Thursday, July 27, 2006

Good news, I finally got that Kenshin toy! The one that I have been looking for ages. And who would’ve known that it would actually find it’s way to me bwahaha! There is a newly opened wrestling stuff stall at UN Times Plaza. They sell WWF videos, PS2 games, and –drumroll- TOYS! Very limited though, they have action figures of wrestlers, McFarlane toys (the best!), and… to my surprise, they have the Kenshin action figure released by Yamato, Inc. that I’ve been desperately seeking for, well, ages! Darn, I’ve searched every toyshop I know, but I never found any stock. Plus, when I finally found one in Comic Alley Megamall, it’s not for sale. I persuaded the CA salespeople a million times already, damn, I even bid 5000 bucks (but that was just a bluff hehe) for Kenshin but they just wouldn’t sell it. Anyways, it made me felt incomplete, that I have Kaoru, Tomoe, Saito and Okita, but no Kenshin. During the time that it was still available (around 5 years ago), I haven’t got this enthusiasm for toys yet. My concentration back then geared on manga and Artbooks. Going back to the wrestling stuff shop, when I asked the saleslady if the toys (all of them) are for sale, she told me that for now they weren’t because the owner hasn’t put a price on them yet. At least it gave me an idea that they’ll be for sale in the future. The next day, I went there to check again. This time, I inquired specifically for my target. Heavens must have heard me, the saleslady gave me the price! it’s significantly cheaper than what I expected but I have to buy the whole set. I inspected the toy though, and they are not really on their best condition. I'll give it a grade of B. Still, I think it won’t be a lost if I buy it with the price given. The original price when it was still on the market was about 650 per head. When it got obsolete, toy sellers sold them from 2900-4500 per set, but incomplete, usually Kaoru is missing. And that was 2 years ago, and they were actually second hand, mind you. Now this shop which is few steps away from my work place is selling a set of 3 (Kenshin, Saito and Sano) for P1500. Surely, heavens have heard my plead hahaha So I wasted no time and asked the saleslady to reserve it for me. heck, I even told her to put it out of display hehe. Anyways, I have it now, all mine! Ureshii! Bad news is, it’s totally out of my budget… so… I’m super broke again haha… oh well…–sigh- I even sacrificed paying half of my dues to Citibank. I promise to pay it back on the next payday though.. At least it’s another obligation fulfilled to Kenshin hehehe. Just 7 more RK manga, and I am fully free of Ruroken obligation. I mean, at least I would’ve fulfill my promises to him ahaha.

By the way, I just want to share, last week I watched XXX Holic anime series and movie. Hmmm, considering I have read the earliest volumes about two years ago, I think it’s acceptable if I can’t remember if the stories featured in the anime were the same as the manga (is it?). But I can confidently say that the plot is the same. The white Mokona had a cameo in 3rd episode, but only as a CHESS PIECE. Hey CLAMP fans, where have you seen that? Yep, the CLAMP no Kiseki publication. Damn, I’ll get one of those when I get my 13th month pay! A must!!! Okay, here I go again...anyway, I really loved the movie XXX Holic: Manatsu no Yoru no Yume (Midsummer Night’s Dream). The wish-granting-in-replace-of-an-equal-value shop of Yuuko received a request from a middle-aged (around 30+) woman to help her get into her own house, because her key won’t fit in. That is to say, she can’t enter the house. Prior to that, Yuuko received an invitation coming from the housemaster of the same house (everything about XXX Holic is weird, which made it really interesting). Together with Doumeki and Watanuki, Yuuko went to the house with the purpose of complying with her customer and granting the mysterious invitation. When they got into the house, aww, make that mansion, they were surprised to see that there were other people invited. They are actually collectors, and the invitation actually said that they’ll be able to complete their collection by granting the invitation. The collectors who came believed that the housemaster conducts an underground auction, and everyone believed that they can get something to add up or complete their collection. Now this really sounded interesting for me because I am a collector too. Now I wouldn’t want to spoil my readers so let me just conclude the synopsis with the information that the housemaster has a significant LINK to Yuuko’s middle-aged female customer. And let me add that XXX Holic movie was linked (finally) with Tsubasa Chronicles: Tori no Kage movie. Once again, let me say, I loved it. This collector theme thingie really aroused me hehehe. And the animation was really superb, it kinda reminded me of Spirited Away. Moral-wise, it reminded me of my “unhealthy emotional attachment” to my collection, which is actually turning (or might have turned) to avarice, which is really bad for my spirituality. Honestly, I love my collection that much that I give so much priority to it than my health, basic needs, and even family and friends. Bad huh, I admit that this is something that I need to work on. But I hope, people around me would understand that my collection is my primary source of motivation to work (just work okay). It’s the main thing that keeps me stick to my job, even if I’m not happy anymore. I’d always tell myself, you can’t buy what you want when you lose your source of income. Haayyy… the dilemma of poor people like me… anyway, pls. don’t condemn my collection because they have done so much to make me happy.

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