

Last December 27 was our Christmas party, I was one of the Emcee together with Gel and Dr. Hogar. I wore my favorite costume, Soujiro, minus the white polo. Instead, I sported a black shirt. The party was supposed to be "costume themed" but my colleagues are so hard-headed that i was the only one in costume. Oh never mind, I was happy to wear my Souji costume anyway. The party was really a blast. We all had fun, and we laughed all through out the event hehehe. It turned out to be a comedy bar... I'll post pictures soon. For the meantime, enjoy the last glimpse of KiD for this year (",x)

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