Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Haay, my vacation leave is over. I’m back to work. I didn’t really go anywhere (out of town) during my 2 weeks vacation except in Anilao, Batangas. I got exhausted but man, my 2 days stay at Anilao was really a blast. There were so many things that I’ve done for the first time. Cool stuffs! But first, let me acknowledge Dr. Joson’s family. They were very generous and accommodating, and just like him, they are very meek people. They are a very ideal family indeed.

Okay, on to the activities, we went snorkeling, and I find it really cool to see various kinds of fishes under the sea. It may not be as cool as scuba diving, but it’s what we could afford hehe. At least I know how it feels to be in an aquarium, very huge aquarium haha. Damn, I accidentally drank sea water, salt water that is, and the feeling really sucks! I felt a tinge of pain ran through my throat, darn I hate it. But it was just a little amount, I just hope I won’t get any GI disease. Then I also did paddling using wind surfing board. It was much more fun than swimming, I was able to get at least 1 km – 2km (I think) away from the shore, and it just felt like I’m in the middle of the sea, and I’m surrounded by mountains, and it was raining… my! What a perfect mood to get emotional… my only regret was I didn’t have any pics while doing those things, our cams are not water-proofed –sigh- well maybe next time. As expected, I’ve eaten more than I should, so I expect to gain weight again! Oh no! Then I played Two Hits and Poker with Aris and Ren, just a friendly game, our bet wouldn’t exceed P3 hehehe. Damn, I lost P20, I should’ve never played with professional gamblers hehehe. But it was really fun. At night, a power failure occurred so all of us stayed at a mini-cottage and had a chat. We were just crapping at one another hehehe, our discussion didn’t make any sense, but we had fun

Haha, I forgot to tell that June 24, 1983 is the official birthday of Azunodignis Mikaenki… it’s a world that Sherry, Sri and I created. The name itself means anime. The language is something we created for ourselves hehehe, but the name actually means “anime” and it’s birth is just a numerical combination of our birthdays. Hehehe, I just want to write it here so I won’t forget… (",x)

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