Wednesday, June 21, 2006

It’s Kenshin’s 157th birthday.. well the man’s dead okay, rather, his character… Ruroken’s over, yeah… but he lives on my heart… he lives on every RK fan’s heart…cheesy huh, but let me be, because it’s for Kenshin… anything for my no. 1… character… haha, Let’s see how much I remember Kenshin a.k.a. Hitokiri Battousai, Shinta (his real name), blood type’s AB, height 5’2”, weight-around 50 kg (hey isn’t that overweight?), of course, birthday June 20, 1849…. Hmmm, occupation - former assassin under the Chousu Clan, Ishin Shishi government royalist, Kamiya Kashin Ryu Dojo free loader, and of course, rurouni hehehe… and yeah, he’s Kid’s no. 1 lover (in her dreams haha). Likes and dislikes, killing (yes, he’s paradoxical)… hmmm, he’s very friendly with kids (and Kid hehe)… kenjutsu technique: Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu. Now let me dissect this a little, HMR variations: Do ryu sen, Ryu Tsui Sen, Sou Ryu Sen, Kuzu Ryu Sen, Kaguzuchi, Amakakeru no Hirameki (the strongest)… weapons: katana and kodachi (Tokugawa era), sakabattou (Meiji era)… trademark: red headed bishie with cross scar on his left cheeks… special abilities: reading one’s emotion, god-like speed, very good with household chores hahaha.. hmmm… okay that’s it! I’m the worst Kenshin fan breathing! If I were a “true” fan indeed, my 40 GB hard disk capacity wouldn’t be enough to write and store all the things about Kenshin, good or bad. But all I know is that this man, had inspired me the most. He has this uncanny skills in kenjutsu, but he’d always keep this meek personality, low profiled yet highly respected by high officials, selfless, … well there are more about him, too many in fact, but what makes him different from any other SHOUNEN manga/anime hero, well, at least for me, his height and very young looks, and of course his ability to do household chores! Why, I’m such a couch potato at home, I would want my partner to do ALL the chores for me. (Hehe, hey applicants out there, that’s another requirement). But seriously speaking, the greatest inspiration I got from Kenshin, is seeing his life as something not his. We’d often argue with people who’d remind us to live wisely and appropriately, we’d often reason “this is my life, you don’t give a shit how I live it”. But in fact it really was never our own… aside from the fact that it’s something lent from UP above, it’s also to those who love us, who care for us… I admit, there have been times that I’d feel it’s not worth living, but the thought of my family and friends shedding tears for me, is even worse… the thought that the loss of my life would cause a heavier burden to people I care, tells me to keep on moving… that was something Kenshin figured when he was completing his training with Seijiro Hiko…well that’s just one, there are just so many things I’ve learned from RK, things that I’ve been applying to my life… if my decisions in life makes me a stronger person, I’d have to thank Kenshin… to the best anime character there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be (hehehe, guess where I got that), HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! –ummmmwahhhh- (“,x)

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