Thursday, January 05, 2006

A Moment at Starbucks

My favorite coffee house… usually after work, it is where I rest my tired body and soothe my lonely soul. Tonight after work, I went there with my colleague, Fars. Much as I want to be alone, it’s not good to think selfishly. I ordered a Venti hot white chocolate mocha, I requested to reduce the white chocolate content to 3 ½ cup to lessen the sweetness. A hot sip, a smooth puff and that jazzy music is all I need to temporary escape my worries over bills, plates, and depression. I’m not into jazz music but it works well in coffee houses. Plus the presence of foreigners (westerners and Asians), salarymen, students, doctors, and even just plain “socialites”…animated objects which seems full of ideals and sensibility… just chatting, reading, smoking, sipping, eating… welcome to the world of “stressed” individuals all gathered to release tension. If only to set aside those anxieties I have, perhaps I may consider working as a Barrista in Starbucks hahaha! More often than not, I’d go there alone and stay for more than an hour. Off with my last sip and I’m going back to the realm of poignant reality *sigh*…

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