Monday, January 09, 2006

I just finished browsing Manila Bulletin… looking for a new job. I never realized how hard it is to look for a “good” job till now. It’s getting more boring in the office plus the “big” people demoralize me a great deal. My special time of duty because of studies seems to be a never-ending issue… Those pathetic managers are not worth a fight. I’m still young and there are more opportunities for me. Huh, but I’m not leaving until I get a new job with better compensation. I have so many bills to pay for the next months.

Early this morning, I jogged at the Dike (Baywalk version of Tanay). Lately I never got the chance to stroll at Baywalk because I hardly wake up early. Damn, this mobile PC is eating up my sleeping time hehehe… anyways, the walk took me no more than 10 minutes, it was just like walking along UN Avenue from Taft to Roxas Blvd. My, living in Manila made me realize how small my hometown is. I remember when I was young it was hard to convince our parents to take us there because it seemed so far from our home… but now it seems just within my grasp. Hmmm, exaggerated! Compared to Baywalk, Dike is a lot smaller. Instead of ships, you’ll see fishermen’s boats, which reminded me of sceneries from “Snow Falling on Cedars”. Instead of restaurants/bars, there were only mini-food stalls selling breakfast meal, I don’t know if the stalls exist throughout the day to serve appropriate meals. There is significantly less smog in Dike than Baywalk. And the Taho vendors, I spotted only one here, but it sells 50% less than those in Baywalk. But just the same, these two seaside spots have sentimental meaning for me…

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