Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Gacha Vending Machines (sequel to Pokemon Gashapon Vending machine)

Whenever I go to the mall, it has become a must for me to check the Gashapon Vendors to check if there are other series of mini-vending machines. Of course I found some, and to date, I have 5 representatives from different series! I got Pokemon, Nobita from Doraemon, Minnie Mouse, Winnie the Pooh and Emily from Thomas the Train. They are really cute and they drive me crazy LOL. Okay that’s exaggerating, but hey they are really cute. Check this out!

At first I got frustrated that I got Minnie Mouse when I wanted to get Dumbo, but I realized that the pink vending machine is cute. Plus I love strawberries!

From this series (other characters are Mickey, Genie, Cinderella, Stich), I wanted to get Genie but I got Winnie the Pooh –sigh-. Now I have nothing against Pooh-chan, it’s just that when I was in college, my classmates thought that I was a Pooh fan because I have many Pooh shirts and I wore a Pooh pajama during one of our retreats. Mind you, they were all given by my sister and cousin who happened to be the real fans. Now if my college classmates see this toy, it would confirm their theory! But this toy is really cute =)

Believe it or not, the mini-capsules also have toys inside. No they’re not super mini vending machines but it would be great if they are hahaha.

If you see other series of mini-vending machines other than what I have mentioned, pls. inform me ASAP.


Anonymous said...

actually, when i was in tokyo, i was quite crazy with their dispenser toys, I ended up have 5 different characters, I wanted minnie mouse, and i got 5 dumbos..
as well as winnie the pooh, mickey, and the koala bear.

kid said...

there is one for koala bear? seriously? I'd love to have that one... oh my mini capsule station collection have grown.. I'm gonna post them here when I got time =)

shrinkmesilly said...

Yes, I love these too!! I have now amassed quite a collection, with total sets (mainly of 5 machines in each set) including Pokemon, Disney, Jelly Belly, One Piece, Dragon Ball Z and Hello Kitty. I'd love to get hold of some tiny toys to go in the capsules, rather than the little discs with stickers on them that are included. Any ideas? By the way, I get these entire sets on ebay from as little as $6. Awesome!!! Simone :) xxxx

kid said...

shrinkmesilly, i wish i've seen your comment before, but I am just as crazy, but i'm not really after the complete each set. I do have the complete set of dragon ball and one piece, and one each from hello kitty and jelly bean. Gosh they're amazing. I wish i could find tiny toys that'll fit the mini capsule, that'll make it more realistic hehe

Anonymous said...

heyy there,

i have seen so many on youtube but i really want 1 and am having trouble finding it,

do you kno of any where that they sell them.


kidd said...

You can from Ebay :)