Sunday, August 14, 2005

in the rain

It’s has been rainy for almost a week now… I’m inspired or rather sentimental during these moments. Rain reminds me of so many things. I had a lot of good memories with the rain that I’d rather not tell for I might get too emotional. But during these rainy days… I miss Soujiro! Yes! My Archetype in the anime/mangalandia hehehe. Anyway, it’s a common knowledge that Kenshin is my ultimate favorite character, but Soujiro was actually my first love in RK. I got hooked to RK because of Soujiro. And his persona reflects so much of me! Anyway, I’m at work and I’m really feeling tired. I got home 3:30 am already and I woke up at 8am, so I came late (again) in the office. We finished the band performances, I drank 1½ bottle of Vodka… (*-*)

I ran out of basic supplies so I had to go to supermarket after my work *sigh* I want to go home and sleep sleep sleep!

Anyways, just want to share something i wrote for Soujiro (and me).... the first line is owned by Nobuhiro Watsuki ^-^x

Fake Smile

In the rain I smiled, but I was really crying
In the crowd I laughed, but I was really hurting
In the night I’m warm, but I was really chilling
In the light I see, but I was really seeking
In the deal I gained, but I was really loosing
In the game I won, but I was only cheating
In the sky I fly, but I’m actually falling
In the work I’m at ease, but I’m always cramming
In my world you are real, but I’m only dreaming
In the battle I survived, but how I wish I’d be dying


Maui said...

It's been so long. HAHA...Soujiro pic... It really does suit you. ^^ Hehe...

You're being 'emo' (emotional-senti). Its okay to be 'emo' sometimes...But don't over do it. It bad for your health. I mean it. It is. ^^ blah. I finally updated again, after two weeks. YAYNESS!

(Don't drink too much!! >.<) WAA! Dame Desu!

I hope another convetion happens soon. I'll be cosplaying Sakura form CCS at that time. I've been fustrating over who should I come as, then suddenly I realized that I've always been Fascinated with CCS. ^^ Silly me.

Hope you read my update.
Yake care!
P.S You write yur Blog well.

Thanks for checking up on me too.


Anonymous said...

yeah its emotional but if you want people to realy go crazy add more morbid words. its good but to simple learn how to express more deep motions you are simply telling the people how you fell in a day or when your out side when your with other people in some occations be more into your self words of advice try to talk to your self ask questions about your self 1st ask things of what you that are similar in interviews like your name age what you like to do have debate with your self like why do i do this why do i do that simple questions always and i mean always leads to big conclutions k. but as a friend its good yun lang good not for a begginner but lets say a simple person why limited people can express themselves through things like this and dont limit your self to in the rain in the room dont you can do more things than that i know why we are different from other people we are unique uniquness leads to greatness thats true. give more power to your words remove the bounderies that are blocking your way to what you realy want to say just say it dont hide it shout it out load dont look at the damages look at the contentment you had look at the free body movements look at yourself felling so free and without a load at your back be more strait to the piont than hiding from tha shadows its to old be more liberal. the type of poem that you made is as i said is good but i know a lot of people out their had done the same lyrics words expressions as you did so its not that unique or you be you find words that would realy be you and can be you like a clone thats how you express your self have an imaginary self in front interview tell her everything in a room without anyone telling you anything fell alone just the 2 of you in the room yun lang k smile(",)