Saturday, August 02, 2008

Bonbon Candies

Sherry gave me this Sakuma bonbon candies. Now I don’t know if this stuff is as popular as Pocky but this tin can played a very important role in “Grave of the Fireflies”. When I saw this can, the first thing that I thought of was “Barefoot Gen” and I don’t know why Sherry and Mike agreed, but it’s a different film. Maybe because it’s also a story about a child during World War II. According to Isao Takahata (director of “Grave of the Fireflies), Sakuma bonbon candies were popular during that time but it was scarce due to war. In the film, Seita put Setsuko’s ashes in the tin can and took it with him until the day he died. It’s a very sad story, just looking at the can made me want to cry. The candies were really tasty though.

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