Thursday, August 11, 2005

Events update

Woah, it’s been a while eh? Ah got some good news! Tons of events coming! Yay!On August 28 will be the Launching of L`arc~en~ciel Philippines Fans Club at Crisanta Towers! Then August 31 to September 4 will be the International Book Fair at the World Trade Center. I’ve never attended a single book fair in my whole damn life! And this time I oblige myself to attend, there are so many titles that I’m looking so… September 4-September 21 will be the Eiga Sai 2005! Now this I must not miss! And for comics fans out there, Komikon will be on October 22 at UP Bahay Ng Alumni. Of course do not forget the UPAME ‘kAME Ulit” Anime Fair at UP Bahay Ng Alumni (again) on November 26. But, uhm, I still couldn’t think of any character to cosplay *sigh* I might pass on this year… besides, I can’t control my appetite, my skin is tanning and I must admit that my bishie-ness is deteriorating (refer to my pic) *sob*….
Anyway, it’s been a really busy week for me. Random events happened, good and bad. In the office, I feel happy that I get to talk for a longer period of time to my former boss, it’s been really a while since we talked… I really like her, she’s like a second mother to me now. And we’re having an Internal Quality Audit till Friday, so very department is really busy. In school, somehow, I could feel that I’m starting to improve my drawing skills, I just hope I’m right… Tomorrow, we’ll be skipping our Typography class for Materials and Technique. Geez, imagine my professor admitted that Typography is not very important, tsk tsk… teachers aren’t suppose to be like that… i'd lik to tell more but i'm on a hurry...

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