Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Feline themed dream

I was walking in an unidentified mall, the closest I can associate it with is Adriatico Wing of Robinson’s Place Ermita. I was walking endlessly. I don’t know why I was there, I can’t remember the purpose but it’s just like any ordinary day at the mall. Then suddenly, a weird stray cat looms before me. It’s actually an ordinary cat if you’d look at the size, the way it walks and the way it meows. But what makes it weird is the color scheme. It’s black and white, STRIPES! It looks like a cat cosplaying as Zebra! But nobody seemed to bother. It looked like it’s nothing out of ordinary. Our paths crossed in matter of seconds and it was gone. I moved on when I saw another cat with weird color scheme. This time it has the scheme of a Panda. And I was like, WTF?!? But anyway, being a Panda fan, I followed it, but I lost it when it mixed with the crowd gathered at the Ice Monster stall. When I gave up looking for it I saw another cat, and this time it’s has the color scheme of a Siberian Tiger. That day at the mall felt like a day at the zoo. I saw different sorts of animals– Dalmatian, Cheetah, Crocodile, yellow duck - in the form of a cat…those are what I could remember. When I finally accepted the fact that it’s a normal thing to see, I suddenly realized that I am being followed by the king of the jungle. No it’s not a big cat, in a Lion color scheme. It’s a real lion this time. It was following me silently, more like stalking. I walked as fast as I could to disappear from his sight but he noticed it and he started calling his allies. Then every lion was after me. I felt like a fugitive and yes I’m still in the mall. I can see lions riding escalators and the people didn’t really mind. But these lions were after me! How could anyone not care! I ran as fast as I could, the lions were not chasing after me, but everywhere I ran to there’s a lion stationed waiting for me. Then I started to lose the anxiety. I grinned and told myself, heh it’s time to fly! I started to lift myself from the ground. I suddenly smell candies. Yummm!!! I looked up and realized it’s raining gummy worms. I’m starting to have fun when I suddenly heard Doraemon’s Tagalog voice saying “ANG MAHIWAGANG MENSAHE!!!”


It was my cellphone’s message alert tone. I picked it up and read the message. It was Nagi, greeting me good morning –sigh- I wonder what happened to the Panda cat…

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