Wednesday, June 14, 2006

It’s raining real hard, I just got enrolled. I only have 3 subjects – Computer 2, Arts Appreciation (again), and Nihonggo, YAY! Anyways, now that I’m not so busy, my mind is in chaos again… things will get complicated from now on… I have to expect for the worst to come… it’s something that I hate to imagine… What will I do? I’m just alone in this battle. No one can really help me now…. God… just what do you intend to do with this pathetic fool… mushrooming problem, one after another… I’m not that strong… all this time, I’ve been keeping up a strong front… a happy face… but it’s just because no one would understand… damn… I shouldn’t be getting emotional at times like this… I should remember that I have always got through different crisis before… this is no time to be thinking of giving up… but still, I don’t know… because anything that involves my family is just too much to take.

By the way, I slept at past 5AM today, reading yaoi mangas given by Sakuma, damn, it’s so overwhelming, but at the same time, blood-pumping hehehe… I also watched Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien (all 14 eps) and read Death Note (I’m already chapter 61). And Monching’s wife Wilma got back from Japan. She gave me a G Gundam 1/144 Model kit as omiyage… and Cyrus was just so hyperactive last night bragging all the Gundam kits that his mom bought for him… but he’ll be back in Cavite when his classes start, (probably today) and I’m really gonna miss him… indeed it was a long night for night for me last night….

And yeah, today is a very special day… someone so dear just turned a year older… this pathetic fool has not run out of hope… that one miraculous day would come, that you’ll understand how I feel… it doesn’t matter if you consider me a bad part of your past… but you’ll always be special to me… no matter what… I will never blame you for all this pain… I will never resent you. My words may never reach you… but someday… someday… surely… anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY –muahhugs-