Thursday, July 20, 2006

Last night was just so unexpected. The QM staff together with Dr. Hogar, Dr. Carnate and Frances spend the night at Pier One in Mall of Asia. It was really unplanned. It all started when Dr. Hogar was dragging Frances at Tien de Citas, dragging Aris, dragging Dr. Carnate, dragging Ma’am Shella, and ended up dragging everyone hahaha. Aris wasn’t able to come along though. He said he had some matters to fix. So we dine out at Pier One. This was the first time that we had Dr. Carnate in our gimmicks, so I was really surprised that he’s actually easy to get along with, very approachable. He has this “untouchable” aura whenever I’d see him. That is to say he’s very professional and formal when dealing with us, so I never really thought that he could have a casual conversation with us. He’s very generous indeed and I was quite surprised (again) that he can actually crack jokes hehehe. Now he’s one of those doctors that I respect very well. He’s very professional, diligent, intellectual and I believe he has achieved so much at a young age yet he keep his low profile and he gives due respect to other people. Unlike some people I know who holds so much power and fortune, yet they enjoy humiliating other people, discriminating who they consider “below” their level. The kind of people who enjoy other’s respect out of sheer fear. They are the kind of people who are not contented with what they have. They must have had a disturbed past that led them to such behavior. They are pathetic. Geez, I hate it when I become opinionated of something that is not worthy of my attention hehehe. Going back to our night out, again I broke my pledge not to eat much. It’s so damn hard to resist when so much delights is in front of you. Worst, I was able to drink alcohol again! How many times do I have to remind myself that I have this skin allergy whenever I drink. I drank 4 variants of alcohol!!! There’s this drink that they call “Blow Job”, just a one shot drink, with 3 layers of fluid - Bailey, chocolate and gin, topped with blue flame (that’s literally fire). The thrill is sipping the drink straight with the flames on (but I still don’t get it why it’s called BJ hehehe). And how was it? It feels hot in the throat like any hard drink, but it has this sweet taste. It’s actually good. But after drinking it I knew I had to stop or I’ll be suffering (from my allergy) later. But then Dr. Hogar ordered Margarita and another drink called Zombie (some sort of punch). And lastly, for all we’ve ordered, we got free San Mig lights hahaha… and that kept me drinking until I finally felt dizzy and sober. Hahaha, I’m such a wimpy. But I never really had so much alcohol intake. The last time was more than 2 years ago, during Ivy’s birthday, when I literally drooped in the couch and had to give up. Last night was even worse, other than feeling dizzy, I wanted to throw up so badly, but I didn’t. I wish I did because the feeling was even worse. Frances and I went up ahead of the group, though I wanted to stay longer, I felt the longing for my bed so badly… I am a wimpy after all *sigh* The worst part was yet to come. At around 3AM, my allergy came to attack! With so little space (my cousin’s back), I struggled for relieving my back from skin itch! It was really pissing! But that was my fault and I really can’t blame anyone but myself. So again, I’d like to pledge not to drink alcohol that MUCH. Yeah right. But I don’t feel any regrets, after all I had fun with everyone last night, and that matters the most. I didn't came to class though because i'm still not feeling well... *sigh*


Anonymous said...

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Darkness said...

most of what i've noticed are grammatical errors and wrong use of tenses megane
-spent the night
-dined out at Pier One
-sober -u use sober when ur already clearheaded after getting drunk
-unlike other people...they are pathetic... -u could have compressed the messages and thoughts into fewer no. of sentences
-I struggled to relieve my back

all in all u were able to express information and emotions but should try to work on combining these 2 into a more cohesive thought especially when expressing ur emotions. And lastly, limit ur alcohol intake, especially when with other people as it is dangerous.