Saturday, September 17, 2005

It’s been raining for 3 straight days already… and I’m really feeling sick *coughs* hmm.. I’m at the office right now, my boss is playing in her WM player songs of Michael V, remember those “tagalized” songs that he did… I’m rolling on my stomach hearing the “tagalized” version of “ALWAYS” by Bon Jovi hahaha… anyways, it suddenly reminded me when me and my college (MDC) buddies used to make our “own version” of various songs, mostly nursery rhymes hehehe… oh how I missed those days. I don’t have any classmate right now that I can really hang out with but I’m really trying to mingle with them so I can enjoy my social life in school as I did during my 1st course. Just the other day we were having a chit chat… a lot of them smokes… tsk tsk, so young to start vices… arghh! I hate me, I just feel my pants are getting smaller for me, it’s so hard to control my appetite! Grrr! I only have 2 months till my next cosplay! Gotta work out! I have no further updates as of now but I’ll just share this unforgettable song that my college buddies and I did (pardon for people who are reading this while eating hehehe, most of the songs we edited hehehe…

Three Pork Butts (to the tune of “Three Blind Mice”)
Three pork butts, three pork butts
Smell their stinky fart, smell their stinky fart
It spreads so fast, it kills your nose
Giving you a deadly blow
Three pork butts, three pork butts

*I miss my college days…


Anonymous said...

Wow, nice job. You may find my xango website interesting.

Maui said...

GYA!!!Ello once again!

2 MONTHS?!?!?! Whens the next con?!?!...Hmm...I hope I could cosplay by that time...dyu...Wish me luck...Hope you get to cosplay, and once again I'm excited to see who you'll go as. Thanks for checking up on me...^^ Arigatou! ^^ Yay I have new layout!

Hope you get well soon. You don'tlook sick at all. Honest! PLease tell me when the con is so I could prepare too.^^ Thanks much! I shall now give you virtual chicken soup to get better.DYU!


See you soon!