Friday, July 04, 2008


Sleeping is a necessity for every living creature. It’s a time to recharge our exhausted body. But for me, sleeping is something to look forward to. A start of another adventure. A new world that may sometimes be better than what I have when I’m awake – through dreams.

“if it’s my lucky night I’d dream of you”

I’ve always felt that my sleep is wasted if I don’t dream of something wonderful or interesting. Sure having no dream is better than having nightmare, but not dreaming at all is just like being dead for a certain time. I don’t want that. I want to use every bit of my time to have fun.

Dreaming is like watching an anime or reading a manga. You get to see a fictional story from different genres: romance, adventure, suspense, horror, etc. But in my dreams, I get the chance to be the lead character (most of time). I get to experience so many things that I know I can never do in wakeful times. I fly, I travel in time, I pin down a nemesis in a flick of my finger, I do magic, I meet celebrities and even anime characters.

Of course there are times when my dreams can be really weird. There was a time when I dreamed that I killed Arnold Swachnegr using a lethal injection. I had a birthday party where every food prepared was chicken – fried chicken, stewed chicken, chicken pastel, lechon manok, etc. I attended a Soujiro Seta cosplay shoot and met different kinds of Soujiro – fat Soujiro, Tall and thin Soujiro, sleepy Soujiro, smiley soujiro, punk soujiro… My 1/100 Mastergrade Strike Rogue gundam is alive and is stalking me! A random face at my college school married Aga Mulach and asked me to be a godmother of their child. Weird, weird stuff that made me wonder, what was that all about?

There are also dreams that made me want to stay sleeping forever… these are scenes from the past which I never wanted to let go. Things that could have been, if only…

But there are some dreams that I couldn’t get enough of only for a certain time. Something that makes me want to sleep more UNTIL I see the end of it. My only regret is that I don’t have a writer’s talent to describe in details these wonderful dreams I had, but in anyway I wanted to share them with my readers.

Here’s something that I dreamed of a year ago and until now, I still wish for a sequel hehehe.

A Wish to Change the Future

It was the near future and the technology advanced a great deal. Ren and I run an unusual business. We have a “wish-granting” agency wherein our clients ask us to change their current state by fixing the mess they did in the past. How do we do it? We travel back to the past, bump into our clients’ lives, and make sure that they won’t do the mess they did that led them to their unwanted future. We travel the past by going to a “time terminal” wherein riding buses with “year” (i.e. 1999, 2000) signboards is the means to turn back time. It’s exactly like commuting in EDSA. But not everyone can ride in a time bus. You need a license to do so.

One ordinary day at our office, we had a not so usual client. It was my brother Richard. His marriage with May did not push through because he had done something that broke off the engagement and he’s asking us to interfere the past and make the wedding push through. I sighed at Ren because this is another “thank you” job since it’s my brother. But we went off anyway. We rode the bus with a signboard 2007.

And then I woke up. Ugh!

Reality check: Richrad and May’s wedding did push through last January and the newest member of Madarang clan is 5 months on the way. It’s a good thing that my dreams has really nothing to do with the future or I’d really freak out.

One funny thing about that dream was, Ren and I wore that traditional detective costume. When I told Ren about this dream, he laughed but he never commented. I want more of this dream but I want an interesting client. Someone like…-sigh-

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