Friday, August 15, 2008

random stuff...

I have an alarming situation here. When I flipped my laptop, a bunch of ants loomed before my sight. They seemed to find something sweet in the edge of my computer, just below my screen. The blow of the fan disrupted their organized flow and my cruel fingers reflexively crushed every single red ant that didn’t vanish from my sight. Poor ants, nothing personal, but they are threat to my comfort. Then I smelled my computer. Then I though that was strange, I don’t sense any signs that any food partied at my computer. Are they after the chips? Man, everything seems to be evolving except me!

Anyway, I’m all alone at the house right now. My mom and dad are on a vacation (or is that an nth honeymoon???) and will be away for 3 days. Rose went to work and Ivy went to look for one. So I was left all alone. It’s a little sad but there are also perks of being alone. For one thing you got to do everything you want without any objection from anyone and I got the chance to watch my yaoi videos hahaha! Bad kid! But I didn’t do that, to be alone and free from distraction is the best time to be productive, so here I am in front of my computer to do sensible stuff…whew!

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