Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Survey #5: The Conditional Survey

1. what is your name? (must not contain: a, c, g, h, s, j, u, r, n):
>>> kid

2. what time is it? (you CANNOT use numbers):
>>>am snack time!

3. what school or job do you go to? (you CANNOT use proper nouns):
>>>none (of your business hehehe)

4. how are you feeling right now? (must contain at least 6 letters)
>>>a little frustrated

5. how old are you? (cannot be in terms of years):
>>>9125 days

1. where's the perfect vacation place? (cannot be in the philippines)

2. favorite musical artist? (must be outdated):
>>>Siam Shade

3. favorite book? (must contain at least 400 pages):
>>>Kafka on the Shore

4. favorite junkfood? (must come in at least 3 flavors)

5. favorite spice (you must also state at least 3 food/drink items in which the spice is used): >>>Cinnamon: coffee, cinnamon bread / cake,

6. favorite country? (you must be able to name the capital and a natural landmark)
>>>Japan, Tokyo, Mt. Fuji

7. favorite food? (must be filipino food)
>>>sinigang na sugpo

8. one of your favorite movies? (you must also state one of the characters of the movie and a memorable line they said)
>>>Card Captor Sakura Movie 2, Sakura Kinimoto, Watashi no ichiban wa Shaoran-kun da yo (my number one person is Shaoran)

9. state another memorable line from that movie..
>>>her answer… it’s not necessary

10. last movie you saw?
>>>Wings of Honneamise

11. favorite holiday? (must be celebrated by all)
>>>New year

1. who is/are your best friend[s]? (must be the full name[s]):
>>>si momonja na lang

2. who is a celebrity you wish to be your friend? (you must state the month and day of his/her birthday)
>>>Mokona Apapa, June 16, 1968

3. name a person who irritates you (you should state the full name)
>>>it doesn’t matter

4. adjective most used to describe YOU (must not contain the letters: j, v, g, z, k, x, q, o, p)

5. phrase you use often (this must be an original phrase and not copied from a movie, book, or another person):
>>>Eh eh eh eh eh!

6. phrase you hear often (must have been said by a relative):
>>>”anime na naman?!”

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