Friday, July 29, 2005

Belgian Art Lecture Aftermath

Okay, i'm back from the Belgian Art Lecture... Now I remember the Lecturer was Mr. Mariano Akerman. He is an Argentinian Art Historian, Artist and Architect! Cool! Anyway, Maybe I'll post my insights about Belgian Art when I'm done with my reaction paper... What I want to share, I saw some acquaintances there --Palo, Ness, and Marge-- Members of PJWFL, FA students from UST, and I'm really greatful for Palo... She won 3rd Prize for the Belgian Arts Appreciation Essay Writing Contest! Way to go! J-fanatics, or otakus, are the coolest, most talented, and brainiest people on earth! Nyahahaha! After the lecture and awarding of winners was the cocktails! Yay! Out of sheer "show-off-ness" I drank 1 glass of red wine... because i wanted to show my classmates the prvilleges of an adult! Students were not allowed to drink wine, but since i'm 22 already... hehehe. It was bad really, and I don't really understand why got dizzy, it's only wine... and that wasn't the end of it, when i got back here in office i felt the irritating itch all over my back! Ah! good thing i always bring my anti-histamine or i'll be scratching my back all the way home, and goodluck on me if i'd be able to sleep! I also went to Robinson's Place and had the office keys duplicated. Now my colleagues can leave me alone in the office. I bought illustration board and a book entitled "The Sign of the Chrysanthemum" By katherine Patterson, yes it is a Japanese story that's why i bought it... and well, it's on sale hehehe. While browsing the Young adult fiction section (heck, i've been looking for a book to give to a certain kid who celebrated her b-day more than a month ago!) I was surprised to see that National Bookstore now sells English-translated manga. I saw an opened manga of XXXholic vol.4! As i can remember, I stopped reading the manga scans at vol.2, where characters of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles first interfaced XXXholic... but anyway, i read the opened manga (this is an opportunity!) and i was surprised to see a new Character --Domeki-- and I'm happy to report that i see a yaoi angle on him and Watanuki hehehe... Generally this is a great day, minus the fact that i failed to pass a plate in Typography... and I didn't see Mr. Fajardo... and... shame on Kid! Standing on NBS reading a manga--and laughing all by yourself-- for more than an hour and only buying items not more than P40! Hey! At least I bought something hehehe *Kid hop--craving for more XXXholic--* ^-^x

on a hurry!

Waah!!! It's been so long!!! i'm on leave! Yeah! I realy needed that. This'll be very fast, i will be attending a lecture in the National Museum about Belgian Art today. I forgot the name of the lecturer but he is an Argentinian Historian... Tomorrow will be my prelims in Freehand Drawing! Toxic! But it's Freehand Drawing and that means I'm going to see Mr. Fajardo again! Yay! Okay got to go now... My boss is reprimanding me already hehehe...

Monday, July 25, 2005

Hmmm, my stay at my friend's place last night gave me an idea what to draw for my Midterm in Materials and Technique *grin*... Today i'm in another friend's place (i'm a nomad hehehe). We watched Tsubasa Chronicles episode 5-6 *yawn* it turned out that I am not in the mood to watch... i feel so sleepy... I slept past 1:00 in the morning and i had to wake up at 6am for my NSTP. Still i got in late *sigh*. Anyway, now that i remember, another thing that made me disappointed with Tsubasa Chronicles was the dubbing. I was really expecting the characters will have the same set of seiyuu in their previous series... Sakura doesn't sound genki anymore...

Tomorrow i'll be going in "Parallel Stories" gallery in Megamall and Avellaneda Gallery in Manila. Just when i thought i could get a rest....

Sunday, July 24, 2005

So July 25 (Monday) was declared as a special non-working holiday. Honestly, I am partly happy, because finally I’ll have a whole day break. However, I still can’t help feeling a little irritated. For one thing, I really hate to miss “History of Arts” and “Anatomy”. Besides, this declaration of special holiday, to avoid any street demonstration because the President will address the state of the nation (SONA), is very illogical! Heck, if people can conduct rally on busy days, what more on holidays?! There must be a hidden agenda behind this declaration. Hah, I hate bothering myself with such issues but I’m affected because I’m an eager student. Anyway, as I’ve said, I’m partially happy so I should partially thank MalacaƱang because I’ll have a time for myself. I’m planning of going to Sherry’s place to watch my videos…

Waaii! It’s been so loooongg!!!! I finally got to play “House of the Dead II”… I didn’t eat lunch just so I could play hehehe. Anyway, tomorrow after my NSTP class, I’ll go to my friend’s place to watch my videos. Yay! I’m so excited, I’ll finally see the succeeding episodes of Tsubasa Chronicles! Yay! ^-^x

Friday, July 22, 2005

mixed emotions

This morning i was really pissed! I didn't get to finish my palte in Typography last night because i left my ruler in the office. So i had to buy a new one. But it was really late already so i decided to finish it this morning. I wake up so early to finish it. I went to a store with five stupid saleslady! Pardon for the word but i was really pissed because they are so slow and couldn't get what i was asking. I wasted 20 mins. in that damn store! I swear i'll never buy there again. Anyway i finished my plate in Starbucks, and there's this annoying foreigner who shared my seat (i was on the couch). Damn, i just couldn't tell her that she's braeking my concentration. I arrived 2 HOURS late in the school! Good thing that it wasn't my turn yet to present my plate. Whew! saved by the bell hehehe.

My good day started in school. My professor in Freehand drawing talked to me after my class, hehehe. He's Mr. Romer Fajardo, a cute and multi-awarded artist... he inquired if i could get his nurse cousin "in"MDH. I told him just give me the CV and i'll forward it to HR hehehe... We talked random things, our activities in our class, about his student who stopped because of financial problems... for only 30 mins! heck i didn't care if i'd be late in the office... Anyway, he's one of the reasons why i should stay in that university! Tomorrow is my Freehand Drawing class, I can't wait! Yay!

but right now, i'm sick. I had a cold since this morning... and it developed to slight fever this afternoon. I already took medicine and i'm feeling a little fine but i'm still having a headache and this cold is really pissing me off! Hahaha, and i still manage to update my blog! Oops, my boss is coming, i gotta go now...

Thursday, July 21, 2005

It’s a cloudy day! I wish it’s always like this so I don’t have to ride PUVs on my way to office from school. I love walking. When I walk, I tend to be more observant on the things around me. I get to see the scenes on the streets, longer than I would if I’m on a moving vehicle. I get to burn those unnecessary calories (yay!). And most important of all, I get to save money!
Anyway, I’m really loaded with assignments. Tonight I’ll have to finish 2 plates for Typography. Last night I did a portrait of myself using watercolor. I suck… but wash technique is fun! I have decided! I want to specialize in watercolor!
Change topic, waaah, I’m full. I just ate some chips and my tummy is screaming out of my pants! This is bad, I’m not inspired to cosplay any character as of the moment, thus, keeping me demotivated to control my appetite. The latest anime I’ve seen so far is Tsubasa Chronicles.. I’ve only seen episode 1-4… honestly, I feel a little frustrated. It didn’t justify the manga as I expected. Maybe in the later episodes… it’s still a good thing that it was animated… seeing various characters of CLAMP from various series, pooled together with different character in a whole new different environment being animated. Their trademark characters are still prevalent. Sorata and Arashi for example, though the setting is different, the way their bonding was portrayed is exactly the same as how it was portrayed in X. Touya’s feelings toward Sahaoran ididn’t change either. I’m hoping that the Nokoru, Akira and Suoh would appear in anime too. In X, they appeared from time to time in the manga but not in anime. How frustrating… Anyway, I’m going too far, going back to my appetite, I’m really having a hard time to control it… Especially when I see a Nacho King stand in a mall, I just can’t resist it. Waahhhh!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


waah! the pics i took yesterday in Baywalk Manila didn't turn out good... actually, there were some good images, the problem was the quality... it's my fault, because when i took the pics, i forgot to set the ASA to 100... anyway, all the pics i took, i'll just put in my "memoirs of Kid" collection hahaha! Anyway, i had a graet time yesterday... Photography is fun! I'll set another photo shoot on my next freetime. Yay!

Another frustration, i was not able to do my assignment in History of Arts.... 5 examples of Origami! Considering that it is a Japanese Art! Shame on me! Unforgivable! I got carried away with photography...

One more frustration, July 11-17, "Cinemalaya" was held at CCP... It's a Philippine indie films fest... But i only knew yesterday also, and the tickets for films I wnated to see were sold out!
Great.... I find indie films more interesting than those being commercially released...

and on top of it all, i am laden of plates to pass... waah... got to work, got to work!

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Just this afternoon I almost lost P50. Whew, good thing I found it on the floor. It probably dropped from my pocket accidentally...

I’m feeling groggy… I rarely have enough sleep nowadays. Earliest would be 11pm and get up at 6am… but I always arrive late in school because I’m very slow fixing myself. Just to give you an idea, my cellphone alarms at 6am, after waking due to annoying sound, I snooze for no more than 20 minutes. 6:20, I start stretching, smelling my pillow and rubbing my security blanket against my nose, yes I still have that security blanket… it’s not actually blanket, but shorts. I love its texture and I got used sleeping with it. Then I start pondering about a lot of things, like what are my pending jobs in the office, what we would be doing in school, how are my family, friends, etc.. I daydream a little… then I start preparing my uniform, my undergarments, toiletries stuffs, etc. then off to bathroom where I spend almost an hour! And before I knew it, it’s almost 8am and I start cramming wearing my clothes… I don’t eat breakfast anymore but I cannot understand why I’m still gaining weight. It’s not fair! My biggest worry, as far as my physical feature is concerned, is my weight.

By the way, this morning, in my Freehand Drawing I class, we were asked to illustrate a set of kitchen stuffs (takure, steel glass, canned goods, etc.) the model was about 1.5 meters away from me, but couldn’t see it clearly, I had to borrow my classmate’s eyeglasses. *sigh* it can’t be helped… my eyes started getting nearsighted when I worked, because I stayed at the front of my PC most of the time. Now I can never get it back, my perfect vision =’(. Anyway, I’ll try to get my own eyeglasses on the next payday *sigh* I’ll have to set aside my “anime wish list” again… anyway, ever wonder how I look like with megane on? check my previous post ^-^x

My thought for the day --- I spend 3 things in life –money, time and effort, out of this three, it is TIME that I can never get back, so I’ll make the most of it!

Friday, July 15, 2005


Tibs! Does anyone from my generation remember this expression? This afternoon, a colleague suddenly blurted "TIBS" when a 25 cents accidentally dropped from the table. Yes, it was an expression that was popular when I was a kid, it was used to declare when you accidentally found money on the ground. At least as far as my understanding goes, that’s it. At the moment I heard it, I was feeling nostalgic again... Ah, remembering the good 'ol times! Unfortunately, I do not know the etymology of the word hehehe.

I already got the professional camera from ma’am Ruth. I decided that I won’t attend the NSTP this Sunday to go to Luneta and Eatwood to take pictures. Though my Photography subject will be on my 3rd year, I'm inspired to practice! I just wish it’s feasible for me to take pictures of my favorite subject –me! Hehehe! Narcissistic mode on!

Anyway, change topic. I just want to share... Every time I would drop by at the HR office either to time-in, ask for some food, or simply just to crap with, I couldn’t help feeling sad. I miss being part of their family. Well, they still consider me as part of them, but, it’s different when I get to go home with them, eat with them, work with them… How I miss the stories of Ma’am Glenda… I miss all of them, were just a few rooms away, but it feels like we’re worlds apart. Eeew corny! But that’s how I really feel right now...

By the way, last night, my colleagues and I went to a KTV bar last night, the name of the place is Providence, it's near DLSU-Taft. It was really late, but i can tell that majority of the customers were students! Ah bad kids! Waah! I miss Music21! It's the only KTV bar i know that has a large selection of Japanese songs... and i still miss playing 'house of the dead 2' ='(

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


it's been weeks already since i've been to arcade. I miss "house of the dead 2" and percussion freaks! I feel deprived! Schooling and work at the same time deprived me from my other activities I also feel outdated. I can't join in the discussions of my classmates talking about Naruto, One Piece, Shaman King etc... You see i don't get to watch these new anime being aired in local and cable TV anymore! *sigh* the price i had to pay... But i heard that Fullmetal Alchemist will be aired in GMA7. Geez, It's a good thing that i won't be able to watch it, because if I do, I might explode complaining with the dubbing and editing. I assume they'd be cutting some major issues in the stories, like issues involving religion, considering how conservative Filipinos are.

ah, I was late (again) in school this morning, since i started tudying again i never had enough sleep. Plus, we had a quiz in Graphic Arts I! I got zero! When I arrived, they were already at item no. 8. The quiz is 1-15, about contemporary Filipino Printmakers. What a good start for the day ne!

i read an article in "Business World" newspaper, that a Japanese publication will hold a national exam for Japanese geeks (otaku) on August 5! It was also posted in one of the ML that i membered in. Cool! I hope there's also something like this here. I want to take that test!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Haay. I just bid goodbye to my blonde hair! I'm depressed! It's not fair! I'm forced to dye it back to black just because of those stupid policies! Anyway, as I promised, I’m posting my blonde pics here including Seguchi Tohma Cosplay. Comments are welcome.

Anyway moving on to more interesting topics… I have an announcement to make… Friends, I hope you’ll understand why I’ve been quiet about this… I have personal reasons. It’s been 1 month already… I enrolled this semester for this school year. Bachelor of Fine Arts major in Advertising at the Technological University of the Phils. A few streets away from my workplace. It’s the reason why I have to dye my hair back to black, yep, even FA students are not exempted from school policies! It’s also the reason why I got transferred from HR Division to QM Office. My class schedule-- Monday 8am-3pm, Tuesday-Friday 8am-11am. While 12nn-8pm Tuesday-Friday, Saturday 8am-5pm is my work! Ah not to mention my Sunday 8am-12nn for the F*cking NSTP! So, you now have an idea how busy I am (and will be)… Now I don’t get to go home in our province every weekend… oh how I miss my parents and my siblings… my bed… my anime collection T_T…. But I have to say, I’m enjoying this busy (and stressful) life. How I truly missed the cramming days when I was in college, oh yeah, I’m a college student again hahaha. But let me remind that I graduated already; this is my second course. My classmates find me cool for this! But they are much cooler because they are damn good in drawing! And they’re only 16 yrs. old! My professor in History of Arts even commented that our batch is the finest she ever handled.

Why Fine Arts? Because I love manga, anime, and I’m really interested in sculpture. I want to be a comic artist and animator. Our department head mentioned that most alumni of TUP have specialized in animation. And another 4 years of formal education is another step to my dream of going to Japan…

Anyway, I actually have a lot of stories to tell everyday, both from school and office. It’s just that I don’t have enough time to surf the net and post updates… I will really try to maximize this blogger as much as I could… I’m reading your comments and I really appreciate them, it may take time before I reply though. Pls. bear with me.

So for now, enjoy my blonde pics! *sigh--back to my depression*.

seguchi tohma pics

random blonde pics part 2

random blonde pics

Thursday, July 07, 2005

an open letter

A few days ago, I finally got to patch some misunderstanding and uneasiness with a dear friend of mine. We talked, opened up our points of views and eventually we’re slowly restoring our bond. How happy I was that time. There are more problems that are burdening me but getting someone important back is a very big relief. It also made me realize of my frailties as a friend. I admit that I’m not a very good friend. At most I would appear very insensitive with other’s feelings. A couple of weeks ago, I had another friend who had a slight resentment on me because it appeared that I didn’t give importance on her, that I made her feel left out… We’re ok now too. My dear friends, for all the rudeness I have shown, for all my insensitivities, I offer my most profound apology. I want to keep you all for the longest time possible that I would be living. Pls. help me be a good friend to all of you without making me “not me”. We all have our differences, but with true friends around, those differences don’t bear a thing.

Monday, July 04, 2005

My Toycon update

Ok as promised, what happened to me during the Toycon... Nothing much actually. I didn’t even get to ramp on the stage. But I don’t really feel bad about it. You see, I was informed by one of the Con marshals that the catwalk would start at 6pm. So I anticipated that it would start at the said time. By 4pm, the cosplayers were already instructed to gather and get ready for the catwalk. I was separated from my friends because I was in the individual category. During the formation, I got really bored and I realized that I haven’t roam around the venue to check the stuffs. And so I went away from the formation to look around and bought some stuffs. So after shopping, I went down to the Department store to leave my stuffs there since I’m faraway from my friends to ask them to hold my things. Heck! I can't come up in the stage carrying something! That was 5:30 pm. When I got back to the venue, the cosplayers were gone from the formation area. When I saw the marshal, she asked me what no. am I, so I said no.10, and she gave me an sarcastic answer that they were looking for me for so long, she told me to catch up in the first batch of cosplayers, but it was too late. So there, I wasn’t able to ramp. But it’s really no big deal. Besides, I wasn’t prepared on what to do in the stage either, so it wasn’t really a big thing. The important thing is, that time, Seguchi Tohma was made flesh! And dwelt among us... hehehehe.... okay i feel the breeze is getting stronger hahaha.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

here's something for all of you, this was taken ages ago though... I like effect of the blue Pepsi in it's bottle.


Yay! I finally get to post here! I had my blogspot account ages ago, but because i'm soooo busy and still "innocent" on how to manipulate this thing, blah blah blah... Anyway, this is supposed an online journal, so i'll get on with what happened to me this day, rather recently, this past few days.

You see I had my hair dyed (blonde) last week for my Seguchi Tohma cosplay... Ah.. I'm not in the mood to talk about it, i'm sooo tired. Maybe sometime...

Pls. take your time in browsing my blog, comments are welcome, positive or negative. I'll try to post and update it as much as I could.

I'll post my blonde pics soon hehehe...