Tuesday, July 08, 2008

In my search for a chess board for my Clamp chess pieces pictorial I came across that ‘ol treasure chest. I hardly pay attention to it although it’s just beside my abubot boxes, but now I’m looking at it with sheer interest. It’s antique! I wonder how much I can sell it. I can buy the Perfect Grade Wing Zero Custom Pearl Mirror Coating Version (I wish there’s a nickname for that) Bwahahahaha!!! But then a voice echoed “forget it kid, you’ll never know who’s gonna haunt you” hmmmm…-shivers- okay… Anyway, I went ahead and opened it hoping to find the chess board but luck was not on my side (it never was damn it). Instead I found yearbooks, photo albums, loose old pictures, old letters, old junks… It is a TREASURE chest indeed!

I browsed the loose pictures, laughed at how silly we look back then and realized something from this picture…

Notice the girls with same dress and boys with the same shirt design. Yes that’s me and my siblings, together with our parents and first degree kins. (to my cousins involved, sorry if I had to post this embarrassing photo hehhehe)

I wonder if your parents were the same as mine, but it seemed that they are obsessed in making their kids look so much alike by sporting the same hair cut and clothes. Yeah when, we were a lot younger, I have the same hair style as my sisters and we always go to mass with the same design/terno clothes. Whatever happened to man’s struggle for individuality… grrrr…. But this will never happen again, I’m glad hehehehe

And here’s another one… BWAHAHAHAHA!!!

By the way… it’s Killua Zoldick’s birthday! Happy Birthday baby, muah!

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