Monday, July 04, 2005

My Toycon update

Ok as promised, what happened to me during the Toycon... Nothing much actually. I didn’t even get to ramp on the stage. But I don’t really feel bad about it. You see, I was informed by one of the Con marshals that the catwalk would start at 6pm. So I anticipated that it would start at the said time. By 4pm, the cosplayers were already instructed to gather and get ready for the catwalk. I was separated from my friends because I was in the individual category. During the formation, I got really bored and I realized that I haven’t roam around the venue to check the stuffs. And so I went away from the formation to look around and bought some stuffs. So after shopping, I went down to the Department store to leave my stuffs there since I’m faraway from my friends to ask them to hold my things. Heck! I can't come up in the stage carrying something! That was 5:30 pm. When I got back to the venue, the cosplayers were gone from the formation area. When I saw the marshal, she asked me what no. am I, so I said no.10, and she gave me an sarcastic answer that they were looking for me for so long, she told me to catch up in the first batch of cosplayers, but it was too late. So there, I wasn’t able to ramp. But it’s really no big deal. Besides, I wasn’t prepared on what to do in the stage either, so it wasn’t really a big thing. The important thing is, that time, Seguchi Tohma was made flesh! And dwelt among us... hehehehe.... okay i feel the breeze is getting stronger hahaha.