Monday, July 03, 2006


Yesterday, my friends and I went to Isshin to dine. Isshin is a Japanese restaurant that Sherry and I have been dreaming to eat at since college. I first heard of this resto in Questor magazine more than 5 years ago. Finally, we had the chance to dine there. We even managed to tag along friends so we were able to be seated at the tatami floor area (it was because I read from a more recent article that if you go in 6, you’ll be seated there). Anyway, we were with Mike, Pao, Lester (sherry’s friend), and Kring (Sherry’s sister). It was really fun to eat the Japanese way, I suddenly remember the Kenshingumi having a lunch out at Akabeko Tae’s… a few frustrations though, I never thought they serve food that is consumable by 2 persons per order, yes they serve BIG! That should be a good thing, but since we didn’t anticipate this, we took one order per person, and only Pao was able to finish his food hehehe… second, I was really expecting a great Japanese cuisine. But I’m not saying, their delicacy is not good, I’m just not satisfied with the ramen I ordered. Their Ebi Tempura was pretty good though. Oh well, I’m gonna try other delicacies next time. Anyway, I’d definitely go back there. And yeah, just a word of advice, you must be financially prepared if you’d decide to dine in there, I was really shocked when I saw our bill –yikes-. And yeah, we also tried Sake, yay, I finally tasted sake… Mike liked it, but alcohol is not my cup of tea. I’m glad that I never like alcoholic drinks, though I do drink occasionally, it’s not good to have too many vices hehehe… anyways, I highly recommend Isshin to J-aficionados with BIG appetite hehehe.

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