Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Kokology: Bare Necessities

I’m currently into Kokology. It’s a Japanese pop-psych quiz game that reveals one’s emotion and behavior through his response to a given situation. Most of the time, my results are accurate and playing is really fun whenever I’d picture myself in a given situation. Here’s something from the book Kokology by Isamu Saito and Tadahiko Nagao. Try it!

There are a few common items that keep people in their pockets or bag nearly every time they leave the house: wallet, keys, ID and credit cards. The inside of our bags are like the insides of our heads; we all carry around a lot of the same stuff but there’s always something in each that makes every bag unique.

You’re getting ready for the day and putting your things. Besides the bare necessities, which of the following items do you want to take along with you?

1. your personal organizer or address book (my answer)
2. hairspray or mousse
3. a lucky charm
4. candy or gum

and the results are…

-drum roll-

What is it that you always have close at hand? The item you wanted to bring along is something you feel a little uncomfortable being without and your choice actually tells us something about a part of your personality you feel insecure about.

1. your personal organizer or address book
You can’t trust your own memory. Phone number, birthdays, appointments; they run through your head like water through a sieve. You don’t mean to forget things, but somehow they just never seem to stick, and you end up apologizing for missing you anniversary –again. It’s probably a good idea to keep that address book with you all the time. Now if you could just remember where you left it. (LOL!)

2. hairspray or mousse

Appearances are all-important to you. The attention to detail means you always look great and ready to take on the world, but sometimes you take things too far. Remember, a bad hair day is not a valid excuse for calling in sick.

3. a lucky charm
You’re a firm believer in your own bad luck. The other lines at the tollbooths are always moving faster, your toast always lands jelly side down. Things never seem to go your way, and you’ve noticed. How couldn’t you? It’s not to say you’re superstitious, but you do feel a little more comfortable with your personal good luck charm, whether it’s a four-leaf clover, St. Anthony’s medal, or a pair of old socks you’ve grown attached to.

4. candy or gum
You’re worried about controlling your diet. Eating a pint of cookies ‘n cream the day after starting a new diet, opening the door of the fridge every time you go past, “just to check” – your appetite fills your mind more than it does your stomach. Keeping some mints or a candy bar makes you feel safe. No matter what happen over the course of the day, at least you know you wont starve to death.

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