Friday, July 25, 2008

Coffee Prince

I just had a Coffee Prince marathon. It’s not anime but a Korean drama series. This is the first time I got interested and watched Korean stuff. I learned about it when my sisters are watching it. Sometimes I watched with them but it’s not like I always had the time to do so, besides I prefer the original version. Korean names are so hard to remember though (at least for me).

Honestly I was drawn to this series because of the androgynous Eun Chan. This girl “pretending to be guy” is nothing new to me. It has been used in anime and manga many times – Hanakimi, Rose of Versailles, Mint na Bokura, Pretty Face , etc. But this is the live action video that made me believe that this girl can really pass as a boy. I’ve seen the Ashiya of Hanakimi (Japan and Taiwan version), Jill of Jack ‘n Jill (played by Sharon Cuneta), and there’s this Hollywood film I’ve seen, I forgot the title and story already, but the main character pretending to be a guy looks like Ralph Machio (Karate Kid). They are good actresses but they didn’t really look like CUTE BOYS. And of course, I find Coffee Prince funny too. I’m just not so satisfied with the ending. I dunno, everyone ended up happy but I still feel something’s missing. My emotions were really pouring throughout the series, but when I saw the ending, all I said was, “oh that was it?” Maybe it’s because it ended the way I expected or maybe it was Eun Chan’s hair, LOL! I was hoping for something that would come out of the blue. But a never ending series is much more boring so I guess it was better that way. In general, it’s really a good series.

And just to share, these are things I’ve learned about Korea from watching Coffee Prince:
- there are both right had drive and left hand drive cars in Korea (but I still need to verify this)
- Asuji is uncle
- Oscar of Rose of Versailles is popular among Korean teens
- they also celebrate Valentines day the way Japanese do
- they also celebrate White Day

And speaking of Oscar, when I hear of him, I mean her, the image of Genma Saotome in panda mode in Oscar get up pops in my mind. Oh Panda-chan I want to see you!


Anonymous said...

adik ka pa din
muzta ka na
asan ka na

mizz yah
cant wait to see ya


kid said...

ahoy, kaw ang kumusta? Ok lang ako