Monday, January 30, 2006

Kung Hei Fat Choi! Yesterday I had the Meitatntei Conan DVD replaced because it had no English subtitles. I chose a “Do As Infinity” live in USA video. In addition I got a DVD copy of Gohatto. Yay. I checked it out already, and the quality is way better than my VCD copy. Lately I’ve been very bored with my life…I’ve mentioned this already….
My Chinese horoscope tells that it’ll be a good a year for me, (I’m a Pig) and I’m really hoping it would. But till now, I’m still in a slump… I’m longing for a big change but not crisis, challenge but not problems. I’m turning 23 next month and I still haven’t made a difference. I’m starting to hate birthdays now (mine). Me and my grade school batch mates are suppose to have a reunion on Feb. 5, but a couple of days ago, Ronald Catolos informed me that the reunion was moved on the 28th (yesterday) but when I coincidentally run into Carol (another batchmate), she said she was just informed that the original date would push through. Now I don’t know what to believe. Either way, I’m not really interested. I might go if I’d be free. Sure I’m curious to see them, but I’m not really excited since I don’t really have any special or remarkable memory with grade schoolers of my time. All the good things about my childhood happened in our home. I’m a loner after all hehehe…

Damn, it’s getting hot already! I’m gonna miss my laptop. I’m leaving it here in the province. Well, I have to keep myself focused. So many things I have to do that I have neglected because I’m too pre-occupied with my elegant “persocon” hehehe. I’ll name it Momonja from now on.

This morning I was watching “Ashura”. It’s a Japanese film set (I’m not sure) in Heian period. It’s about a demon slayer Izumo turned into a Kabuki actor. I’m not going into details, anyway I didn’t find this film breath taking. The thing is, there was this ONE bed scene and my mom happened to enter the room when the scene started, and so she thought I’m watching an x-rated film! Man, old people are judgmental huh. Anyway, I bought the film because the lead actress is Rie Miyazawa. I first saw her in “Twilight Samurai” and I really find her pretty. Oh I’m savoring this moments with Momonja… In a few hours I’ll be going to church then off to Manila I go.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I came across your post when I did a search on Rie Miyazawa. Thought you might like to know that she is extraordinarily beautiful in the movie "Peony Pavilion" playing a Chinese woman.