Friday, August 26, 2005


I finally got a Naruto headgear! I redeemed it from Quantum SM Manila, for 300 tickets! Yeah, I am now a… uhm… genin hehehe… honestly, I know so little of Naruto. I’ve only seen the first 7 episodes and read the pilot manga *sigh* I know this series is really hot among anime fans and I liked it but I just don’t have the time to watch it. Anyways, the headgear is really cool. I wear it in the office every night ever since I got it and my boss and colleagues here really find me weird… well they should get used with me doing weird stuff like this hehehe.
I feel sad, I miss Killua-chan sooooo much! All this time it’s still you... if you only knew what i'm going through...
Anyways, on a happier side, I’m gong to the L`arc~en~ciel Phis. Fans club launching this Sunday and I’m excited to see my friends--Aish and Chris again. I miss them so much! It's been a while that we haven't hang out together.Well I shouldn’t get too excited, I have to constantly remind myself that I have too many requirements in school to complete! Anyway, I’ll make sure I’ll complete them all! Gambarimasu!

Okay, okay i know i GAINED weight... don't remind me... it gets more depressing =`(... but that won't be for long because I had finally decided a character to cosplay... so now i'm motivated to control my apetite! Yay! This cosplay plan should push through or I'll be force to treat Yoji to Teriyaki Boi and order that "limited edition" Kobe beef >.<

Today is my eldest brother's birthday -- Richard! Happy birthday bro! *muah*

till next time, ja ne! (",x)

Sunday, August 14, 2005

in the rain

It’s has been rainy for almost a week now… I’m inspired or rather sentimental during these moments. Rain reminds me of so many things. I had a lot of good memories with the rain that I’d rather not tell for I might get too emotional. But during these rainy days… I miss Soujiro! Yes! My Archetype in the anime/mangalandia hehehe. Anyway, it’s a common knowledge that Kenshin is my ultimate favorite character, but Soujiro was actually my first love in RK. I got hooked to RK because of Soujiro. And his persona reflects so much of me! Anyway, I’m at work and I’m really feeling tired. I got home 3:30 am already and I woke up at 8am, so I came late (again) in the office. We finished the band performances, I drank 1½ bottle of Vodka… (*-*)

I ran out of basic supplies so I had to go to supermarket after my work *sigh* I want to go home and sleep sleep sleep!

Anyways, just want to share something i wrote for Soujiro (and me).... the first line is owned by Nobuhiro Watsuki ^-^x

Fake Smile

In the rain I smiled, but I was really crying
In the crowd I laughed, but I was really hurting
In the night I’m warm, but I was really chilling
In the light I see, but I was really seeking
In the deal I gained, but I was really loosing
In the game I won, but I was only cheating
In the sky I fly, but I’m actually falling
In the work I’m at ease, but I’m always cramming
In my world you are real, but I’m only dreaming
In the battle I survived, but how I wish I’d be dying

Saturday, August 13, 2005

hitori desu...

it's friday night... i'm all alone in the office, my colleagues have all left. I'm still here because i'm waiting for my nurse supervisor friend. We're going to Bed Rock, a live band bar. In a few minutes we're goin... I'm quite bored so i decided to download some yaoi doujinshi manga scans hehehe. Bad kid! most of the scanlations i got are Tenipuri... it's really hard to get the story since i've never seen the series. Heck, i'm after the **** stuff anyway hehehe....

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Events update

Woah, it’s been a while eh? Ah got some good news! Tons of events coming! Yay!On August 28 will be the Launching of L`arc~en~ciel Philippines Fans Club at Crisanta Towers! Then August 31 to September 4 will be the International Book Fair at the World Trade Center. I’ve never attended a single book fair in my whole damn life! And this time I oblige myself to attend, there are so many titles that I’m looking so… September 4-September 21 will be the Eiga Sai 2005! Now this I must not miss! And for comics fans out there, Komikon will be on October 22 at UP Bahay Ng Alumni. Of course do not forget the UPAME ‘kAME Ulit” Anime Fair at UP Bahay Ng Alumni (again) on November 26. But, uhm, I still couldn’t think of any character to cosplay *sigh* I might pass on this year… besides, I can’t control my appetite, my skin is tanning and I must admit that my bishie-ness is deteriorating (refer to my pic) *sob*….
Anyway, it’s been a really busy week for me. Random events happened, good and bad. In the office, I feel happy that I get to talk for a longer period of time to my former boss, it’s been really a while since we talked… I really like her, she’s like a second mother to me now. And we’re having an Internal Quality Audit till Friday, so very department is really busy. In school, somehow, I could feel that I’m starting to improve my drawing skills, I just hope I’m right… Tomorrow, we’ll be skipping our Typography class for Materials and Technique. Geez, imagine my professor admitted that Typography is not very important, tsk tsk… teachers aren’t suppose to be like that… i'd lik to tell more but i'm on a hurry...

Friday, August 05, 2005

Geez, it’s been a while… well I still find it amazing that I still manage to update my journal. Last August 1 was the last day of sale at Feata Bookstore. I had to benefit from that sale! After all, I pledge to complete the whole set of Ruroken Manga. I bought volume 11, 12, & 13. Yay! 9 tankoubons to go! Ueshii ne! Speaking of manga, I really felt lucky to find English versions of Revolutionary Girl Utena and Ranma ½ at Book Sale! My tip for hungry otakus (and book lovers) out there, search the Book Sale store meticulously, you’ll never know what you’re gonna get. It’s worth a try. Ah, and I was able to buy a book on Tangram, a Chinese Puzzle game. I have a tangram that glows in the dark! And I’m so happy I could play it again. I ad already solved all the shapes in handbook that accompanies the Tangram itself a looooonggg time ago hehehe. Uh, trivia about me, aside from anime videos, manga and toys, I also collected “glow in the dark” stuffs… but I stopped ever since I got hooked to anime hehehe. Anyway, going back, Tangram is fun (at least for me). Waahhh… so many plates to pass…