Friday, September 23, 2005

Oh my god! Oh my god! I just got my DVD copy of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children!!! And I have already took a peek…. Gosh, I’m having Goosebumps just hearing the opening music!!! Nostalgic mode on!!! My memories of playing the game is coming back and how it feel so good! Gosh, Cloud is sooo handsome! I first saw its trailer more than a year ago and Lord knows I waited real hard for its the completion and release. And how long have I waited, just scanning the video makes me feel it was worth the wait… the graphics were really far more stunning than any CG animation I’ve seen… I can’t wait to see it… this weekend, I will definitely watch it and the Howl’s Moving Castle! Anyway, like I said in my previous post, my anime hype’s real up at the moment! Yeah keep ‘em comin! Oh Cloud-sama *teary eyes*

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