Friday, July 22, 2005

mixed emotions

This morning i was really pissed! I didn't get to finish my palte in Typography last night because i left my ruler in the office. So i had to buy a new one. But it was really late already so i decided to finish it this morning. I wake up so early to finish it. I went to a store with five stupid saleslady! Pardon for the word but i was really pissed because they are so slow and couldn't get what i was asking. I wasted 20 mins. in that damn store! I swear i'll never buy there again. Anyway i finished my plate in Starbucks, and there's this annoying foreigner who shared my seat (i was on the couch). Damn, i just couldn't tell her that she's braeking my concentration. I arrived 2 HOURS late in the school! Good thing that it wasn't my turn yet to present my plate. Whew! saved by the bell hehehe.

My good day started in school. My professor in Freehand drawing talked to me after my class, hehehe. He's Mr. Romer Fajardo, a cute and multi-awarded artist... he inquired if i could get his nurse cousin "in"MDH. I told him just give me the CV and i'll forward it to HR hehehe... We talked random things, our activities in our class, about his student who stopped because of financial problems... for only 30 mins! heck i didn't care if i'd be late in the office... Anyway, he's one of the reasons why i should stay in that university! Tomorrow is my Freehand Drawing class, I can't wait! Yay!

but right now, i'm sick. I had a cold since this morning... and it developed to slight fever this afternoon. I already took medicine and i'm feeling a little fine but i'm still having a headache and this cold is really pissing me off! Hahaha, and i still manage to update my blog! Oops, my boss is coming, i gotta go now...

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