Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Kokology: The Stolen Berries

Here's another kokology from Kokology by Isamu Saito and Tadahiko Nagao. Play along, this is fun (",x)

Everyone likes a nice person and most of us try to be good in our own lives. Why is it, then that there are so few people in the world who are good all the time? As hard as you may try, there are always those rotten days of moments and weakness where it just feels better to be bad. Whether that takes the form of driving too fast on the highway, cheating on a test, or "liberating" a box of pens from the office, we've all done things we can't be proud of or justify. The key to becoming a truly good person is in accpeting the bad parts of your own personality and admitting that you're not perfect, not in trying to act like a saint while the devil on your shoulder whispers in your ear. We all succumb to temptation sometimes. But in the next scenario you might just get caught...

1. On a stroll through the countryside, you come across a field of delicious-looking strawberries. Your stomach starts to rumble, and there's no one else around. Only a fence stands between you and a free lunch. How high is that fence?

Kid: the fact that I saw the strawberries means the fence won’t obstruct my view. Maybe as tall as my neck.

2. You sneak into the garden and begin to help yourself to the fruit. How many berries did you eat?

Kid: I love strawberries so I’d probably eat all I can, maybe a basket of berries?

3. Suddenly the farmer whose berries you're stealing appears out of nowhere and starts yelling at you. What do you say in your own defense?

Kid: I’m sorry sir, I was just really hungry. I’ll just pay for the berries I ate.

4. After all is said and done, how did the berries taste? And looking back, how did you feel after your berry-stealing adventure was over?

Kid: If I never paid for it, I’d feel guilty. But If I did, then I’d be satisfied.

The Results..

Strawberries -seductively juicy and red - are common symbol of sexual attraction and desire. The way you envisioned this scenario helps us to understand your attitude toward forbidden romance and stolen love.

1. The height of the fence you imagined around the field is a measure of your own level of self-control and resistance to sexual temptation. The higher the fence, the greater your own defenses. People who imagined a total enclosure exercise admirable restraint. Those of you who said it was only a string tied around some be at about knee height run a higher than average risk of getting burned by the flames of love.

2. The number of berries you said you would steal is the number of people you can believe yourself in love (or lust) with at any given time. If you said you'd quit after eating just one, you're likely to be faithful in your own love life as well (or at least a devoted serial monogamist). Those of you who got onto double digits may need to think seriously about applying the brakes to your libido. Nobody can keep that pace up forever.

3. The excuses you made to the farmer represent the way you'd defend yourself if you got caught having an affair. What was your excuse?

"I'm so sorry. I promise I'll never do it again" Sometimes a full confession and a promise to behave is the best way to get yourself off the hook.

"They looked so good, I just couldn’t help myself" Well actually you did help yourself – to somebody else’s berries. But honesty is the best policy. After all, it worked for George Washington, didn’t it? If you keep it up, maybe someday you could be president too.

"Hey those berries were great! Do you have if I have a couple more?" Farmers have shotguns. Spouses have lawyers. Fortunately you still have a chance to reconsider your choice of words.
4. The way you described the experience and the taste of the berries gives an indication of how you imagine yourself feeling when looking back on a past affair.
"Actually, they didn’t taste good as they looked. The whole thing wasn’t even worth the effort" All too true for most affairs. Chalk it up to experience and put it behind you.
"So sweet! So juicy and delicious! I’ve never tasted anything like it!" Uh, let’s just say you’re addicted to love.
"The berries were nothing special, but all in all it kind of fun" Statistically speaking, you’re in the high-risk group for repeat offenders.

Kid: LOL! Really now?

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