Friday, August 26, 2005


I finally got a Naruto headgear! I redeemed it from Quantum SM Manila, for 300 tickets! Yeah, I am now a… uhm… genin hehehe… honestly, I know so little of Naruto. I’ve only seen the first 7 episodes and read the pilot manga *sigh* I know this series is really hot among anime fans and I liked it but I just don’t have the time to watch it. Anyways, the headgear is really cool. I wear it in the office every night ever since I got it and my boss and colleagues here really find me weird… well they should get used with me doing weird stuff like this hehehe.
I feel sad, I miss Killua-chan sooooo much! All this time it’s still you... if you only knew what i'm going through...
Anyways, on a happier side, I’m gong to the L`arc~en~ciel Phis. Fans club launching this Sunday and I’m excited to see my friends--Aish and Chris again. I miss them so much! It's been a while that we haven't hang out together.Well I shouldn’t get too excited, I have to constantly remind myself that I have too many requirements in school to complete! Anyway, I’ll make sure I’ll complete them all! Gambarimasu!

Okay, okay i know i GAINED weight... don't remind me... it gets more depressing =`(... but that won't be for long because I had finally decided a character to cosplay... so now i'm motivated to control my apetite! Yay! This cosplay plan should push through or I'll be force to treat Yoji to Teriyaki Boi and order that "limited edition" Kobe beef >.<

Today is my eldest brother's birthday -- Richard! Happy birthday bro! *muah*

till next time, ja ne! (",x)

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