Thursday, February 02, 2006

Hey it's February! Valentine's Day is nearly coming... and i'm still... single hehehe... for that reason, i have never felt the speciality of that day in my whole damn life hahaha. Anyways, if i'll have okane I'll buy my male friends chocolates. I've been planning to do this for more than two years already because it is the practice in Japan... I hope i could push through with it this year...

I'm having IQA training from Monday til this coming Friday. Whoopee! Something to add to my resume hehehe... Tomorrow will be our exam and i'm crossing my fingers that i'd pass. I hope to join our incoming 2nd Internal Quality Audit. But i don't think i'll have the time to review, I feel so sleepy. I had this insomia attacks again, last Monday and Yesterday. I barely have 2 hours of sleep and no it's not because of my laptop. Blame it on Starbucks' white choco mocha hehehe...anyways, this insomia attack inspired me to write a poem... something very timely since valentine's day is 13 days ahead... I just want to share... Read on...

The Poltergeist3:56 AM

Sleepless nights
Eerie silence
Cold breeze
Restless thoughts…

Your smile
Your smell
Your voice
Your tears
Your call
Your touch
Your hug
Your kiss…

Haunts me
Hurts me
Devours me
Kills me

I wish the poltergeist would read this...

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