Saturday, September 24, 2005

CLAMPish me!

Yay! I finally got the CLAMP North Side Artbook! I’m so happy! The last time I bought a manga artbook was September 16, 2002—Kaori Yuuki’s “Angel Cage”. It Mainly features Angel Sanctuary, but it also showcased other works of Kaori Yuuki such as Neji, Kaine, etc. I remember that day was also the day sherry and I discovered Comic Central Headquarters. Originally, our destination was “Anima Anime”, but then, exploring the FB Arcade was really worth it. Haay, those were the days… wah! Bottom line is, it’s been 3 years since I bought myself an artbook! Now this CLAMP “North Side” is a compilation of various works of CLAMP from 1989-2002. The book featured Clover, Magic Knight Rayearth, The Legend of Dragon Kings, The Legend of Chun Yang, CLAMP in Wonderland, etc… By the way, I bought the Tokyopop release, therefore it’s in English. Though it has been my preference to buy the Japanese version of manga and artbooks, I didn’t think twice to get the US version because I trust the faithfulness of Tokyopop to the Japanese version. In fact, they were the first (I think) manga publisher in US to adapt the right-to-left book format of manga they publish. And I’ve seen the Jap version of Northside, and I saw almost no difference. And the good thing here is I’ll get to understand the comic inserts and the interview hehehe. I am so satisfied. The Jap version went out in year 2002, while this Tokyopop release went out last January 2005. Anyways, I really can’t get over my excitement… My next prospect is that Roy Mustang figure! Next pay day definitely hehehehe….

On a more serious matter, I really miss my folks at home, tomorrow I’ll go home. I haven’t told my boss that I plan not to come to work tomorrow… I know she’ll understand when I tell her, she’s kind hearted anyway. Actually, I really have no plan of coming home, but then my conscience is killing me. A relative died… The sister-in-law of my grandmother (who also passed away last April) *may their souls rest in peace* and I feel guilty if I can’t even pay a visit. But what really triggered me is that I really missed my folks. Just a while ago, when my mom was asking (thru text) me to come home, that she misses me so much, and she’s asking me if I didn’t want to come home, I just feel the longing to be with them. There’s no place like home after all.

By the way, I also bought a mini-artbook of Vincent Van Gogh. I’m not really a fan of his paintings, but I’m interested with his life, his personality… it’s a common knowledge that Van Gogh had a Psychological disorder and that he committed suicide and I’d like to know more about him and I want to try practicing what I learned as a Psychology graduate assessing an artist through his artworks. Anyhow, Psychology and art has a strong connection but somehow, I still find it hard to see through an artist’s mind by his artworks… anyways… I’m a future artist, comic artist hehehe

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