Friday, September 30, 2005

Yikes! One of my office mates brought a gown! And damn they insisted on me wearing the gown. They are just so freaking curious to see me in a “girly mode”. Geez, for Pete’s sake, give the old ladies what they want. Ma’am Len took a pic of me… damn, that is sooo not me! Well, just so they could see something different from me hehehe. I wanted my friends to see me in this kind of outfit sometime too. I’ve been actually planning to cosplay a cute female character in fuku after the Tohma cosplay, but I just couldn’t think of a female character that suits my personality. I’ll have to watch more anime hehehe. So for the moment that I haven’t come up with a shoujo character to cosplay, I’ll push thru with Subaru Sumeragi plans, anyway he’s a gay heheheh… I’m starting to look for accessories already, thru friends and classmates… Haay, i still prefer my bishounen mode hehehe... well, I’ve got less than 2 months to prepare, and sem-break is nearly coming, I should be able to find time to complete my costume (hope so)… Oh by the way, I have finally seen the FFVII Advent Children! Yay! I was really stunned and blown away by the events and fighting scenes! Damn! The best CG film I’ve ever seen! My god, Cloud makes me really drool hehehe… I really felt nostalgic when the characters (Cid, Barret, Yuffie, etc) finally made an appearance! Though the pacing of events were rather fast and some details that I’d want to dig were not really brought up. Like the origins of Kadaj and such… But I’m still satisfied on how things turned out. And it felt good to see Sepiroth again hehehe… okay, I really wouldn’t want to say much about it, I don’t want to end up being a spoiler. A colleague who haven’t played the game, and has no interest on Japanese stuffs, liked the film. Yay! Anyway, bottom line is, it’s a must see for all otakus!


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Anonymous said...

cute naman ahh hahaha its weird your preety not ma angas wala akong masabi hahaha ganda mo pag naka pangbabae ka hahaha smile(",)