Wednesday, December 14, 2005

It’s part 9:00 in the evening and I’m alone in the office. Next week is the Christmas and break and I’m getting excited already. There are lots of videos lined up for me to watch. Tsubasa Chronicles is a top priority. I’m already at episode 19 and I’m really enjoying the series, but not as much as the I did with the manga. Well I’ll try not to critic, anime versions always have their own appeal and edge. I'm still yearning for their CCS character… the bratty Shaoran and Genki Sakura… well have to be reminded that it is not CCS! And the voice dear lord the voice… *sigh* anyways, I’m so happy I finally got a copy of Otaku No Video! Yay, I haven’t scanned the video but I’m already getting excited to watch it hehehe.

Con updates, I’m not sure anymore if I could still come to Otaku Zine Fest. Definitely I’m not cosplaying, I lost motivation because of my uncontrollable gaining of weight *sigh* I can’t afford to dress up as Subaru when my weight is 114 lbs! Shame on you kid! What excites me is my former school’s alumni homecoming on the same date as the Otaku Zine Fest (Dec. 18), I was looking forward to see my batchmates, I’m just worried that there’s a big chance that many are not coming… it’s so hard to motivate busy people to come to such events… I’m busy too, but I’m really eager to see them… I just want to relive those days when I’m still a college student. Hey, I’m still a college student! Hehehe, kidding aside, I miss my college friends, my classmates...

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