Friday, December 16, 2005

bad KiD!

Grrr… I’m such a hard-headed KiD! For the last 6 days, my horoscope has been telling not to spend extravagantly, but I’ve been behaving against it. I’m so bad, I swear I’m out of cash already. Just this morning, I bought a laptop backpack. Damn, I just couldn’t wait, but I firmly believe that there is no one who would give me such item on Christmas. Really, most things I procure are always through my own hardship, but really, there’s not justification for me to be a spendthrift! I promise starting today I’ll be very reasonable with my expenses, oh dear heavens pls. don’t punish me. I don’t want to get laden with debts… I don’t want to exhaust my credit card limit. Somebody pls. stop me from spending!!! But it’s so hard, you see it’s already Christmas break (school) and I’ll die out of boredom if I just stay in my room while waiting for my duty in office. I need to get out, I need to see living things and animated objects, but it only provokes me to spend lavishly… and I have to stay away from Starbucks! *sigh* but speaking of Starbucks, i finally got the 2006 Planner! Yep, I've completed the coupon hehehe!!! Also, i got a Starbucks tumbler again! *sigh* i charged it on my credit card... this is bad...

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