Friday, September 30, 2005

Yikes! One of my office mates brought a gown! And damn they insisted on me wearing the gown. They are just so freaking curious to see me in a “girly mode”. Geez, for Pete’s sake, give the old ladies what they want. Ma’am Len took a pic of me… damn, that is sooo not me! Well, just so they could see something different from me hehehe. I wanted my friends to see me in this kind of outfit sometime too. I’ve been actually planning to cosplay a cute female character in fuku after the Tohma cosplay, but I just couldn’t think of a female character that suits my personality. I’ll have to watch more anime hehehe. So for the moment that I haven’t come up with a shoujo character to cosplay, I’ll push thru with Subaru Sumeragi plans, anyway he’s a gay heheheh… I’m starting to look for accessories already, thru friends and classmates… Haay, i still prefer my bishounen mode hehehe... well, I’ve got less than 2 months to prepare, and sem-break is nearly coming, I should be able to find time to complete my costume (hope so)… Oh by the way, I have finally seen the FFVII Advent Children! Yay! I was really stunned and blown away by the events and fighting scenes! Damn! The best CG film I’ve ever seen! My god, Cloud makes me really drool hehehe… I really felt nostalgic when the characters (Cid, Barret, Yuffie, etc) finally made an appearance! Though the pacing of events were rather fast and some details that I’d want to dig were not really brought up. Like the origins of Kadaj and such… But I’m still satisfied on how things turned out. And it felt good to see Sepiroth again hehehe… okay, I really wouldn’t want to say much about it, I don’t want to end up being a spoiler. A colleague who haven’t played the game, and has no interest on Japanese stuffs, liked the film. Yay! Anyway, bottom line is, it’s a must see for all otakus!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

bad news...

hmmm, i just read from a newsgroup (Omake Omake!) that the Japan manga sales had decreased... i'm posting the details here:

The Japanese External Trade Organization (JETRO) has published their 2005 Japanese Publishing Industry Report , a follow-up to the 2004 report. Here are some excerpts from the 2005 report.Compared to 2003, manga sales (non-magazine format) in 2004 fell 2.0% to 254.9 billion yen, while sales of manga magazines such as Shounen Jump have fallen 2.3% to 254.9 billion yen. Manga sales have declined 20% since 1994. Shonen Jump, while still the number 1 selling manga anthology in Japan, has a circulation of approximately 3 million copies a week, down from 6 million in 1995.According to Jetro's 2004 numbers manga sales now account for 37% of publications sold (number of copies sold) and 23% of sales (value of copies sold in yen).One reason cited for the decline in manga sales is the increasing number of used manga stores, manga rental shops and manga cafes. Even used copies of manga anthology magazines are available for sale on the street, for a fraction of their original price, only a few days after they are first published.In reaction to the growing manga rental market, an amendment to Japan's copyright law recently was recently made, with the addition of a "lending right." The author's (or his agent/publisher) permission is now required before lending books or magazines (including manga) to the public for profit. Jetro's report, which focuses on 2004, does not state what kind of effect this amendment, which became law on January 1st 2005, has had.Jetro also reports on International sales. The United States accounts for 35.9% of all Japanese publication exports. The Jetro report also gives the first public look at Shonen Jump USA's sales figures. With a circulation of some 350,000 copies per month, the actual sales are around 150,000 copies. This is standard for the North American publishing industry where only one third of all magazines shipped to the newsstand are sold.Taiwan is the second largest consumer of Japanese published material, accounting for 8% of exports. Japanese publishers have licensed manga in 20 to 30 foreign countries.Overall the number of publications (books and magazines) sold in Japan in 2004 fell 1.9% compared to 2003, the 9th consecutive year of decline. Despite the decrease in sales, the number of books and magazines issue in Japan increased somewhat (2.7% and 2.0%), reflecting a market demand for diversification.The number 1 selling book in Japan in 2004 was Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, followed by Crying out for Love at the Heart of the World. The movie adaptation of Crying out for Love at the Heart of the World was the number 1 movie at the Japanese box office in 2004, earning $75 million yen. Densha Otoko (Trainman), which was based off an Internet story and spawned 4 manga, a movie and a TV drama, was 17th on the Japanese best seller list for 2004.

Sources cited by the JETRO report:
All Japan Magazine and Book Publisher's and Editor's Association
Dentsu Communication InstituteMinistry of Economy, Trade and Industry(METI)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsYano Research

Source: Japan External Trade Organization
haay... weekend has gone and i still havn't watched FFVII:Advent Children and Howl's Moving Castle. I didn't notice the passage of time... of course i was busy doing my assignments. I went home last Saturday but only stayed for a very short period of time. Of course was very happy to see my parents, sisters and of course my anime collection... my videos, toys, mangas, etc... and how it felt so good to sleep in MY bed... whew, there really is no place like home. It felt bad that i had to go back to Manila so soon ='( and on top of that, i rendered duty on Sunday afternoon at the office...

My next coming home would definitely be on the coming semestral break! Weeee!!!

anyways, let's move on to upcomng events, I just want to mention, the CLAMP Northside artbook was really worth buying. I have finally came up on which of Subaru's clothes i would be using for my next cosplay. I felt sad though that my friend Aish would not push through with her cosplay... her J-stuff enthusiasm had reached it's twilight stage and she already explained it to me... i was really looking cosplayng with her and Chris... well, i wouldn't want to insist her with something she's not into anymore... Also, Chris informed me that they'll be having a fahion show tomorrow at SM San Lazaro... Geez, I wanted to see him but i have work... tsk tsk... Haay, i miss my friends...

Saturday, September 24, 2005

CLAMPish me!

Yay! I finally got the CLAMP North Side Artbook! I’m so happy! The last time I bought a manga artbook was September 16, 2002—Kaori Yuuki’s “Angel Cage”. It Mainly features Angel Sanctuary, but it also showcased other works of Kaori Yuuki such as Neji, Kaine, etc. I remember that day was also the day sherry and I discovered Comic Central Headquarters. Originally, our destination was “Anima Anime”, but then, exploring the FB Arcade was really worth it. Haay, those were the days… wah! Bottom line is, it’s been 3 years since I bought myself an artbook! Now this CLAMP “North Side” is a compilation of various works of CLAMP from 1989-2002. The book featured Clover, Magic Knight Rayearth, The Legend of Dragon Kings, The Legend of Chun Yang, CLAMP in Wonderland, etc… By the way, I bought the Tokyopop release, therefore it’s in English. Though it has been my preference to buy the Japanese version of manga and artbooks, I didn’t think twice to get the US version because I trust the faithfulness of Tokyopop to the Japanese version. In fact, they were the first (I think) manga publisher in US to adapt the right-to-left book format of manga they publish. And I’ve seen the Jap version of Northside, and I saw almost no difference. And the good thing here is I’ll get to understand the comic inserts and the interview hehehe. I am so satisfied. The Jap version went out in year 2002, while this Tokyopop release went out last January 2005. Anyways, I really can’t get over my excitement… My next prospect is that Roy Mustang figure! Next pay day definitely hehehehe….

On a more serious matter, I really miss my folks at home, tomorrow I’ll go home. I haven’t told my boss that I plan not to come to work tomorrow… I know she’ll understand when I tell her, she’s kind hearted anyway. Actually, I really have no plan of coming home, but then my conscience is killing me. A relative died… The sister-in-law of my grandmother (who also passed away last April) *may their souls rest in peace* and I feel guilty if I can’t even pay a visit. But what really triggered me is that I really missed my folks. Just a while ago, when my mom was asking (thru text) me to come home, that she misses me so much, and she’s asking me if I didn’t want to come home, I just feel the longing to be with them. There’s no place like home after all.

By the way, I also bought a mini-artbook of Vincent Van Gogh. I’m not really a fan of his paintings, but I’m interested with his life, his personality… it’s a common knowledge that Van Gogh had a Psychological disorder and that he committed suicide and I’d like to know more about him and I want to try practicing what I learned as a Psychology graduate assessing an artist through his artworks. Anyhow, Psychology and art has a strong connection but somehow, I still find it hard to see through an artist’s mind by his artworks… anyways… I’m a future artist, comic artist hehehe

Friday, September 23, 2005

Oh my god! Oh my god! I just got my DVD copy of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children!!! And I have already took a peek…. Gosh, I’m having Goosebumps just hearing the opening music!!! Nostalgic mode on!!! My memories of playing the game is coming back and how it feel so good! Gosh, Cloud is sooo handsome! I first saw its trailer more than a year ago and Lord knows I waited real hard for its the completion and release. And how long have I waited, just scanning the video makes me feel it was worth the wait… the graphics were really far more stunning than any CG animation I’ve seen… I can’t wait to see it… this weekend, I will definitely watch it and the Howl’s Moving Castle! Anyway, like I said in my previous post, my anime hype’s real up at the moment! Yeah keep ‘em comin! Oh Cloud-sama *teary eyes*

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Damn! It’s been 5 days already and no update?! Well, I’m finally done with my Finals in Materials and Technique I. Damn, my painting sucks… but at least I finally got to produce one… everything starts from the bottom. I’m proud of it in anyway. By the way, my friend Mark helped me with it and my classmate Rhea… they are really cool you know… hmm, what else?

I can’t think anymore because I’m in a hurry, I’ll be taking my ride together with my nurse supervisor friend, Ma’am Len… ahhh it’s been a while since I went home with her and her husband. Last Sunday I dropped by at Comic Odyssey and I’m determined to buy the “CLAMP Northside” Artbook… I’ve seen what's inside and I really can’t get over it… on Friday or Saturday I’ll definitely get it! It’s been 3 years since I bought an artbook… it’s not really fair…

I also saw “Fullmetal Alchemist” action figures in Robinson’s toy department, and I really liked the Roy Mustang figure! Kawaii! It’s sooo him… I must get that also, but maybe on my next payday… Yay! My anime hype’s up again hehehe….

Saturday, September 17, 2005

It’s been raining for 3 straight days already… and I’m really feeling sick *coughs* hmm.. I’m at the office right now, my boss is playing in her WM player songs of Michael V, remember those “tagalized” songs that he did… I’m rolling on my stomach hearing the “tagalized” version of “ALWAYS” by Bon Jovi hahaha… anyways, it suddenly reminded me when me and my college (MDC) buddies used to make our “own version” of various songs, mostly nursery rhymes hehehe… oh how I missed those days. I don’t have any classmate right now that I can really hang out with but I’m really trying to mingle with them so I can enjoy my social life in school as I did during my 1st course. Just the other day we were having a chit chat… a lot of them smokes… tsk tsk, so young to start vices… arghh! I hate me, I just feel my pants are getting smaller for me, it’s so hard to control my appetite! Grrr! I only have 2 months till my next cosplay! Gotta work out! I have no further updates as of now but I’ll just share this unforgettable song that my college buddies and I did (pardon for people who are reading this while eating hehehe, most of the songs we edited hehehe…

Three Pork Butts (to the tune of “Three Blind Mice”)
Three pork butts, three pork butts
Smell their stinky fart, smell their stinky fart
It spreads so fast, it kills your nose
Giving you a deadly blow
Three pork butts, three pork butts

*I miss my college days…

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Thankfully, my report in History of Arts is over…. Surprisingly my professor appraised me for my report considering I did it on the last minute, I’m not really prepared… well, the advantage of having attended the Trainer’s Training last April hehehe… ah don’t remind me of April… it’s the loneliest month for me for this year… anyways, this past 4 days, I slept for less than 4 hours a day. Work/school/anime/gimmick eats my resting time *sigh* and on top of that, I miss my folks at home… and my anime collection…

Last friday The QM office finally had it’s first TBA (Team Building Activity)! We went to Music 21, Malate Branch. It was really fun. I got to sing some Japanese songs hehehe. I also sang non-Jap songs… how they hated how I sing hehehe I hear boos all over the room. Okay, I admit I’m a lousy singer! What surprised me was my sister came accompanied by a surgeon, former resident of MDH… arghhhh, they were invited by Dr. Gene Chan… I was so deprived of my vices! Of course I can’t show my sister hehehe… I drank 2 bottles of vodka though and I kinda regret it because when I woke up the next day, I’m scratching all over my back! Grrrr! It’s that damn allergy again! I should restrain myself from drinking alcohol… but these events happen once in a blue moon so I guess it’s just okay. Besides, vodka really suits my taste among any other alcohol. Hey, update update! I just got my DVD copy of “Howl’s Moving Castle”! Waaiii! Ureshii! Though I don’t have time to watch it for now. Well, I swear when I’m done submitting my urgent plates, I lent it to my, ahem, “sensei” in Freehand Drawing and he liked it! Weee, if a non-anime fan liked it, it must be really good! Can’t wait to watch it! Hey, I just learned that Hayao Miyazaki-sama received a Golden Lion awrd by Venice Film Fest… I haven’t read the details but I’m sooo proud of him! He really is a tensai! Way to go!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

hisashiburi desu ne...

Okay, it seems nobody reads my blog anymore… should I close it now? I had little time to update it anyway… it’s been very hectic in school and work, arghhhh… should I give up one now? Naahh! Too early… For the coming days, we’ll (QM Staff) be going out. Dr. Hogar will be treating us for a gimmick on Friday night and I’m suggesting that it’ll be on Eastwood! Yay! Also, Dr. Gene Chan will be treating us in Basilica (a stand-up comedy Bar in Malate) one of these days! Yeah! So many gimmicks in the line hehehe... still I shouldn’t be so happy, I still have many requirements (LATE!) to submit and I’m desperately hoping that I won’t fail any of my subjects *crosses fingers*

By the way, I had my left ankle tattoed (hena)… I’m posting it here hehehe…. My classmate Marky did it! Notice the FMA logo hehehe, yeah!!! Also, the recent pics of me made it look like I’m loosing weight. I am NOT! I don’t know what kind of trick I accidentally did to get that effect hehehe… but I love it nyahahaha…

Last Sunday I attended the Manila International Book Fair at the World Trade. I was surprised to see a booth of the Comic Central Headquarters (CCHQ) and they are selling manga, 50% off! *sigh* I didn’t have any money that time, it feels so depressing, I wanted to get a copy of “Blade of the Imortal” where Anotsu Kagehisa was the cover (I forgot what volume it is)..

Then I went off to Shangri-La and watch Eiga Sai 2005… I only watched Yotsuya Kaidan… It’s an old hooror film… I’m not in the mood to tell what is it all about because honestly, I didn’t like it. It doesn’t seem a horror film to me… well at least I get to experience the ambience of Shang Cineplex hehehe. I still prefer the Greenbelt 3 cinema. Now, I really regret not going to Cinemanila, cinemanga category during this weekend… I was supposed to go there after watching in Shangri-la but I ran out of spare time already hehehe… grrr.. so many things to do but so little time… anybody listening?

I miss Killua =( when will the next installment of HXH out (if there is) anyway? Arghhh… I’m outdated on anime waaahhhh!!!!

By the way, I’m already at episode 7 of Tsubasa Chronicles!!! Now, I can tell, the BGM reminds me of hack.sign! yep, that humming voice… come to think of it, this ‘traveling to different dimensions’ of TRC is very RPG (PS) in nature don’t ya think? Well, I’m just voicing out my opinion… I’m hoping the 3 CLAMP school detectives would make an appearance in TRC anime… oh please don’t disappoint me….

Till next FREE time ^-^x