Thursday, July 21, 2005

It’s a cloudy day! I wish it’s always like this so I don’t have to ride PUVs on my way to office from school. I love walking. When I walk, I tend to be more observant on the things around me. I get to see the scenes on the streets, longer than I would if I’m on a moving vehicle. I get to burn those unnecessary calories (yay!). And most important of all, I get to save money!
Anyway, I’m really loaded with assignments. Tonight I’ll have to finish 2 plates for Typography. Last night I did a portrait of myself using watercolor. I suck… but wash technique is fun! I have decided! I want to specialize in watercolor!
Change topic, waaah, I’m full. I just ate some chips and my tummy is screaming out of my pants! This is bad, I’m not inspired to cosplay any character as of the moment, thus, keeping me demotivated to control my appetite. The latest anime I’ve seen so far is Tsubasa Chronicles.. I’ve only seen episode 1-4… honestly, I feel a little frustrated. It didn’t justify the manga as I expected. Maybe in the later episodes… it’s still a good thing that it was animated… seeing various characters of CLAMP from various series, pooled together with different character in a whole new different environment being animated. Their trademark characters are still prevalent. Sorata and Arashi for example, though the setting is different, the way their bonding was portrayed is exactly the same as how it was portrayed in X. Touya’s feelings toward Sahaoran ididn’t change either. I’m hoping that the Nokoru, Akira and Suoh would appear in anime too. In X, they appeared from time to time in the manga but not in anime. How frustrating… Anyway, I’m going too far, going back to my appetite, I’m really having a hard time to control it… Especially when I see a Nacho King stand in a mall, I just can’t resist it. Waahhhh!

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