Friday, July 29, 2005

Belgian Art Lecture Aftermath

Okay, i'm back from the Belgian Art Lecture... Now I remember the Lecturer was Mr. Mariano Akerman. He is an Argentinian Art Historian, Artist and Architect! Cool! Anyway, Maybe I'll post my insights about Belgian Art when I'm done with my reaction paper... What I want to share, I saw some acquaintances there --Palo, Ness, and Marge-- Members of PJWFL, FA students from UST, and I'm really greatful for Palo... She won 3rd Prize for the Belgian Arts Appreciation Essay Writing Contest! Way to go! J-fanatics, or otakus, are the coolest, most talented, and brainiest people on earth! Nyahahaha! After the lecture and awarding of winners was the cocktails! Yay! Out of sheer "show-off-ness" I drank 1 glass of red wine... because i wanted to show my classmates the prvilleges of an adult! Students were not allowed to drink wine, but since i'm 22 already... hehehe. It was bad really, and I don't really understand why got dizzy, it's only wine... and that wasn't the end of it, when i got back here in office i felt the irritating itch all over my back! Ah! good thing i always bring my anti-histamine or i'll be scratching my back all the way home, and goodluck on me if i'd be able to sleep! I also went to Robinson's Place and had the office keys duplicated. Now my colleagues can leave me alone in the office. I bought illustration board and a book entitled "The Sign of the Chrysanthemum" By katherine Patterson, yes it is a Japanese story that's why i bought it... and well, it's on sale hehehe. While browsing the Young adult fiction section (heck, i've been looking for a book to give to a certain kid who celebrated her b-day more than a month ago!) I was surprised to see that National Bookstore now sells English-translated manga. I saw an opened manga of XXXholic vol.4! As i can remember, I stopped reading the manga scans at vol.2, where characters of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles first interfaced XXXholic... but anyway, i read the opened manga (this is an opportunity!) and i was surprised to see a new Character --Domeki-- and I'm happy to report that i see a yaoi angle on him and Watanuki hehehe... Generally this is a great day, minus the fact that i failed to pass a plate in Typography... and I didn't see Mr. Fajardo... and... shame on Kid! Standing on NBS reading a manga--and laughing all by yourself-- for more than an hour and only buying items not more than P40! Hey! At least I bought something hehehe *Kid hop--craving for more XXXholic--* ^-^x

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