Sunday, January 15, 2006

It’s not a very good day. I lost my voice since yesterday. Well, okay there was a teeny weeny left. I had my VL yesterday and I was supposed to have a good time. But I’m not feeling well. Up to now I haven’t regain my voice. Damn, I’m close to being mute. I never really thought how important one’s voice in daily living. Taking orders at fast foods, giving my transpo fare and stating my destination, telling the driver to stop when I get there, greeting back the security guards of the hospital, buying something from the store and of course there are these phone calls from friends afar that I have to accommodate. Well, it may not seem to, but these are all essential to me. Yesterday also, I consulted Dr. Arojado, one of our IMSD consultants, and also a friend. I used to borrow videos from him. He likes Asian dramas and some of are Japanese, whenever I have the time to watch, I’d ask him to lend me his videos. But that was before, I don’t have much time to watch now. Anyway, going back to my consultation, he said it’s pharyngitis (I’m not sure of the spelling). He prescribed me tons of medicine hehehe. Anyway, that’s not the real story, while checking me up, he keeps on convincing me to stop with my vices. He’s absolutely in protest of my habits hehehe. Also, he’s trying to counsel me. He said that my behavior and demeanor (damn he observes me!) are somewhat unconventional. He’s asking if I’m lacking something or if there’s something that I am not happy of. He’s thinking that it has something to do with my family. You bet I’m not satisfied with my life but it has nothing to do with my family…

I was actually planning to teach my dad to use computer as I promised him, but I don’t think I could do it tomorrow with the state of my throat now. Hopefully things would be better when I wake up. I bought DVDs! Memoirs of A Geisha and a SMAP concert. Hmmm, I’m not really a SMAP fan, or any boy band, but I find Takuya Kimura rather attractive. Besides, he voiced Howl. He’s the bad boy of SMAP and I really like him. Anyways, I haven’t seen the 3-disc video. Now let’s talk about Memoirs of A Geisha. The very first time I heard that this book will have a movie adaptation, I was very excited. But when I learned that the cast would be Chinese, I was disappointed. But then again, Ken Watanabe was there, besides, the stars are those from the hit movie “Crouching Tiger” hmmm, fair enough. And the dialogue is English, when I was buying it I’m confused whether it was Chinese or Japanese. On to the movie, everything seemed to be fast forwarded. A common dilemma among fans of a long manga series when their favorite manga was turned, or rather condensed, into a 2 hour length film. Of course you can’t expect every element that made the book such a hit present in the movie as well. Some of the vital parts (at least for me) were not there. I was disappointed that the part of a famous artist was deleted. And I was looking forward seeing Sayuri’s peasant lover when she deployed in Osaka, her General husband…and the surprising meeting with the Chairman, (the danna proposal scene)… and one thing, it was FIRMLY stressed in the book, of Sayuri’s unusual bluish eyes… or was I just not listening well… but after all this film is about “memoirs” of a geisha, at least the part of becoming a geisha, though very short is enough. In the end, I am satisfied with the film, though I would highly recommend to read the book to fully appreciate the story. Now this is turning to be a review huh, going back to me, I just tried the gown that I would be wearing on Lynn’s wedding. My, I really have gained weight! I need to loose up!!!

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Maui said...

Its been so long since the last time i dropped by...hmm... I really like ready you're blog. Its so nicely written; its a great read. ^.^

Hope you get to teach your dad to use the computer. that's sweet of you to do. I'll pray for your throat to get better too.

I guess that's it. Hope to see you again during the next con. I'll cosplay na. YAY! I'm gonna be Haydee (dunno if that's the correct spelling) from 'count of monte cristo anime. I'm really psyched up.

Thanks sgain for updating me about the cons. I really appreciate it.