Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Damn! The bad thing of being unaware of political chaos happening in the country. I don’t watch TV and I don’t read newspaper… I was busy with my term papers and HXH manga last night… so I wasn’t aware that today’s classes were suspended… *sigh* I woke up so early even though I’m still sleepy… well, it’s a good thing already… I can rest earlier and I’ll be able to my term papers for submission tomorrow... I have a meeting to attend though in MDH this 1:00pm… *sigh*

I have a lot of things to tell… anyways, let me start, the night of February 24, when I went home (boarding house) from office. An annoying situation happened. The main door’s lock was broken. Therefore I can’t get in. Damn, while on the way, I conditioned myself that I’ll be fixing my stuffs for the concert… I would be munching mashed potato and stuffed crust pizza while reading Hunter X Hunter manga… everything seems perfect if not for that f*cking lock! For less than 30 minutes I tried opening the door… damn I was starving already! Then, I got really pissed already. I wouldn’t want to wait for more than 5 minutes for my housemates to arrive. It’s not the best idea to wait outside the house. So I decided to ask for help. I had no one to run to. Mike offered that I can stay in his place, but I don’t like the idea of staying overnight by myself at a guy’s house, otherwise I could ask Raymond or Jason, they’re just a few blocks away from my place anyway. So I called Sherry, I knew she’d be off that night too since her job’s night shift, but I had no choice. Besides, I don’t feel like “others” anymore at her home. Well to say, of all the friends I have, it’s only Sherry’s family who’s close to me. So it’s okay if I stay even if she’s not around. And I went there and I received the usual warm welcome from the family. Just a few minutes after I arrived, Sherry left the house, then her mom invited me to join in the happening in the neighbor. Sherry’s elder bro, Russel was there too so I joined for a while. Then I went back to their house and cleaned myself. Off to bed, I can finally continue reading HXH! Yay! Best part is, I’m gonna have a very goodnight sleep for having a clean, more spacious and air-conditioned room. But despite that, I still can’t get over my annoyance for being stuck outside the boarding house. I just hate it when my plans fail! Anyway, I’m still thankful that Sherry’s around…

Now came the most awaited day of the month. When Sherry arrived, She ordered a pizza for our lunch heheh.. Then she took a look at my laptop. She browsed thru its specs and she was really amazed hehehe. But I was more amazed when she explained me its WiFi capacity. I thought to myself, since when did she become so knowledgeable about computers hahaha. She configured it so it could automatically detect wireless connection in WiFi zones in the country. After we ate, I bid goodbye, of course with an arrangement that I’ll fetch her for the concert.

Then I went to the office, only to photocopy Kring’s (Sherry’s younger sis) campaign materials for their student council election at school. After that, my adventure began. My objective was to find the M-design Apparel shop. It specializes on wedding gowns, and it is where Lynn had our gowns seamed. Thanks to my lost phone I wasn’t able to come with her sisters for the final fitting last week. She can’t accompany either since she’s on bed rest. Well, good thing I didn’t had a hard time finding it. It took me no time in fitting the gown. I had nothing else to request. It’s for pick-up already, which Lynn would be responsible (thank goodness). After the fitting, I contacted Lynn. I was supposed to go to her place to pick up the wedding invitation, but she just asked Roy to meet me in Buendia to handover the invitation. Everything seems to be in favor of me now. As soon as I got the invitation, I went home. The lock was hopeless already that the Landlord instructed us not to lock the main door if we’ll be out. Good! I rested a little and fixed myself for the concert. I was so excited already.

This’d be the first time I’d be on a concert (at 23?! Tsk tsk). I went back to Sherry’s place this time I brought clothes. I knew that it’d be better that I stay there for the night, since we’ll surely be coming home late. Off we go to Shangri-la. We met up with Mike at Starbucks, then we proceed to the venue – Streetscape! I was expecting it to be an open atrium. It’s a concert event afterall. But to my disappointment, it was actually Shang’s version of Megastrip. Great huh. There were seats and tables and of course, food stalls, outdoor inns, to say. There was a small stage and seats were put across it. While the inns are located a little farther from the stage, it was where we situated. Mike was with Paolo and his friend Jill. Chris, Aish and the PJs were there too, but they were seated at the far end of the venue. In less than 1 hour, the show started. The first performer was Barbie Almabis followed by Kitchie Nadal. We ended up advancing to the stage and sitting in a slightly elevated platform at the back of the audience’s seats, at least we were able to see better the artists. Barbie looks really cute but Kitchie has definitely better style of music. Then the most awaited Core of Soul took over. They introduced themselves in tagalog (Ako si…). I just love it when Nihonjin tries to speak our language hehehe. I had forgotten their names already. I could only remember Keisuke, the Keyboardist. The guitarist looks really androgynous! He’s not bishounen though, but Sherry and I were arguing whether he was a male or female. He really looked girly to me hehehe. Anyways, he was really cool in playing guitar. The vocalist isn’t bad either. It’s just too bad that I really have no idea who they are or what their music is all about. I couldn’t fully appreciate them. But their music is definitely likeable. After 6-7, I think, songs, the band Hale took off the stage. By the way, there some questions and answer games for the fans in betweens. JFMO gave away some posters and CD/DVDs. I’d be honest, of all the local performers featured, it was only Hale that I looked forward in seeing if only to hear “The Day You Said Goodnight”… it reminds me of … Surprisingly, Sherry liked it too. Anyways, Hale sang 4 or 5 songs. Then all the featured artists collaborated for a final song. After the fusion, the show concluded with Core of Soul, singing the Japan-Philippines Friendship day theme song, “Purple Sky”. It was a great performance anyway. After the show, Sherry and I and Mike’s group went to Megastrip to eat. I was so disappointed that Teriyaki Boi was closed at that time already. We ate a Chinese ramen house instead. After the dinner, we called it a day.

Anyway, the good news is now that my laptop is configured for wireless connection, I can now connect to the internet in “hot spots” or WiFi zones! Cool! I’ve tried it yesterday at Robinson’s place… In fact I’m wifi connected now hehehe, and I’m really excited! All thanks to Sherry hehehe… now my assignment is, to look for other places with free WiFi connections hehehe…. This is so cool hehehe…


Anonymous said...

hahaha cool that was a long post and ive read it ^_^.

im happy your keeping journals like this as ive told you before.. if yould remember that time...

anyways i'll read you blog posts from now on, my dear friend, and try to comment or react ^_^.

im also glad that you consider yourself as a filipino eventhough it really sucks to be one.

there's a reason why we are brought here... maybe just maybe, as artists we hold the grounds of culture and its our very duty to improve and refine it.

oh by the way, because there are too many "mike" in your life you could call me "Hikaru mike" if you want to. I really like that name eventhough girls use it :P

take care okay

Anonymous said...

dont worry about the state of emergency also known as 1017 k our rights are still their hahaha k so do not worry you cant be arrested for no reason and without a warrant k and dami ulit pic na kukunin yehey hahaha smile(",)