Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Baby Talk

I visited my cousin and nephews in Marikina yesterday. I’m so happy to see the newest member of the clan, Mighael Cean. Weird name don’t you think? His mother has a tradition of naming her children with 2 names that starts with “M” and “C”. When she was thinking what to name her 4th son, she consulted everyone in the family, she ran out of ideas. I suggested calling him Mon Charlie, because I really wanted it to be Momon Cha, but Mon Charlie is the closest hahaha. She refused =( She wanted a unique name that sounds good. Sure, Mighael Cean is unique but I’m pretty sure not everyone will get the correct pronunciation the first time (migheyl syan). He’s 3 months old, so small, so soft and so cute. He’s currently the apple of the eye of the family. Babies are so cute and therapeutic! His brother, Marcus Curt, who just turned 2 today, is also cute. He’s still a baby of the family, but you know, as you grow old, you lessen your cuteness and charm hehehe. Let’s just say his popularity rank went down when his brother came. I can see how jealous Curt is now that his mom is much more attentive to his baby brother. I caught him bullying Cean when his mom is not looking hehehe. Kids…

My sister-in-law will be giving birth in 4 months and everyone in the family is really excited. So in a few months, Cean’s popularity will also drop hehehe. My parents think that May will bear a son. Any gender is fine, but I still prefer a baby boy because it’s much easier to play with them. To date, I have 7 nephews and 3 nieces (all from first degree cousins) and I don’t really mind if the male species would dominate our clan hehehe.

When old ones passed away one by one, babies started to pop one by one too. It’s just like the old ones never really went away instead they changed and became much smaller and cuter. Reincarnation, yeah. I don’t know if I would believe it, after all it’s a Buddhism principle. But no living person would ever know what really happens after D, if they do, then they’re dead. Of course I’m sticking to my belief in heaven after life, that’s why I’m doing my best to be good.

I used to be much more normal and dreamed of having kids too. I wanted a mini-me so I wanted a husband that looks like me also. Some thought of me weird and narcissistic for having such standards. But that was then. A friend told me before, that as you age, you change your priorities. I have nothing against children and giving birth, but now, I think it’d be best not to have one anymore. Honestly, I feel sorry for the new generation. It’s saddening but the world is becoming less and less safer and suitable place to live in. Increasing rate of poverty and crimes, degrading quality of education and health, dreadful diseases sprout one after another, global warming, warring nations, corrupt leaders… imagine how the future would look like. But I don’t want to. After all, the most important thing is the present. For now, it’s still wonderful to live and see children grow up.

People of the earth, let’s do our best for the babies of today who will be the people of tomorrow.

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