Wednesday, July 13, 2005


it's been weeks already since i've been to arcade. I miss "house of the dead 2" and percussion freaks! I feel deprived! Schooling and work at the same time deprived me from my other activities I also feel outdated. I can't join in the discussions of my classmates talking about Naruto, One Piece, Shaman King etc... You see i don't get to watch these new anime being aired in local and cable TV anymore! *sigh* the price i had to pay... But i heard that Fullmetal Alchemist will be aired in GMA7. Geez, It's a good thing that i won't be able to watch it, because if I do, I might explode complaining with the dubbing and editing. I assume they'd be cutting some major issues in the stories, like issues involving religion, considering how conservative Filipinos are.

ah, I was late (again) in school this morning, since i started tudying again i never had enough sleep. Plus, we had a quiz in Graphic Arts I! I got zero! When I arrived, they were already at item no. 8. The quiz is 1-15, about contemporary Filipino Printmakers. What a good start for the day ne!

i read an article in "Business World" newspaper, that a Japanese publication will hold a national exam for Japanese geeks (otaku) on August 5! It was also posted in one of the ML that i membered in. Cool! I hope there's also something like this here. I want to take that test!

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