Monday, February 06, 2006

I'm a Survivor!!!

See those pictures? The images of a no-sleep KiD... Insomiac hahaha. I survived the 24-hr Anime marathon yeah! I didn’t blink for more than 3 seconds, now beat that! I didn’t win though =’(… We were 20+ survivors and I got eliminated in the quiz bee… damn, the first question was about the very first anime they showed that I didn’t like and therefore I didn’t pay much attention. My answers were actually correct, but it was wrongly spelled, therefore… *sigh* I thought I could celebrate my birthday…I promised my colleagues I’d treat them on my birthday if I win… oh it’s meant to be… part of me regretted joining because I sacrificed 1 privileged leave at work, a required field trip at school and of my health. But part of me really enjoyed. For one thing, this kind of event happens once in a blue moon. I proved to myself that I can really endure more than 24 hours of wakefulness hehehe. I wake up last Friday at 6:00 AM, I got home last night at 10:00 PM, I slept at 10:30 PM, that makes me awake for 40 hours and 30 minutes! It includes my 9 hours at the office. Today I got up at 8:30 AM. I felt like there are still so many things to be done, like updating my blog, doing 5 (read that, FIVE!) reaction paper for my History of Arts class to be submitted tomorrow, watching FMA movie… but now I feel sleepy again hehehe... going back to the perks of joining the marathon, I had the opportunity to watch the series that I wanted to watch, but I can’t because I have no time. They showed Teeny Weeny Witches, Conan Meiantei, Tokyo Godfathers, Yuyu Hakusho (felt nostalgic again hehehe), Count of Monte Cristo, Ran the Samurai Girl (loved this anime!), Emma: A Victorian Romance (liked this), Initial D: 4th Stage, Gun Slinger Girl (interesting), Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, and I forgot the title of this anime which was based in the Onmyouji 2 movie (or the other way around). Meeting people of the same interest, I didn’t get their name and contact number though. And, well, I got Animax giveaways (Animax notebook, plushies, Initial D sticker, Initial D poster, gundam model kits). And of course, being one of those survivors is a noble fulfillment hehehe. My friend Mike and co-staff Neil joined too, unfortunately they didn’t survive, which only proves that women are stronger than men hahaha! The 3 winners are all women! I had some violent reactions about the competition though, I believe Animax should revise some rules and mechanics if they plan to conduct this kind of competition again in the future. First, during registration, they confirmed so many contestants but they should’ve declared in the web site or in the email that they’d only be accommodating 100 contestant. Thus, first come first serve on site registration applies. During the on-site registration, significant number of fans protested because they can’t get in. When registration period was about to conclude, they suddenly declared that those with PRINTED email confirmation will be allowed to enter the ring. Mike and I didn’t have it but we got through the crowd because we said we were called already (but not really hehehe). Then, during the competition itself, some, most rather, marshals are not very observant. I’m at the back but I can see some participants were drooping and I firmly believe these contestants have somehow closed their eyes for 3 seconds already. While there were those who rubbed their eyes. Damn, common sense thinking, when you rub your eyes, it’s as good as closing it right?! Anyway, I should thank those incompetent marshals a little. Observing their stupidity made me awake. Woohoo, I’m turning critic again hehehe. I also have to take note of Initial D’s dubbing. Damn, it was so controversial that I’m aware of it, prior to the airing of the show in TV. Anyway, to the Animax people, please, the fact that all their shows are English dubbed made fans (like me) disappointed already. Can they just stick with professional dubbers instead. But thanks to it, I was kept awake again every time I’d hear Takumi speak bwahahaha, it’s so f*cking funny! Well, Mateo has this “konyo” accent, damn does Takumi look like anything like it? Oh please! Oh darn I just remembered that I have a reunion to attend! And it's my dear friend, Sri's birthday, oh no I completely forgot!!!

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