Sunday, December 25, 2005


Okay, 23 minutes to go and it’s Christmas. Kurismasu Omedetou minna-san!!! I’m home and I’m glad that I made it safe here. Every night that I’d go home from work carrying this laptop, I’ve been very anxious and at the same time paranoid that I’d get hold-up. I was actually planning to come home earlier but my boss reminded me that Dec. 24 was not declared as holiday, Saturday is my regular duty, therefore I had to come to work. I didn’t stay till 5pm though, I went out at 2:00 and went to Ayala Center to fetch my brother so we’ll travel home together. Mike was with me again from morning. He accompanied me all the way from Quiapo (to buy DVDs) to Ayala Center until we finally went home. Hmmm, I promised that I’d stop spending for my hobbies and using credit card, but I just can’t help it whenever I’d browse a toy store, it’s so hard to resist my “id” when I see a toy I want, specially if I’ve been looking for it for a long time already *sigh* here I go I again, I just hate me… Anyways, I was surprised to see old RK figures at Toy Town, Glorietta. I’m talking about the very first RK figures. The first installment was the Kenshingumi minus Yahiko, Officer Fujita taking over his place instead. While the second installment were the relevant Tsuioku Hen characters (Battousai, Saito, Okita, and Tomoe) Though, I was hopeless to see a Kenshin figure, I can’t resist to include the two ladies in Kenshin’s life in my collection. So there… I rarely collect female chara figures, but they’re RK chara… Anyways, let’s go back to Christmas topics (gosh I just love talking about my toys hehehe)… if I’m not mistaken, for the past 3 Christmas, I’d always come home at night of 24th… Hmmm, I realized it’s better for me that way because I’d hate to help with all the house work hehehe, I’m bad. But I’m tired already, Minus the 3 hours stay at my office, I walked the whole day. Hmmm, what did I get for Christmas? Astroboy toy from Lynn, Peninsula Manila’s Pastries from Lyn’s Sister, MDC Planner from Ma’am Winnie, Thai Mask key chain from Ma’am Minda, Foot scrub and lotion from Ma’am She, Merlion Nail cutter from ma’am Glenda, and the P1000 gift Check from MDH top management… much lesser than last year, but not bad, and of course, Soujiro figure from Kid, Enishi figure from Kid, Kenji Figure from Kid, Kaoru and Tomoe figure from Kid, X manga from Kid, Starbucks tumbler from… guess who… Kid (“,x)… and the greatest gift so far… an ASUS laptop from no other than *drumroll* Kid!!! Yay… but honestly, I’m not that happy… all I want for Christmas for me… only this person can give… MERRY CHRISTMAS again everyone (“,x)

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