Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Haay. I just bid goodbye to my blonde hair! I'm depressed! It's not fair! I'm forced to dye it back to black just because of those stupid policies! Anyway, as I promised, I’m posting my blonde pics here including Seguchi Tohma Cosplay. Comments are welcome.

Anyway moving on to more interesting topics… I have an announcement to make… Friends, I hope you’ll understand why I’ve been quiet about this… I have personal reasons. It’s been 1 month already… I enrolled this semester for this school year. Bachelor of Fine Arts major in Advertising at the Technological University of the Phils. A few streets away from my workplace. It’s the reason why I have to dye my hair back to black, yep, even FA students are not exempted from school policies! It’s also the reason why I got transferred from HR Division to QM Office. My class schedule-- Monday 8am-3pm, Tuesday-Friday 8am-11am. While 12nn-8pm Tuesday-Friday, Saturday 8am-5pm is my work! Ah not to mention my Sunday 8am-12nn for the F*cking NSTP! So, you now have an idea how busy I am (and will be)… Now I don’t get to go home in our province every weekend… oh how I miss my parents and my siblings… my bed… my anime collection T_T…. But I have to say, I’m enjoying this busy (and stressful) life. How I truly missed the cramming days when I was in college, oh yeah, I’m a college student again hahaha. But let me remind that I graduated already; this is my second course. My classmates find me cool for this! But they are much cooler because they are damn good in drawing! And they’re only 16 yrs. old! My professor in History of Arts even commented that our batch is the finest she ever handled.

Why Fine Arts? Because I love manga, anime, and I’m really interested in sculpture. I want to be a comic artist and animator. Our department head mentioned that most alumni of TUP have specialized in animation. And another 4 years of formal education is another step to my dream of going to Japan…

Anyway, I actually have a lot of stories to tell everyday, both from school and office. It’s just that I don’t have enough time to surf the net and post updates… I will really try to maximize this blogger as much as I could… I’m reading your comments and I really appreciate them, it may take time before I reply though. Pls. bear with me.

So for now, enjoy my blonde pics! *sigh--back to my depression*.

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