Monday, June 12, 2006

I’m home (Tanay) right now. I’ve met with my cousin this afternoon to handover something. I was surprised to see how tall Matt was. Well, I learned that he was circumcised this summer haha.

Yesterday, I went to Mall of Asia again, with Sherry (again) but this time I tagged along Mike. Hmmm, we played at Power Station (again), and we ate at Wendy’s. After eating, we reminisce about the old days. Our ‘crappy’ college days haha… and much of time we were laughing with our past. But it’s really amazing how we could laugh out loud like that just looking back. And I never really thought that she had been missing the old days too. Mike must’ve had an idea how fun my college life was with my buddies. Even when we got home (I stayed at Sherry’s place), we just kept on talking our crappy moments during college. I swear, a day would not be enough to tell all we’d been through. I guess we just wanted those times when depression was never a part of our vocabulary… when all we ever worry was how to obtain those anime stuffs we wanted, cramming with our studies, beating the deadline for requirements, and sometimes, dealing with nauseating people (be it professor, admin personnel or fellow students) hehe. It’s too bad that Sri wasn’t with us yesterday. Damn, that girl, always busy…

oh look at the date… two days to go and… hmmm… to greet or not to greet? -bloated-

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