Friday, July 15, 2005


Tibs! Does anyone from my generation remember this expression? This afternoon, a colleague suddenly blurted "TIBS" when a 25 cents accidentally dropped from the table. Yes, it was an expression that was popular when I was a kid, it was used to declare when you accidentally found money on the ground. At least as far as my understanding goes, that’s it. At the moment I heard it, I was feeling nostalgic again... Ah, remembering the good 'ol times! Unfortunately, I do not know the etymology of the word hehehe.

I already got the professional camera from ma’am Ruth. I decided that I won’t attend the NSTP this Sunday to go to Luneta and Eatwood to take pictures. Though my Photography subject will be on my 3rd year, I'm inspired to practice! I just wish it’s feasible for me to take pictures of my favorite subject –me! Hehehe! Narcissistic mode on!

Anyway, change topic. I just want to share... Every time I would drop by at the HR office either to time-in, ask for some food, or simply just to crap with, I couldn’t help feeling sad. I miss being part of their family. Well, they still consider me as part of them, but, it’s different when I get to go home with them, eat with them, work with them… How I miss the stories of Ma’am Glenda… I miss all of them, were just a few rooms away, but it feels like we’re worlds apart. Eeew corny! But that’s how I really feel right now...

By the way, last night, my colleagues and I went to a KTV bar last night, the name of the place is Providence, it's near DLSU-Taft. It was really late, but i can tell that majority of the customers were students! Ah bad kids! Waah! I miss Music21! It's the only KTV bar i know that has a large selection of Japanese songs... and i still miss playing 'house of the dead 2' ='(

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