Sunday, January 01, 2006

A Look at the Year 2005

One and a half hour to go and it’s the end of the year. The moment I’m doing this my nephew is watching the special yearend report of ABS-CBN. I just got home. I slept at my cousin’s house in Marikina. Also, while doing this, random BANG and BOOMS irritate my ear. Why, I really shouldn’t be irritated as it is a normal thing that happens in a year. While waiting for the opening of the year 2006, I’m pondering on the things that happened to me this year. As NASA quoted 2005 as the stormiest year for the past Nth year (I can’t remember), this year for me was probably was the most number significant events. The year where most unexpected occurrences took place. My busiest year ever (to date). Most productive and most spendthrift (for me)…well let’s have a wrap up…

Starting with work/career related issues. I got transferred from the President’s office as an Executive Assistant to Human Resource Division as an HR Staff for Recruitment. Admittedly, some perks as an Executive Assistant were gone, I lost a favorable charm from some members of the Senior Management, but I never regret my decision to transfer. It was only then that I felt having a purpose in the organization. I was able to recruit a batch of Staff Nurses and some of the position lacking. It was a really good performance for someone new in that field. But this year was also I decided to pursue Fine Arts studies. When I finally got the opportunity, I realized that I had to give up my position in HRD. It was really hard for me because for a very short time, I have learned to love my job, something I never did at the President’s Office for more than a year of my stay. But, this Fines Arts thing is a part of my dream and a step to go to Japan. And this Japan dream is my number one motivating force in world of professionals. I was ready to leave Manila Doctors. I decided to leave HR, but fortunately (I think it’s fate) The QM had one of its staff resigned unexpectedly, which initiated a possibility of placement for me. Which eventually I got in. Looking back, I still long for the fun that I had experienced as a recruitment specialist. But I also had fun as a QM Staff. I met a lot of people, particularly doctors. And the best part, despite the never-ending feud of the current and former QM Head, and the countless criticism and hindrances, we got the ISO certificate, simply put, the project was successful. And of course, as I have mentioned, I took a second course, Fine Arts. Going to school again wasn’t so easy, managing my time was really a challenge. And the sad part about it is that I had to sacrifice going home to the province and seeing my family. I also got isolated from my friends. But definitely I learned something and is still learning. Right now, I still couldn’t call myself a real artist, but with perseverance, I can be, if not good, a professional.

So much about my career moves, talk about family. A lot of members joined the Heavens, mostly the oldies. My grandmother passed away, just a few days after Pope John Paul II. It was one of the saddest event, but at the same time, we, the Alvarez clan were also happy that her sufferings have come to an end and she finally joined her most beloved, our Grandfather, and of course, God. Also, Cha-ibang, my grandma’s auntie and my cousin’s so-called mother in-law. I didn’t get to attend the internment of these old ladies because of my very busy schedule, but from the bottom of my heart, I prayed for their peaceful journey to the eternal life. If there are sad news, there are also good. This year, my dear cousin Jona got married. And next year, a new and lucky member of the Alvarez clan will be born. She’s 4 months pregnant now.

Now let’s get personal. Starting with my favorite hobby, anime, this is the year that I least watched new anime series/movies, again, all debited to my busy schedule. But, I made sure I attended major anime events and if possible, I join the Cosplay. This year, I cosplayed 3 different characters. Anime Explosion 2005 last February, I wore the Soujiro Seta costume for the 2nd time. 4th Toycon last June, I was Seguchi Tohma. I even had my hair blonde, which became very sensational both in school and office. I think it was the start of my very “pasaway” days. Though it only lasted for barely 2 weeks, I made sure I got a lot of souvenirs. I took as much pic as possible. And of course, the recent Hanep Hataw Hero con, I wore the ready-made Sasuke Uchiha costume, though it was still incomplete. I still have one more character to cosplay for this year, but I changed plans because of my unstoppable increase in weight. I still plan to cosplay for the next event and hopefully, I’d lessen my weight by that time. I’m sure this year was also remarkable for Chris and Aish, for last UP-AME event last November, they won 3rd place in the cosplay competition. They cosplayed the Loveless couple Ritsuka and Soubi. This year, I also got hooked with books. It originated when I was looking for a birthday gift for a very special person last June, but as I browsed through various bookstores, I found some titles interesting, and it was the start of my book hunting habits. Right now, I’m fascinated with the novels of Laura Joh Rowland, in fact, I’m currently reading her first book “Shinju” while I am happy to receive her latest novel “Perfume in the Sleeve” in our recent Christmas party. Videos, I didn’t acquire much, but I’m satisfied that I was able to have and watch Full Metal Alchemist, Tsubasa Chronicles, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, and the Otaku No Video. Toys, I’m glad that slowly, I’m completinng my toys wishlist. All thanks to this Christmas Sale, some RK figures have slashed prices by 50%. Though I never got to see those first ever Kenshin figures, I’m still crossing fingers that I’d still find one in the future. And of course, I finally got a laptop.

There are still so many things that happened that I lost count of them already... Ans some things are better kept secret, so i guess this would be all.

Right now, it’s 1:08 AM in my PC. Which means it’s already 2006. I don’t know what awaits me. But I hope that everything would be alright, for me, my family, friends…. And for YOU… HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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