Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Waiting Hours

Last Sunday I went to see “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time” together with Sherry, Mike, and Lester. We were at the mall as early as 12:30 PM but we didn’t get the tickets for the 2:00 PM screening so we had to wait until 6:00 PM, the release of the tickets of its 2nd screening. Then after we got the tickets, we had to wait for another 2 hours because it was scheduled to play at 8:00. During the time we waited, I realized that sometimes it’s not very healthy to have all the time in the world when you ran out of things to do. Thank God I was not alone!

But anyways… “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time” is about Makoto, a normal (as always) high school girl who accidentally gained a power to travel or as the title suggests, leap through time. On a not so lucky day, the day she was destined to die, she bumped to a “time” device from the future, which gave her the power to time leap, thus she prevented her untimely death. Having this kind of power, she went back and forth on days she experienced mishaps and changed them in accordance to her satisfaction. But later she realized that the misfortunes she avoided diverted into somebody else and her intention to help other people made things worse.

I know that one should never play with destiny but given the chance that I will be given of such power, I will do the same thing. It’s a very selfish act, but c’mon, everyone has his own share of regrets over the past. The good news is, no matter how great the technology will advance, a time machine is an impossible creation. No such thing can ever manipulate the events from the past. I will bet my life on this one.

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