Saturday, July 16, 2005

Just this afternoon I almost lost P50. Whew, good thing I found it on the floor. It probably dropped from my pocket accidentally...

I’m feeling groggy… I rarely have enough sleep nowadays. Earliest would be 11pm and get up at 6am… but I always arrive late in school because I’m very slow fixing myself. Just to give you an idea, my cellphone alarms at 6am, after waking due to annoying sound, I snooze for no more than 20 minutes. 6:20, I start stretching, smelling my pillow and rubbing my security blanket against my nose, yes I still have that security blanket… it’s not actually blanket, but shorts. I love its texture and I got used sleeping with it. Then I start pondering about a lot of things, like what are my pending jobs in the office, what we would be doing in school, how are my family, friends, etc.. I daydream a little… then I start preparing my uniform, my undergarments, toiletries stuffs, etc. then off to bathroom where I spend almost an hour! And before I knew it, it’s almost 8am and I start cramming wearing my clothes… I don’t eat breakfast anymore but I cannot understand why I’m still gaining weight. It’s not fair! My biggest worry, as far as my physical feature is concerned, is my weight.

By the way, this morning, in my Freehand Drawing I class, we were asked to illustrate a set of kitchen stuffs (takure, steel glass, canned goods, etc.) the model was about 1.5 meters away from me, but couldn’t see it clearly, I had to borrow my classmate’s eyeglasses. *sigh* it can’t be helped… my eyes started getting nearsighted when I worked, because I stayed at the front of my PC most of the time. Now I can never get it back, my perfect vision =’(. Anyway, I’ll try to get my own eyeglasses on the next payday *sigh* I’ll have to set aside my “anime wish list” again… anyway, ever wonder how I look like with megane on? check my previous post ^-^x

My thought for the day --- I spend 3 things in life –money, time and effort, out of this three, it is TIME that I can never get back, so I’ll make the most of it!

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Maui said...

DYU! You write your journal really well...Haha..Not like me...*Prods self...amateur amateur Maui...YAY! Glasses! They look good on you...^^ Really they do...Hmm...Free-hand drawing? what course are you taking exactly...And where?? O.O WOO...I'm planning to take-up Fine Arts at U.P if I pass...Dyuness!

Hope you don't loose anything again...Good thing you found the money...^^

See you soon!

Ja ne!

Take care!